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10 Health Benefits of Long Pepper
Jun 17, 2016
10 Health Benefits of Long Pepper

Have you heard of long pepper which is also called pippali? No. Then, we will tell you what is it and how it benefits your health.

Long pepper which is also known as Indian long pepper or pippali is a spice belonging to the same family of regular black pepper. It contains a chemical called piperine that helps you fight against various infections and parasites.

Long pepper comes with several other benefits and it has an important role in ancient Indian Ayurveda because of its therapeutic properties.

So, taking it in diet can help you a lot. We have also brought out all those amazing benefits of long pepper. Do you want to know them? Then read out.

Long Pepper is the Best Herb for the following health problems:

1. Diabetes

Diabetes is major concern of many people across the world and India has the highest cases among them with 62 million diabetics. It is the worst condition as it creates havoc in every system of your body.

But, luckily we have a great herb that has been found to regulate the levels of blood glucose and also prevent any other related complications with this disorder. So, consuming long pepper daily is beneficial.

2. Infections

In warm seasons there are plenty of bacterial infections and in developing countries cleanliness and sanitation are the major reasons for these infections. Contaminated food, polluted water etc. can give rise to some other infections related to stomach.

For combating this type of bacterial infections long pepper is the perfect home remedy. The root as well as fruit may contain anti-amoebic activity which can cure all these infections and even will fight against sinusitis and nose problems.

3. Liver Ailments

Today people are consuming processed, oily and junk foods which makes the internal organs of the body including the liver which leads to liver ailments. But, don’t worry we have an effective spice that can cure your liver ailments called long pepper. It contains liver protective functions which help in managing the liver toxicity; it has healing effect on your overworked liver and also prevents jaundice.

4. Weight Loss

Obesity is the main issue many people are facing in today’s world. People become obsessed are looking for some best solution to lose their weight. Long pepper is the natural spice that helps to solve their problem.

It is same as other peppers and you don’t have to bother about it. It is the wonderful herb and healthier alternative to the clinical solutions for burning your body fats and aids weight loss.

Here, stagnant body fat is mobilized and is pushes the toxic substances out of your body through fat pockets. Taking this long pepper in your diet doesn’t give you any side effects.

5. Fever

It is said that long pepper can treat fever and reduces it. It has amazing antibiotic and antiseptic properties that can reduce fever. So all that you need to do for getting this benefit is, make a bowl of pippali soup and have it. It not only brings down your fever but also gives a soothing effect for the people who have sore throat.

6. Digestive Disorders

Adding long pepper powder in your foods that you prepare can treat your indigestion problems as long pepper contains some chemicals that give soothing effect to your stomach.

This in turn reduces diarrhea problems if any. Follow this daily until you get benefited from it.

7. Cough

Long pepper comes on your way to reduce your cough. Prepare a diet out of it and see its effect on your cough. We have few suggestions for you to make a remedy out of this long pepper for y our cough.

You can take 2 to 3 spices of long pepper and fry them with little amount of ghee. After that put off the stove and let it cool for some time. Swallow it as it is or you can also add honey with long pepper to give your relief from the throat pain or sore throat.

One more method is to take 2 to 3 spoons of decoction made out of pippali and adhatoda vasica leaves and have it 2 times every day until you gets cure out of cough.

8. Asthma

Taking a pill of pepper-corn that is made out of pippali and calotropis gigantia flower or regular consumption of long pepper in any of the way can help your reduce the intensity of asthma.

9. Tooth Ache

Paste of long pepper with water and salt will give more positive effect for your teeth pain instead of ice packs or salt water gargling.

So, smear the paste prepared in the gummed area where you have pain at least for one hour. This gives a relief from your toothache.

10. Hair Loss

Last but not least, long pepper also works well for preventing the hair loss. Make a paste of long pepper with neem leaves, cow milk and gingely oil and apply it to your scalp whenever you feel you have hair loss.

Apart from these amazing benefits, long pepper has been an effective natural medicine for improving the flow of oxygen, preventing the lung problems; improves bone strength, skin health and slows down your ageing, strokes, headache and menstrual problems etc.

But, a suggestion for the pregnant women is that, though long pepper in a natural spice and doesn’t give you any adverse effects, overuse of this long pepper may be harmful to health. So, pregnant as well as lactating mothers should be cautious about using this herb.

It is also a good suggestion for people having sensitive skin to avoid using this pippali as its chemical may irritate your skin.

These are the few great benefits that people can have by using this long pepper. So, start using this and get benefited.


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