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10 Ways To Fight Allergies Naturally
Jun 17, 2016
10 Ways To Fight Allergies Naturally

The environment where we live is definitely a gift from nature, but for some people when the season changes, immune system encounter different reactions and disorders from their body, which are called as “Allergies”. In simple, it is considered as body’s reaction to internal or external actions which are directly or indirectly harm full for human body and its organs.

The main cause for Allergy is body might have acquired as heredity, race, sex and due to external environmental factors. It’s important for to protect our body and from all these external attacks whenever the seasonal changes occur. The best treatment can only be possible when we can diagnose the allergy properly. Correct and precise diagnosis can only be helpful to manage and control the allergy.
It’s always better to opt for Natural remedies which are proven and available from nature as gift for each season and natural ways fight well with allergies.

Remedy One: Honey

Honey is considered to be the best remedy and nature’s best gift to human beings

This is produced by bees with the help of nectar's taken from flowers, by the method which is called as evaporation and regurgitation

This is an old and suggestive practice by many, consuming a spoon of honey directly or by mixing in water daily will keep human immune system strong and HONEY will take care of allergies and keep them in protective condition

Remedy Two : Bromelian

For many people who are suffering from sinus or any one recovering from sinus operation then its suggested to have this enzyme “Bromelian”, which is found in pineapple.

Eating this fruit has shown good results for people having swelling and breathing related issues along with season changes.

The benefit of this fruit is it is not only used for external disorders it is useful for internal disorders such as relaxing muscles, cancer prevention, and improving bowel digestion system.

Remedy Three: Vitamin C

The best gift of nature for fighting against allergies is Vitamin C, which is majorly available in citrus fruits and vegetables

It acts as strong antioxidant and protects body from all internal and external disorders or allergies. This is specially helpful for those who has severe allergic cold and cold related illnesses

Remedy Four: Onions

The presence of QUERCETINE in Onion makes them special and by having onions we can safeguard ourselves from various allergic attacks

Remedy Five: Steam

The seasonal changes brings with them lot of changes to the body and especially to the nose. Nose will get effect with either wetting or with the congestion, the best remedy suggested to fight this type of allergy is to take the steam with turmeric or peppermint oil.

The best method is to take big bowl of hot water and sit before the bowl by covering with cloth or towel and place the face above the steam

See to it that you cover properly so that steam cannot pass by and breathing hot air will clear the passages inside nose. Try doing it for 5-10 minutes, then you will feel better and comfortable.

Remedy Six: Eucalyptus Oil

Nature has blessed humans with many natural oils in various forms, among them best oil to fight the allergies is “Eucalyptus Oil”

This can be used in its natural available form, or this can be mixed with boiled water to take the steam for nose blockages.  When it is mixed in hot water, the aroma gives more relief and helps in clearing congestion in nasal passage

Remedy Seven: Omega 3

Many of us knowingly or unknowingly don’t recognize importance of Omega-3 to our body and its sources from where it is available. It is majorly found in nuts and fish.

People whose diet includes of omega 3 are found to be more protective from allergic impacts and their immune system is strong enough to take care and stop reactions of the body from external disorders.

Remedy Eight: Turmeric

The food which is prepared with Turmeric as its ingredient is considered to be healthy and protective food. From many years turmeric is considered as nature’s best medicine in protecting the body from various diseases and disorders.

It is the best replacement for many modern day medicines and it is found to be mixed in many Indian dishes. A little quantity of turmeric powder will protect from many allergies and strengthen immune system of the body

Remedy Nine: Butterbur Extract

Extracts from plants have many advantages in preventing and protecting the body from different type of allergies.  It can be used in its raw form and once we consume in little quantity then after few months it will show positive results in fighting against seasonal allergies.

Remedy Ten: Fluids

Consuming more water in a day will keep body fresh, active and away from many internal and external disorders

The body is made of full of water and consuming fluids will like water, fruit juices and tea etc will always be helpful in protecting from all allergic attacks


It’s important for us to note that, what diet we are taking during the season and after the season, a control diet and disciplined diet will also protect the body from all kind of allergic attacks

We must cover the body with good clothes and protect our homes from external environment effects and various other air born allergies, protect home with proper covered windows, doors and body with comfortable clothes with clean water wash.

There are various kinds of allergies which affect the body, like NOSE, sinuses, Eyes, ears, skin, hair scalp, internal intestines and bowel system etc. that’s the reason it’s very important to protect our external organs from all kind of external attacks.

In case of proper diagnosis of allergy, proper treatment can be suggested by medical experts, there are various tools and tests which are conducted depending on the illness of the organ. 


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