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12 Ways Apples Help Keep Doctor Away
Jun 24, 2016
12 Ways Apples Help Keep Doctor Away

Well, we all know that an apple a day keep the doctor away, isn’t it? Yes, exactly the phrase is true. Eating apple daily will keep you away from several health problems. If you are not aware of this wonder fruit numerous health benefits, read the article completely and know why you should eat an apple.

Health Benefits of Apple

1. Fights against Cancer

Unhealthy eating habits and desk bound life style is the main reason for increasing chances of suffering from cancer. It is said that eating an apple helps you prevent from cancer.

There are many components such as flavonoids quercetin and rutin, antioxidant glutathione, natural pigments called anthocyanins and phenolic acids including ellagic and ferulic acids in apple, all these components helps in preventing cancer by des troying cancer cells.

So, make sure that you don’t peel the apple to eat as most of the flavonoids are present in its skin itself.

2. Boosts up Immune System

There are many nutrients present in apple that boost your immune system keeps you away from infections. Particularly flavonoids which are called quercetin have shown to gradually improve immune system. So, to get this health benefit you need to eat apple every day.

3. Fights against Type-2 Diabetes

As apple is a low-glycemic food, it can control the blood sugar levels and especially if women eat at least one apple a day they are almost 1/3rd less likely to develop this type-2 diabetes than those who don’t eat apples.

4. Guards Your Heart

According to a research conducted, consuming at least 171 grams of apple a day will make you 52% less chances of heart strokes compared to people who consume less. This is because apples are rich in source of quercetin that seems to guard blood vessels lining as they are prone to damage leading to heart diseases.

Pectin which is soluble present in apples absorbs cholesterol and makes your arteries from blocking. It also contains antioxidants that fights against bad cholesterol, thus keeps your heart healthy.

5. Boosts the Fiber Content

Many people today are getting less than half amount of fiber they need for their body. So, it is recommended by the dieticians that those people should eat apple every day.

Apples are loaded with soluble fiber content, one medium apple contain 4 grams of fiber. You can increase amount of fiber you consume gradually to get other health benefits.

6.  Helps You Lose Weight

Apple only has 50-80 calories and it doesn’t have any other fat or sodium. So, eating apple before meals is way to weight loss and due to high fiber content it makes you feel full. In a study it is found that women who eat apples before meals lost 33 percent of more weight than those compared to who don’t eat apple.

7. Prevents Diarrhea and Constipation

Apple can counter both constipation and diarrhea though they are different stomach ailments. The fiber content present in apples adds bulk to your diet that you eat and helps in better digestion. Thus, it prevents constipation. In case of diarrhea, it absorbs excess water and gives you quick relief.

8. Makes You Breathe Easier

A study found that, people who eat 5 apples a week will keep you away from breathing problem; it improves functioning of lungs, asthma-like symptoms and less wheeziness.

9. Improves Memory

Apple eating is healthy habit and eating it every day will prevent decline in neurotransmitter which is known as acetylcholine thus helps in improving memory. A study had found that this property of the apples will slow down the mental decline in Alzheimer’s people.

10. Gives You a Glowing Skin

The antioxidants and vitamin C present in apples helps prevent wrinkles and signs of ageing thus, gives you healthy glowing skin.

11. Makes You Exercise Better

People usually get confused of eating the right food before they start exercise and here is the good news for them. Apple can be a great option for them as it boosts endurance by helping more oxygen for your lungs.

12. Makes Your Teeth White

No one likes to have stained and yellowish teeth. So, apart from maintaining proper oral hygiene, you should also add apple in your diet rather than dental procedures. The reason for this is natural route to get whiter teeth as it contains abrasive qualities that help in fighting against the stains on teeth and makes your smile white.


These are the various health benefits that you get eating apple a day. Make a habit of eating apple and it will certainly help you a lot. Hope, you will have at least one apple in your diet every day to keep yourself healthy and fit always.


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