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3 Amazing Organic Diet Plans for Healthy Living
Jun 13, 2016
3 Amazing Organic Diet Plans for Healthy Living

Amazing Organic Diet Plans for Healthy Living

Diet, the most commonly used word these days.  From a little kid to aged people all are showing their interest on dieting for staying fit and healthy.  Before getting deep into it, let us know what actually diet mean.

Diet is something that we should follow every day in our life.  Diet is a proper intake of food at proper intervals of time in proper quantities.  There are many diets like fruit diets, meat diets, juice diets etc.  But have you ever thought about organic diet?  If not, then just do it now.

Organic, the word itself resembles healthiness in it.  Even knowing a lot about organic food, we never tried doing an organic diet.  So, what’s with that outdated diet.  Let us look into the new diet plans with organic foods.

Organic foods include no harmful herbicides, fertilizers, and genetically modified materials. The foods we eat nowadays are full of pesticides and poisonous substances, whereas organic foods are absolutely free from them.  Also, organic foods are rich in nutrients and are available at affordable costs in the market now.

The three amazing organic diet plans are designed for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  All of the three servings are filling with organic foods.

1 Break Your Fast With Organic Diet

Break your fast with some organic foods.  Have a stomach full of organic foods like organic bread, cakes, fruits, milk, and vegetables.  All you need to do is, just eat everything you like, but make sure they are organic.  As breakfast is the first meal of the day, taking an organic breakfast will keep you energetic and healthy throughout the day.

Few Organic Foods for Breakfast:

Buy some organic eggs and make an omelet and garnish them with some grilled tomatoes and mushrooms.

Take oats with organic fruits, honey and berries.

Cereals with some organic dry fruits.

Organic French toast with organic sauce.

2 Go All Organic for Lunch

Get ready for a heavy feast.  Your lunch includes high levels of proteins, vitamins, and minerals.  Include lots of seafood, fresh salads, and lentils in your lunch

Organic fish grilled with lemon juice and butter and garnish them with fresh organic vegetables, feta, or cheese.

Organic egg sandwich.

Organic vegetables.

Guacamole wraps with added organic fruits.

Vegetable stuffed pita bread with lentil salad.

Whole grain pasta with lots of vegetables.

Organic chicken cooked in coconut milk, pepper, and beans.

Organic rice or whole wheat bread.

3 Super Supper Organic Diet

Make your supper more interesting with your family.  Have a family dinner in the night with full of organic foods.  Use irradiated herbs, spices, and organic veggies for your supper.

Cook all organic.  Cook lean beef with soaked beans, tomatoes, and spices.

Lentil chilli with a green salad.

Organic lasagna noodles with lots of organic veggies and mozzarella cheese.

Creamy cauliflower soup with green organic salad.

Organic chicken cooked with potatoes, sausage, peppers, onion, herbs, and tomatoes.

Ganic quinoa or well prepared organic rice.

Black beans with organic rice and fresh fruit platter.

Organic salmon.

Homemade cheese pizza with organic vegetables, peppers, and herbs.

It’s Snack Time Now:

Organic fruits or fruit salads with organic nut butter.

Organic seeds, dry fruits, and nuts.

Smashed coconut with yogurt.

Organic fruits with cheese and rice cakes.

Green organic salad.

Follow these 3 simple organic diet plans and see great changes in your lives.  All you need to remember is our slogan “Go Organic”.

Hope you enjoyed reading our article.  Make sure you share your thoughts with us.


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