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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt
Jul 27, 2016
10 Amazing Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

One of the purest salts present on earth is Himalayan pink salt according to many people. It is believed that earth is composed of dried remnants of the primal original sea which is known as pink gold, Himalayan crystal salt and it contains 84 elements found in the body.

It is packed with full of minerals which are better than regular table salt. These minerals and other amazing properties of Himalayan pink salt made it a natural medicine give several health benefits. If you regularly take this Himalayan pink salt in y our diet it does a lot of benefits for you and some of them are listed below.

1. Minerals for Detoxification

As said, Himalayan pink salt is a good source of various minerals and 14% of minerals other than sodium chloride made this amazing salt. Magnesium, copper, calcium, zinc, potassium, iron etc are the minerals present in this salt. It also contains several other compounds.

Because of all these minerals, we can use this salt in our bath water which is very healthy for our body. It gives you relaxation at the end of the day through hydration and minerals. It soothes your tired muscles, nourishes and cleanses your skin, stimulates the circulation and flushes out the toxic substances from your body through the skin.

2. Strengthens Your Teeth and Bones

Adding this salt to your food and diet regularly makes your teeth as well muscles and connective tissues strong and helps in muscle regeneration as well as blood circulation too. People prone to arthritis, broken bones, chilled extremities or mental fatigue should use this Himalayan pink salt on a regular basis in the food so that you will get back to the good health.

3. Purifies Air

The air you breathe can be purified with this Himalayan pink salt. A chunk of the Himalayan pink salt present in your home will absorb the surrounding moisture from the air and when it warms up it releases the moisture back to the air without any impurities. You would be surprised hearing this, but actually, it is true.

4. Reduces the Sinus Irritation and Respiratory Problems

Himalayan pink salt works well for clearing your sinuses problem. When it mixed with hot water, it emits negative ions which solve the respiratory problems such as asthma and clears the blocked nasal through sinuses by killing bacteria and bonds to other contaminants that may stick in your nasal because of polluted air breathing. You can also use Himalayan crystal salt inhaler to cleanse the respiratory system.

5. Reduces Hypertension

People suffering from blood pressure when replaced their regular salt with Himalayan pink salt will help a lot in lowering the blood pressure. This is possible because of the high sodium content present in this salt.

Also, the body can feel much easy to absorb this Himalayan pink salt than other refined salts so that it passes through the system quick and don’t need to work hard. So, it is always better to go with natural salts than the refined.

6. Improves Digestion

The nutrients present in the Himalayan pink salt improves the absorption of these nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract which makes your digestion of food better thus, you feel less hungry for a longer time. So, replace your table salt with Himalayan pink salt to get this benefit and especially who wants to reduce their weight.

7. Makes You Sleep Better

Several people told that after replacing their table salt with Himalayan salt they started to sleep better regularly and feel better sleeping quality. The reason for this is muscle relaxing qualities of the minerals that are present in this Himalayan pink salt.

8. Lessens Acid Reflux

Unbalanced pH is a major problem with many people leading to several health issues starting from immune deficiency, loss of bone density, kidney stones, weight gain etc. Most of the people with this pH imbalance can lead to acidity or stomach acid. So, people with this problem when took a glass of water with Himalayan pink salt works efficiently by neutralizing the acid in your stomach. Due to alkalinity nature of the salt, it also can be used as an antacid.

9. Regulates Hydration

When you consume a glass of water that is mixed with Himalayan pink salt, it provides you body with electrolytes that regulate hydration. This is because the body can absorb these electrolytes much faster than water by itself. When these two are taken at a time then it results in fate hydration. Most of the part of the Himalayan pink salt is made out of minerals that are electrolytes which are very essential for human body functioning and more particularly for bodily fluid regulation.

10. Alleviates the Soreness

A great way to give relaxation for your cramped muscles is a warm bath infused with this great Himalayan pink salt. Magnesium and other minerals found in this salt work well to give relaxation to your damaged muscles as well as other soft tissues in your body.  They even work to reduce body soreness in other ways and fortify the skin, bones, and connective tissues.

If you want to experience all these amazing benefits of Himalayan pink salt, go start adding it in y our diet regularly and stay healthy as well as strong all the time. Hope, we have listed out utmost benefits and uses of the Himalayan pink salt. So, know them and use it in a proper way as listed above.


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