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10 Home Remedies for Fever Blisters
Jun 17, 2016
10 Home Remedies for Fever Blisters

They are painful and associated with selling, inflammation, tingling and burning sensations. They are triggered when you are over exposed to sunlight, because of stress, weakened immune system, hormonal changes, indirect contact with the person, lip injury and trauma on the skin etc.

They usually occur as a cluster of white small blisters and whenever the virus gets activated they are manifested on the same area. It even spoils your beauty. Though medications are available they may or may not be effective.

Instead of it, try some home remedies as soon as you see the symptoms. They can give you relief in few days only.

Ways to Get Rid of Fever Blisters

1. Cold Compress

Ice can reduce the pain, swelling as well as redness caused by fever blisters and also prevents it from spreading. So, apply a wrapped ice cube on the fever blisters and the surrounding area for 10 minutes. Next apply a thick layer of lemon balm ointment over the area. Repeat the same for every 3 hours.

2. Tea Tree Oil:

Fever blisters which are also called as cold sores are caused because of a virus called “Herpes Simplex Type-1 virus”. It usually occurs around your mouth area such as lips, chin, nostrils and other parts such as fingers and even on genitals. Fever blisters are lifelong irritants because the virus remains in your body for life long.

Because of its antiviral properties, it can effectively work well for fever blisters. So, apply the diluted 1 part of tea tree oil with 3 parts of water and apply it over the area with cotton at least for 3 times every day. Repeating this for few days can heal the fever blisters completely. You can also try this tea tree oil added with olive oil and eucalyptus oil.

3. Egg with Yogurt

Lysine in yogurt plays very important role in fighting against fever blisters as well as prevents the virus from becoming active. Using 1 egg along with a cup of yogurt and honey, you can make a facial mask and apply it over the affected area.

Follow this at least for 1 time a day for few days. This will soothe your fever blisters to great degree in very less time. For quick effect you can also eat yogurt 2 to 3 times daily.

4. White Toothpaste

Tooth paste contains important ingredients such as, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, menthol and baking soda. They can help in treating and drying out your fever blisters faster.

In addition sodium lauryl sulfate present in it reduces the size of your blisters in 1 or 2 days. So, apply toothpaste on the fever blisters at the night time and leave it overnight or at least for 3 hours. Next, wash the area and apply petroleum jelly. Repeating this daily at least for ones can heal the fever blisters.

5. Tea Bags

The antiviral and antioxidants properties along with various vitamins of tea are helpful for healing the fever blisters and to get rid of them.

Using tea bags as a remedy will give you instant relief form pain and uneasiness. So, put a tea bag in warm water for some time, remove it and allow it to cool. Later press this tea bag on the affected area for few minutes. Repeat this daily for 5 times.

6. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a disinfectant and is effective in bacteria killing which can infect the fever blisters. As the virus thrives in moist and warm conditions, this hydrogen peroxide helps in keeping the affected area dry.

So start using hydrogen peroxide solution to apply it over the fever blisters and leave it off for some time, later rinse the area. You can also apply the paste prepared with 2 crushed aspirins along with a table spoon of hydrogen peroxide for best results.

7. Licorice

Licorice contains antiviral as well as anti-inflammatory properties which makes this to be an effective herb for treating your fever blisters and also reduces your swelling and redness in the affected area and speeds up the healing process.

All that you need to do to get these benefits is, make a paste out of 1 tbsp licorice powder added with on-half tbsp of water and apply it over the fever blisters with cotton swab.

Leave the paste for few hours. Repeat the process for 4 times daily for few days until your fever blisters completely get healed.

8. Whole Milk

Applying cold whole milk on the affected area for 10 minutes daily reduces your pain caused by fever blisters and soothes your itchy sensation. It also contains calcium, monocarpin with antiviral properties and immunoglobulins which fights against the virus and progress the healing process.

You can also drink the turmeric mixed whole milk 2 times daily for a week time. Turmeric in the whole milk will help in reducing the pain.

9. Apple Cider Vinegar

You can apply this vinegar directly on the fever blisters and its anti-bacterial property of it helps in drying out the fever blisters maintaining the pH balance of your skin. Apply it daily until you get the positive results.

10. Aloe Vera

It has antibacterial property as well as natural healing agent which are very effective in treating your fever blisters and also disinfect the area, reduces inflammation as well as pain and stimulates the healing process.

Apply the extracted gel of Aloe Vera directly over the fever blisters and once it dries clean the area with lukewarm water. Repeat it for several days until the area gets cured. This will keep your skin smooth and doesn’t allow the infection to spread over.

These are the few best top 10 home remedies that can help you get rid of fever blisters and its further infection. So, follow them regularly and get positive results of using those home remedies.


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