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17 Different Benefits of Using Vaseline
Jul 27, 2016
17 Different Benefits of Using Vaseline

Vaseline is used by people from decades to skin and lips for making them smooth especially during winter. Apart from moisturizing the lips, Vaseline is an iconic formula,as it is said to be multi-tasking cream. It is a cream not only for lips, rather for burns, for healing the rashes of the diaper, for making shoes shine and it is almost good for everything.

To know about the complete uses of the Vaseline you need to go through the below list and you can at least get few benefits out of it. So, come let’s have a look at that list.

17 Different Benefits of Using Vaseline 

1. Heals Cracking of Feet:

One of the best treatments for cracked feet is Vaseline. This works well by smoothening your feet and even the other parts of the body too. To get this benefit for your feet, apply Vaseline to your feet during the night time and put a pair of socks and then go for a sleep. The petroleum that is present in the Vaseline helps cure the cracked feet as it stays for a long time than any other watery type of solutions.

 2. Puts off Chafing:

Vaseline will be a great product for preventing chapping while you are running also wind burns, particularly in the winter season. To prevent further irritation or rashes, you need to apply Vaseline in those areas and this will prevent chafing by gilding rather than rubbing.

3. Scrubbing Lips:

Sometimes lip balm alone will not be sufficient on the lips and Vaseline lip scrub is necessary for gently exfoliating the lips. For this, take some Vaseline and add a little amount of sugar to it, mix them and apply it and then scrub it on your lips in a circular motion slowly. Now, wipe it off and then apply lip balm.

4. Aids from Earring Insertions:

Inserting studs into the ears, when you don’t use them frequently can give raise to pain. To make it easy, you need to rub your earlobes with a small amount of Vaseline. After that, you can try inserting your studs into the ears. This would work without causing any pain.

5. For Cuticle Care:

In order to protect and repair dried cuticles, Vaseline works in an effective manner and make your hands soft. To get this benefit, take Vaseline and massage it to your nail beds as well as fingernails before you go to sleep and then wear the gloves to your hands.

6. Makes Your Elbows Soften:

To make your elbows smooth and soften, rub some amount of Vaseline to your cracked or dried elbows before you sleep and after that go for a sleep. 

7. Helps to Open Stuck Drawers:

Is your drawer making you irritated every time you try to open it and getting stuck? Then, apply some Vaseline to it and avoid it from getting stuck. This will definitely workout and helps the drawer to come out smoothly.

8. Highlights Skin:

To add a dewy touch to your face, slightly dab a small amount of Vaseline on your brow bones as well as cheekbones. This makes you have a glowing face. This is the best and budget friendly way for making you glow.

 9. De-frizzes Hair and Seals Splits:

If you feel that your hair is frizzy and having splits at the ends? Then the best way is to go with Vaseline which is a very cheap option. For this, you need to take a small amount of Vaseline on your palms and apply it on your hair both at the top and at the sight of splits to de-frizz the hair and to conceal the splits and dryness. But, be careful don’t overdo it as it will make your hair greasy.

10. Helps Prevent Lipstick Stain:

Before you put the dark color of lipstick on your lips, it is necessary that you need to apply some amount of Vaseline to your teeth if you want to prevent the sticking of lipstick on your teeth while applying or after you apply it. 

11. Stuck Zippers can be Fixed:

Stuck zippers will lead to an annoying situation to fix this, you need to apply the Vaseline on both sides of zippers and this can help prevent the stuck zippers.

12. Acts as Eyelash Remover:

If you have false eyelashes, then you can fix it by dipping a cotton bud in the Vaseline and swabbing it on your false eyelashes. Allow the glue to soften for some amount of time and after that, you need to wash it off with warm water.

 13. Tames Eyebrows:

To make your rough eyebrows under your control, you need to smooth some amount of Vaseline on your eyebrows and this helps in achieving a neat look.

14. Helps You Open Nail Polish Bottle Easily:

Are you struggling for opening the nail polish bottle? Then, you need to rub some amount of Vaseline on the nail polish bottleneck. It helps in preventing the stuck polish over the neck of the bottle and will make it easy for you to open the cap.

 15. Acts as Makeup Remover:

To remove your makeup in an easy method, go with Vaseline. Just a few swabs of this Vaseline cream will be sufficient to completely remove off your makeup just in seconds. But, after you swab the makeup with Vaseline, you need to rinse it immediately as it may cause irritation sometimes.

 16. Can Stat Fire:

A cotton ball that is dipped in the good amount of Vaseline will be sufficient for starting up the fire especially when you go for camps during winter or during night time.

17. Helps Perfume Last for a Long Time:

Before you start spraying the perfume, you need to apply some amount of Vaseline both to your wrist and neck. Then, it helps in lasting the perfume all the day long.


These are some of the uses of Vaseline. So, make use of these tips when necessary. Hope, you will like this useful information.


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