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10 Ways to Get Rid of Sore Neck
Jul 30, 2016
10 Ways to Get Rid of Sore Neck

Many people would have faced this problem and this mostly occurs because of uncomfortable sleeping positions. There are also several other reasons such as injuries, ergonomically lacking workplaces etc.

It is almost impossible for us to get rid of this sore neck quickly unless and until we take proper care to get rid of this sore neck. If you are the one suffering from sore neck, read this article. It will give you various techniques and ways to get rid of the sore neck quickly. So, continue reading.

Various Techniques And Treatments to Getting Rid of Sore Neck:-

1. Muscle Exercise

Starting with gentle exercise is always better. Here, you need to exercise your neck muscle in the following way.

To help stretch your agitated neck muscles, slowly spin your neck in circular motion. Though it seems difficult to do at first, it ultimately helps in alleviating the neck pain.

Now, start moving your neck front back until you feel any pain and the range of motion should slowly improve when moving back and forth.

Then, you can move your neck side to side and relax for some time if you feel any pain.

You can also move your neck side to side simultaneously while you move up and down.

You need to do them slowly and gently and stop them if you feel pain and then repeat after some time. You can also do swimming, running, cycling etc. Do this regularly to feel better and keeps you relaxed.

2. Use Counter Drugs

Along with exercise, you should also take counter drugs prescribed by the physician and better avoid using aspirin if you are below 18 years of age as it is linked to Reyes syndrome in children which leads to severe pain or swelling in their brain.

3. Take Lukewarm Water Shower

Allow the lukewarm to hot water to move over your neck at least for 5 minutes and while you are doing this keep your neck straight and don’t turn it.

4. Soak in Bath Salts

Bath salts are a great way to relieve muscle stress and tension as well as improve the circulation. You can do it using different bath salt additives. Epsom salts can be used with a warm bath. As Epsom salts are made up of sulfates and magnesium it is a great remedy for many health ailments and it even relaxes your mind. So, soak in any of the bath salts that give you relief.

5. Use Ice Pack or Heating Pad

To stimulate the blood circulation over your neck you can make use of a heating pad or apply an ice pack or ice wrapped in a towel over your neck and this works well to relieve pain better when compared to the heat pad.

6. Apply Balms

There are different types of balms available in the market some may relieve pain, some stimulate circulation etc. So, know which balm to use and massage that balm over your neck gently. This works for mild neck pain.

7. Neck Brace

If your neck pain is severe or if the neck is not stable, you can use a brace and shouldn’t be used otherwise. You can roll up a towel and wrap it around your neck and make sure that your skull rests on it. Doing this you need to sit in a comfortable position. If the pain is too severe, consult a doctor. They may assist you well.

8. Massage

Before you get a massage for neck pain, you need the suggestion of a doctor if the pain is for a long time. Though massage is costly it is a good way to get relief. Acupuncture, hydrotherapy is the effective ways to get relief from the pain. They may also use some essential oils for doing massage. So, take to your massage therapist and they guide you in the right way.

9. Ensure that Work Environment is Correct

People working at a desk for long hours need to make sure that their workplace is set up in a way that it is, optimally relaxing. There is something that you need to follow at your workplace to get rid of the neck pain.

Make sure that your chair is at the correct height and keep your foot flat on the floor. Sitting is correct position is always necessary to get rid of pains.

It is better to change your body posture regularly as sitting in the same position is unhealthy. So, sit upright for more time, declined for little amount of time and reclined for some time.

You should also stand for every hour. It is also suggested to take 5 minutes break for every hour and walk around if possible.

Try to find mostly the standing workstations and this may not lead you to problems.

10. Practice Meditation

Keeping ways the busy life, let sometimes every day for doing meditation. This helps you a lot. It gives you relief from stress and pains. It also adds up to relieve your neck pain quickly. Focus on breathing and meditating. Take the help of a meditation master for knowing the right way to meditate. Meditation is the great way to lead a healthy and peaceful life. So, practice it every day.

Bottom line:

Apart from all this stay away from emotional stress as it may cause physical pain. So, find these natural ways to get relief from pains and stress. Follow them regularly and get rid of the sore neck.


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