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10 Best Weight Loss Tips For Women
Oct 18, 2016
10 Best Weight Loss Tips For Women
Are you looking for losing weight in 10 days?  There are many ways to lose weight; namely, gym, running, walking, yoga, diet, Cardio etc.  It does not matter what way you choose if you are determined about weight loss.  So, all you need to have is a determination to something.  

If you are determined to lose your fat content, then just go through our article. You must be thinking, if weight is lost in 10 days, then how about weight gain?  Won’t we regain it as fast as we lost it?  Weight gain and weight loss are the subjects which are inter-related to each other.  If you lose weight, you will definitely gain it one day or the other if you neglect what you eat and drink.

Here, we are providing simple and healthy tips that will make you walk in the success path of weight loss within 10 days.

1. Drink More Water

Drinking lot of water fastens urine formation and every time we urinate, the toxins present in our body will come out of the body.  It is recommended by doctors to drink at least 8 big glasses of water per day. Consumption of water also keeps you hydrated throughout the day.  So, start your 10-day weight loss plan with water.

2. Stay ready for Green Tea

Green tea is very much named for its properties.  Drinking green tea regularly not only promotes good health but removes unwanted calories from our body.  It helps a great deal in burning fat present in our body.  It is advised to take green tea in the morning with empty stomach.  

It helps in cleansing toxins present in our body.  Green tea has a legion of health benefits and one among them is it prevents the problem of constipation.  Most people start their day with bed coffee or tea.  Instead of taking calorie high drinks, it is advised to start your day with healthy green tea.

3. Lemon and Honey

Lemon and honey are very much used in treating obesity. Lemon combined with honey has a great effect on bad fats present in our body. Properties of honey are best to make this possible. Take lukewarm water and add 1 spoon of lime juice and 1 spoon of honey to it. Now, stir well and drink it every morning for all these 10 days. 

4. Take Carbohydrates Less in Number
Taking Carbs in huge amounts has a great effect on our weight. So, from now, before eating, check the amount of carbohydrates present in your diet to reduce their intake. This way, you can break weight gain through carbohydrates.

5. Increase Number of Proteins
Proteins are good for building muscles. They even tend to convert fat into muscles. From now, eat foods which are rich in proteins by reducing foods that are rich in carbohydrates.  

6. Take Lot of Fiber
Fibers play a great role in reducing weight. The increased intake of fibers has a great effect on our weight. Fiber-rich foods take a long time to digest compared with other foods. Fibers do burning of bad cholesterol in our body. They when taken in, dissolves in water and will turn into a gel-like substance. This gel will slow down the process of digestion. As food is still under digestion, we won’t feel hungry for a long time. As we don’t eat much food, it would ultimately lead to weight loss.

Few fiber rich foods include corn, nuts, beans, cucumbers, carrots, oatmeal, apples, lentils etc. Include them in your diet as much as you can to lose with quickly. 

7. Say Goodbye to Constipation
Constipation slows down the process of weight loss.  Constipation is a type of digestive problem.  It directly affects our weight because toxins present in our body will reside until flushed out, due to constipation. So, find ways to get rid of constipation problem as soon as possible. We have some tips on our website.

8. Stay away from Junk Foods

They tempt us a lot with their mouth-watering taste.  We people tend to eat junk foods on the road.  No matter how many promises we make on not eating junk foods, we take no time to break them.  But in real, junk foods along with good taste brings a great collection of fat with them.  We put on weight very easily with junk foods.  So, this time, make an unbreakable rule not to eat unhealthy junk foods.

9. Take low Calorie Foods
It is a well-known fact that calories will decide our weight.  So, from now have a count on calories intake. Make sure those calories are healthy and good enough for your body.  Include raw vegetables and fruits in your diet.  Drink juices without adding much of sugar in them.

10. Exercise

The workout is the best way to reduce weight.  Your body needs some sort of workout to stay fit.  There are many forms of exercises to reduce weight.  Few of them are jogging, walking, yoga, gym, cardio, running, aerobics etc.  

Choose any form of exercise you would like to do and practice it regularly for at least 45 minutes.  If your schedule is busy that you are not able to allow time for exercise, instead of 7 days in a week, just do workouts for 3 days in a week for about 45 minutes.

These are the best tips that can set you on the path of weight loss in 10 days.  This 10-day weight loss plan comes to rescue when we are in shortness of time.  Then, zip, zap, zoom to lose weight in 10 days.


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