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5 Best Tips for a Best Looking Forehead
Oct 12, 2016
5 Best Tips for a Best Looking Forehead


Women strive all throughout their lives for looking beautiful. An attractive and pretty forehead is really an awesome feature for women.  A good hairline is yet another feature that adds more beauty to her looks.

High forehead signifies deep intelligence.  The forehead starts from the hairline to the eyebrows.  In ancient times Europeans used to shave off or bleach their eyebrows in order to create an illusion of fuller forehead.  In ancient Egyptian civilization, body modifications were made to broaden the forehead.  In modern times, a full forehead makes the face look smaller and beautiful.

There is legion of impeccable beauties that have full foreheads.  By birth full foreheads are literally a boon to the beauty, but full foreheads that are due to aging and hair fall are literally a curse on the beauty. 

There are women who face this problem of full foreheads to the bad hairline. Full forehead may be due to forehead depression and hollowness, which interlinked with the age factor.  A full forehead that is with birth resembles the youth and intelligence.


There are women who don’t like full foreheads and want to cover it up by trying different hairdos.  Most of the women come up with side bangs hairdo to cover their full foreheads, but in reality the beauty of a full forehead is flawless.

There are five best tips that will help you to make your forehead the best-looking forehead.

Bye to forehead wrinkles

Forehead wrinkles and fine lines are most common problems that were seen in most of the women. Young people also are scared with early age wrinkles and fine lines. The best treatment to get rid of the lines on the forehead is Botox. 

Within a couple of days and with very few shots you can get rid of these wrinkles and fine lines.  It is the cosmetic procedure that was in use from quite a long time and has not much side effects associated with it; however as it is forehead, which falls under sensitive parts much Botox use is not recommended. 

Along with aging wrinkles on forehead can come due to over facial movements. The expression lines may pop up hugely on the forehead because of wrong facial movements.  For young people who want their lines to fade out more naturally the best option is Micro-Refine.  This procedure includes injecting of microinjection for rejuvenating and refreshing face.

Forehead augmentation

If ones forehead is not good and wants to make changes to it then forehead augmentation is the best option. The fat is injected into the syringe with the help of thin cannula, which is used for injecting the fat into the forehead.  The fat is taken mostly from thighs and abdomen.  Fat can be taken from other parts too. 

This procedure is not much success rate associated.  The fault may be in the injector or the injecting one.  The actual reason behind its low success rate is that 50% of the fat, which is transferred, will die within six months. 

The max lifetime for fat is just one or two months. To attain best results from this procedure repetition is the key.  Two to three repetitions will bring out the desired results.  The con associated with this procedure is significant bruising for five to seven days.  To control this bandages were tied to the forehead and for better shaping of forehead.

Lift and hydrate

People who are afraid of the results of the forehead augmentation can switch to this lift and hydrate technique for full foreheads.  This procedure includes natural fillers, give best results.

The hydrochloric acid used in this procedure is very much identical to skin polymer and so maintains high bio-compatibility, which will be incorporated and metabolized by skin naturally.  This procedure can be done with three to four weeks intervals.  You can go for this procedure two to three times in a year for best ever results.

Concentrate on temples

The temples of the forehead contribute lot for beauty of forehead.  Mostly people pay attention on frontal curves leaving the temples, which leave them unhealthy and aged. Loss of the temples is due to aging or weight loss due to dieting. 

This showcases the bony section of skull clearly.  The hydrochloric acid fillers such as JUVÉDERM VOLUMA can help to build best temples.  These fillers help in volumizing the entire face along with just forehead.  This is just a 30-minute procedure with which you can get back in age at least four to five years.

Remove the baby hair

The baby hair on the forehead sometimes may mix up with the hairline.  Most of the people thread away the hair on the forehead while few others will use wax strips to do so, but the best treatment is always laser treatment.  This permanent hair removal technique is the best treatment to get rid of baby hair on the forehead.

These are the five best tips for a best-looking forehead. Be sure of taking second opinions on all surgical treatments which you are going for, as prevention is better than cure. 


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