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Stiff Hair and How To Add More Volume To Your Hair
Feb 06, 2017
Stiff Hair and How To Add More Volume To Your Hair

For many of us, hair is the most important beauty item after face, irrespective of male or female both will give a lot of importance to the hair in the day to day life. To make them look good each of us uses our own style or known method which is either tested or many times just based on instructions we apply various products to our hair.

 Many times they are good, but at some time, heavy use of these hair products give different results than what is expected. “Stiff hair “is one such property which will be a result of the excess use of hair products and due to other external reasons too.

The reasons for stiff hair are many but the majority of them are due to our self-indiscipline, bad care, and excess usage of hair related products. Many practicing beauticians and hair stylists suggest us to avoid thick conditioners, heavy chemical shampoos, hair creams, masks, and excess exposure of hair to heat.

As the famous proverb “prevention is better than cure”, well suits in this context of stiff hair. When we avoid chemical filled hair products then chances are more that the healthy hair can grow and then it’s easy to maintain and control.

What if hair is stiff and you are looking for various ways to come to healthy and normal hair pattern. Then following are the various solutions which are suggested by the hair experts and beauticians for adding more volume to the hair.

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Use What Suits You:-

The majority of experts echo with this point, that always you should use what suits you and your hair.

It’s not a good habit to use whatever you see in the market, bring home and use them on your hair.

For adding or increasing the volume of your hair you should look at the products which will add the volume after using them, search for the products which are specially prepared by adding the volume to the stiff hair people.

Unless it’s important and needed you should not drain your hair daily, the natural oils present in the hair will get eroded with water and chemical filled shampoos.

The periodical head shower is suggested with light shampoos for the enhancement of hair and for its easy maintenance.

Before you plan to use, it’s important to know the type of hair what you have. Is it dry or is it oily? Once you confirm the type of your hair and by consulting the hair experts you can plan to choose the shampoos based on their advice and suitability to your hair.

You can also look for the hair products where it’s written as texturing, add volume or light. These words will be helpful while choosing the hair shampoos and hair products.

Treat Your Hair:-

Many of us forget, especially men, to treat the hair or majority of them don’t even know how to treat them.

It’s very important now, to take care of our hair. Since it’s the beauty part of the body which is exposed to the outside world and changing environment and pollution is spoiling out hair health knowingly or unknowingly.

Stiff hair needs a good care.

Plan the days when you want to have a head shower and before taking a bath you can also apply good healthy hair oils so that the hair and roots get nourishment.

Leave the hair for some time once you apply the hair oil for twenty to thirty minutes then you can take a head shower with light hair shampoos.

After the bath also you can keep the towel tied to the head and prepare yourself with dress and makeup than before leaving home you can remove the towel.

In the rush and busy life these days we forget to provide the minimum moisture needs for the hair for its growth, health, and nurture.

If needed we can plan to use after shower sprays and gels too, which adds the volume, texture and easiness to the hair.

What’s Your Hair Style:-

The volume enhancement will also depend on the type of hair style which you follow.

If you are planning for curly hair or hair straightening then you must see that the hair is in dry condition.

Using heat protectant also gives good results to the hair.

Straighteners are used for straightening the hair, which is applied at the roots portion of the hair.

The hair style should be easy to handle and easy to change, the tricky forms of style will put a lot of stress and will also affect the health of hair.

Additional Tips:-

Use of coconut oil, olive oil for good hair nourishment. Apply them before going to sleep and cover the head to head covers then wash them in the morning shower with light and volume filling shampoos.

Use of Egg, also the best option for hair enhancement, apply the egg mixture on the head scalp then leave it for twenty minutes then take a head shower immediately .

Control and protect the exposure of hair to external environments and from polluted air.

Have Good health habits and take more of proteins in food as intake, which will also improve the hair health and hair volume.

Have a good physical exercise and stress-free life is most important. Anything abnormal in internal stresses will result in discoloring of hair, hair fall and many other damages.

Use the best shampoos for hair which includes protein and humectants in it and have chemical free substances. Exposure of hair to hot sun and excess period of dry condition both are not good for health and this will lead to stiff hair condition.

It’s also important to protect our hair from chemical waters and chlorinated waters in swimming pools. When you are planning to swim then don’t forget to have a head cover and check the quality of water in swimming pool and at home too which we are pouring on our body and hair.

Use of suitable shampoos, hair colors, conditioners, hair gels and various other hair products will only give the benefits otherwise in long run if we use randomly anything will hamper the hair growth and damage cannot be retraceable

Avoid excessive hair wash, excessive hair dyes, excessive hair styling, excessive exposure and heat to the hair. Also, avoid excessive hair drying and hair curling and protect the hair by head covers or scarf’s whenever you are going out.

Include more nutritious food and fruits which enhance the hair growth and health. Having proper food and sleep both at their regular times will also enhance the health condition of the body and hair.

Please ensure that whatever better habits you are following be consistent till you achieve the required volume and results for hair.

Before practicing anything at home or on your own, it’s better to consult the medical experts. Depending on age, skin, health of hair and gender the required treatments will change to each one of us.


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