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10 Fabulous Foods and Herbs for Cleansing Your Kidney
Jun 17, 2016
10 Fabulous Foods and Herbs for Cleansing Your Kidney

Kidneys play an important role in controlling and clearing your body’s toxins and waste. They are bean-shaped self-cleansing organs located posterior side of your stomach. Kidneys also release three hormones called renin, reythropoietin and calcitriol which help in maintaining good health.

They also work with other organs of your body and increase your red blood cells production, control blood pressure as well as make vitamin D. So, if you have any problems with your kidney such as pain over kidneys area after eating, kidney stones, bladder problems and infections, acne and skin rashes etc., you need to cleanse your kidneys.

Healthy diet, exercise, and staying hydrated, all these will keep your kidneys function well. Among them healthy diet is best way for cleansing your kidneys as recommended by doctors, you need to consider the following foods and herbs to keep your kidneys cleansed.

Would you like to know them? Then, continue reading.

Foods and Herbs for Cleansing Your Kidneys

1. Berries

Berries such as, blueberries, cranberries and grapes all these berries contains anti-oxidants and other properties that help your kidneys to keep them cleansed and also for clearing the uric acids from your kidneys. They also fight against diseases. Many of them like eating berries, so it is not that tough to have them as your snacks or in your daily diet. So, add berried to your diet to get these benefits to your kidneys.

2. Marshmallow

Marshmallow contains diuretic properties which cleans up the toxic substances as well as promotes the kidneys health by increasing your urine flow. They can even fight against urinary tract and bladder infections. So, you can take this herb in the form of a tea daily for atleast a week to keep the kidneys out of toxins. All you need to do to prepare this tea is, take 1 tbsp of dries marshmallow roots as well as leaves and add them to a cup of hot water. Later steep it for 10 minutes and strain. Now, have this tea. It is recommended that, breastfeeding and pregnant woman’s and diabetes should avoid this marshmallow.

3. Seeds of Pumpkin

Pumpkin seeds are good sources of vitamins and minerals and they help in not forming the kidney stones. So, take little amount of pumpkin seeds on sliced bread or baked buns or in other forms to keep your kidneys free of stones and healthy.

4. Turmeric

It has cleansing as well as anti-inflammatory properties which helps in kidneys cleansing, detoxifying liver and in purifying the blood and prevents kidney infections and inflammations. You need to take turmeric in the following way to get these benefits. Add 1teaspoon of raw turmeric juice to 1teaspoon of lemon juice, a pinch of cayenne pepper and warm water with little honey. Mix them well and take it daily for few weeks.

5. Water

Water is the best purifier required for your body. Here, it helps in urine dilution as well as helpful for proper hydration. So, drink plenty of water. Particularly water is recommended when you are doing heavy workouts, when you are sweating and losing large amounts of fluid from your body.

6. Corn Silk or Celery

Both contains diuretic properties which helps in removing waste from your body or kidneys by stimulating urine production also works well for treating your bladder and urinary infections and kidney stones. So, take 2 tbsps of corn silk in a cup of boiling water and cover and steep for 15 minutes and then strain the liquid. Take 2 to 3 cups of this corn silk tea every day along other fluids to cleanse your kidneys. You can also make celery juice in the same way with celery ribs, parsley, carrot and cucumber and have it daily. Before using this herb, better consult a doctor because it can interact with medications.

7. Ginger

It is one of the best effective herbs for cleansing the kidneys by pushing out harmful toxic substances from your kidney. This also improves your digestion as well as helps in cleansing the liver too. So, you can make a ginger tea with fresh grated ginger, honey and lemon juice. This tea tastes good so, take it daily for 2 to 3 times. You can also use this herb in your daily cooking to keep your kidneys health good.

8. Horsetail Tea

Horsetail is an amazing herb with diuretic and antioxidant properties. These properties offer many benefits to your renal system as well as kidneys. So, to keep you kidneys healthy, you can make a tea out of horsetail with boiling water and have it 2 to 3 times daily. In addition you can also use horsetail supplements to increase your urine flow for removing toxic substances out of your kidneys. You need to consult a doctor, before you use this herb.

9. Stinging Nettle

It helps in removing metabolic waste, increase urine production and promotes your renal exertions, prevents kidney stones from forming and keeps away bacteria because of its diuretic properties. So, prepare a fresh tea out of this stinging nettle and water and drink it daily for 2 weeks to get these benefits. But, consult a doctor before you use this herb in your diet.

10. Parsley

It is a natural diuretic herb which can help in promoting urine flow and keeps your kidneys cleansed. Drinking parsley tea every day for a week cleanses your kidneys. So, prepare this tea out of fresh parsley in boiling water. You can also take this herb in other dishes and salads. It is suggested that, pregnant woman should avoid excessive eating of this parsley.


These top 10 herbs and foods works well for cleansing your kidneys. So, use them daily for few weeks if you have any kidney and its associated problems.

Note: Before using this foods and herbs, you need to consult your doctor and ask them about using these herbs for cleansing your kidneys.


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