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10 Best Summer Health Care Tips For Adults
Jun 13, 2016
10 Best Summer Health Care Tips For Adults

Best Summer Health Care Tips For Adults

Summer has stepped in.  As always, it brought many “Summer special” problems with it. Children enjoy a lot in summer because of their summer vacation.  Adults enjoy a lot in summer with trips to cool places. 

But is tripping to cool places is the way to protect ourselves from summer?  Can’t we plan our day in such a way that it goes cool and only cool all the summer?  Yes, you can do so!  We can make use of some simple tips in order to get rid of hot summer and keep ourselves cool. 

The important point one has to note here is, people of different ages have different effects from the range of UV rays from the sun.  The way the youth tolerates the sun is different from the way that adults and children tolerate.  So, the tolerance changes with age. 

This article is specially designed for adults who cannot tolerate much sun and its rays.  By following simple tips you can get through this hot summer very easily.  Summer not only brings sweat but also brings many health problems with it. 

Even though staying in the sun is good for health, when it crosses the boundaries, it would result in sunburns, eye damage, dehydration etc.  So, give it a look to know the ways to get rid of those aforementioned health issues.


1. Drink Lots Of Water

Water is a wonderful liquid that serves in healing or in the treatment of many diseases.  In most of the cases, the root cause of the disease would be a lack of water intake. 

So, make certain you drink 8 glasses of water in a day.  As people age and grow old, they tend to feel less thirsty.  But, keeping that feeling aside, they have to drink 8 glasses of water for sure.  In summer, the first problem that arises in our body is dehydration. 

The main cause for dehydration is drinking less water than required.  So, to keep yourself from the problem of dehydration, drink lots of water.  If you are involved in workouts, then drinking water is a mandatory. 

As we sweat out all the water in our body while performing workouts, it would result in loss of water and thereby we end up in dehydration. Don’t include or replace water with alcoholic beverages and don’t get in touch with sodas and pops.  Sodas make your dehydration worse as they are carbonated.

2. Don’t Clock Your Work To Noon

Sun is at his best in the noon time.  It is a known fact.  In summer, the sun starts his exhibition of rays from 10 am in the morning and ends his exhibition of rays at 4 pm in the evening.  It is his prime time. 

So, the clock that prime time of sun and make it you rest time and try to complete the at-home work in that period of time.  Try to schedule your outdoor work for the morning before 10 am or evening after 4 pm. 

The temperature in the prime time of sun will exhaust adults to the extent that few may kick the bucket within an instance.  So, it is suggested no to schedule your work in the prime time of sun.

3. Be Aware Of Heat Stroke

With temperature changes in the climate, our body will undergo many changes.  It is important to keep an eye on adult people regarding their health.  Adults may get affected by sun’s stroke in an instant. 

When adults are affected by a stroke, they will exhibit few signs.  They include confusion, disorientation, dry skin, excessive tiredness, headache, lethargy, nausea, and rapid pulse.  If you notice any such symptoms, make sure you to follow up with the doctor for medical help.

4. Catch Up With Your Buddies


As it is summer, almost all the people make plans for meeting up with their buddies.  If you are one among those who are planning for a meeting, schedule it immediately.  Plan and visit cool places.  I

f you don’t have air conditioning at your homes, just visit places like malls and theaters where they offer excellent air conditioning facility.  Spend your valuable time by catching up with your buddies in cool areas.  As you meet up with your buddies, it automatically makes your mind cool

5. Keep A Check On Your Meds

As adults are prone to many diseases that range from small to large, they use a lot of medication to cure them.  It is very important to have knowledge about the meds they are taking in. 

Few meds come with side effects like increasing sensitivity to UV rays.  So, keep a check on what meds you are taking and if needed take your primary care doctor’s help.

6. Use A Sunscreen

The first thing that gets affected by sun’s UV rays is our skin.  Our skin is a very sensitive part of our body.   It gets affected very easily by the UV rays.  Use a sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage. 

Make sure your sunscreen is at least SPF 15.  Do apply it before 15 to 30 minutes you are into the sun.  UV rays take about 15 minutes to provoke damage of our skin. 

7. Don’t Overdress

Our dressing plays a vital role in summer.  It is a well-known fact that cotton goes well with sun and summer.  Keep yourself simple in summer.  Don’t overdress and at the same time don’t under-dress. 

If you are overdressed, it would be difficult for you to carry them because of the heat and sweat of summer.  At the same time, if you are under-dressed, the skin gets exposed to the sun and results in self-damage.  Don’t fit yourself into tight clothes too.

 You may feel uneasy to carry tight clothes because of the heat.  Try to avoid dark color while going into the sun.  Dark colors will be easily attracted by the sun, whereas light colors are prone to less absorption.  So, prefer clothes that are lightweight, easy to carry, and light colored to pass through this summer.

8. Take a Shower

If you are a lover of bathing, then it would go well for you.  On a hot day, it is advised to shower with cool water to keep your body temperature down.  As we sweat a lot in summer, taking a number of showers would make us feel free from the sweat and itching sensation from the sweat. 

Keeping yourself clean in summer is very important.  So, go for a shower to keep your body temperature down.

9. Cool Home

You must be wondering what exactly a cool home is! Right?  In summer, due to the sun, our room temperature would exceed the normal room temperature that it would irritate us to the core.  So, first, keep your bedroom cool. 

In order to do so, all you need to do is, keep your doors open from the evening until the time of sleep.  Take preventive measure to avoid mosquitoes from coming in.  Let the fresh air of evenings fill your bedrooms and let the hot air of sun vacant.


These are the summer tips for adults to keep themselves cool in hot summer.


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