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10 Bad Effects of Skipping Breakfast
Jun 24, 2016
10 Bad Effects of Skipping Breakfast

Skipping Break Fast Leads to Harmful Health Effects

Skipping breakfast? It is not at all a healthy habit. Many people know that breakfast is the important meal of the day but still they skip it for several reasons in their busy life i.e., to reduce calories intake to achieve their goal towards becoming slim or because of not having enough time etc.

According to a recent study, it is known that 13% of females and 18% of males between the ages of 35-54 skip their breakfast. Skipping breakfast frequently will put you in health troubles rather than bringing your benefits. It affects you several ways so you must know those problems and put you out of those health issues.

10 Bad Effects of Skipping Breakfast

1. Affects Your Heart

First and foremost bad effect of frequently avoiding breakfast has increased the susceptibility to hypertension. According to a study, nearly 27% of people who skip the breakfast are prone to heart attacks when compared to those who have their regular breakfast. This, in turn, leads to clogging of arteries, development of chronic cardiovascular health issues as well as stroke and increase in the blood sugar levels etc.

2. Badly Affects Your Energy Levels as well as Mood

As per the journal “Physiological Behavior”, skipping the breakfast has a great impact on mood and energy. According to a recent study, it has been shown that people who completely avoided taking breakfast has utmost fatigue levels and very fewer memory skills. Whereas eating improves the cognitive function which is related to test grades as well as memory so, taking breakfast is a smart thing.

3. Increased Risk of Type-2 Diabetes

Women’s are usually prone to this type-2 diabetes as they as the frequently avoid taking breakfast because of their busy life. According to a study, women who eat breakfast on an average of 0 to 6 times a week are at higher risk of increasing this type of diabetes when compared those women who have their breakfast.

4. Irregularities in Menstrual Cycle

This is the common problems most of the women facing today and this is common in college students who used to skip breakfast regularly. It also includes painful menses and irregular menstrual bleeds. They also continuously suffer from constipation.

5. Affects Metabolism

Breakfast is the important meal that gives a boost up to your metabolism daily as it is the first meal of the day. This helps in increasing your energy levels throughout the day to perform the physical activities. But, avoiding it puts off your energy and you will not be able to perform your regular activities properly which in turn leads to several other issues.

6. Increased Wight Gain

As said, people usually skip their breakfast to lose their weight. It is just your imaginations that you lose weight but when it comes to reality and according to a study conducted, people skipping out the breakfast have higher chances of gaining the weight rather than losing the weight. This may put in confusion, isn’t it? Then read out. Avoiding breakfast peps up the craving for fatty as well as sugary acids. In addition, being hungry makes you eat whatever you come across the day i.e., intake of foods becomes more and you will end up exceeding the daily recommendation and finally leads to weight gain.

7. Increases the Risk of Cancer

Obesity or Overweight is again a big problem and leads to increased risk of cancer. This is according to a research conducted. Especially women face this issue.

8. Causes Migraine

As said, skipping breakfast or meals dips your sugar levels which in turn prompt the release of hormones that can compensate the glucose levels that are low. This is which on other hand increases your blood pressure levels, causes migraines, headaches etc. This intensity is more when you skip breakfast rather than a meal. So, make sure that you don’t skip it.

9. Leads to Hair Loss

Foods that have fewer protein levels affects the keratin and its level triggering the hair loss as well as preventing the growth of the hair. But, breakfast which is rich in proteins keeps you safe from these issues as it plays a major role promoting the hair follicles growth. So, if you love to have strong healthy hair without any hair losses don’t miss having breakfast.

10. Aggravates Your Hangover

You are lucky to have an iron, folate and other vitamins, mineral rich food like breakfast. This nourishing food puts off your hangover and also compensates the lost nutrients as well as boosts your energy levels. Otherwise, if you skip the breakfast it will even worsen your hangover by lowering your blood sugar levels and leads to other problems such as nausea, headache etc. So, ever skip your breakfast if you are a hangover the previous night.

These are the few dangerous effects that you have if you skip your breakfast. Apart from this, you will have few other side effects such as weakness, tingling, dizziness, rapid heart attack etc.

An important thing to be noted here is, according to study children skipping the breakfast lose their ability in effective problem solving than those who consumed breakfast. Also, the students having the breakfast have higher test scores; they are time to school and less absent. See, how skipping breakfast starts affecting even a small kid. 

These are the good enough reasons that will make you not to skip the frequent breakfasts and don’t allow your kids too to skip the breakfast as they will face the serious problems as said. So, we hope that you and your children will have a healthy breakfast every morning and keep yourself strong and healthy.


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