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5 Fitness Regimens To Do At Home
Jul 19, 2016
5 Fitness Regimens To Do At Home

5 Fitness Regimens To Do At Home

New Year is right around the corner and you must be thinking of resolutions to kick start the New Year. The most common resolutions people make are about fitness.  People always come up with excuses and lay down the resolutions they make, which is the reason why they fail to be fit. 

People dream of getting into shape and imagine how they look when they become fit, but never care or work on making that dream come true.  By now it must be scores of times that most of you people have given up on your fitness regimens even after planning it in the best way.

One has to know that in order to achieve something there is a dire need to be determined to achieve it.  Unless and until you are determined it is impossible to complete the task at hand. 

If you are determined enough to achieve something there won’t be any need for a schedule or a chart on how to do and what to do.  Your determination itself will drive you in the right direction.

An unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits always contribute to unhealthy living.  In order to survive in a healthy environment in a healthy lifestyle, there is a much need to include fitness regimen.  Diet alone cannot help you get into shape. 

A proper physical workout along with proper diet would help you a great deal in curving your body.  You no need to hit the gym hard to get into shape.  You can try some fitness regimens by simply sitting at home and curve your body.

Let us see what are those five fitness regimens to do at home are.


“Yoga” is the biggest asset that we have received from our ancestors.  It is an ancient way of working out the body.  There are large collections of asanas in yoga that are very effective and will help you shape your body. 

In order to do yoga, you do not need any sort of exercise equipment.  All you need to have is a yoga mat and a good open space to perform yoga.  The best time to perform yoga is early morning. 

As the air will be pure, doing breathing exercises in the morning in the open air would be very beneficial both fitness wise and health wise.  With the help of yoga, you can bend and stretch each and every corner of the body.

The twists and stretches can energize, strength your limbs, and few asanas will help to improve the blood flow in the body.  You can also add some meditation session at the end of your yoga session to relax your mind along with your body. 

If you are a newcomer to yoga then make sure to learn the basics of yoga perfectly and then start doing at home.  You can find wonderful tutorials on yoga and power yoga, which you can try at home. 

With every passing day add one new yoga asana and also improve the time limit of each asana day-by-day.  You can see a new you if you perform yoga picture perfectly in just a few months.


Yoga is kind of smooth going fitness regimen, but if it is not your types and if you are looking for a higher intensity kind of workout routine to build and tone your muscles then try weight training with Kettlebell at home.

There are many intense workout routines that yield good results, but Kettlebell is one such workout routine that helps to burn more calories per minute compared to other intense workout routines.  Choose the right weight that you are capable and comfortable with handling. 

Don’t do an intense workout with Kettlebell on the first day itself.  Go with simple movements.  Choose the best moves that are simple, but yet effective.  Kettlebell swings are one such simple move that will help you strengthen abdominal muscles.  Don’t put much pressure or stress on your back or spine.  Do the moves gently and slowly so as to avoid any complications.

Belly Dancing

You would have seen Belly dancing in many movies and TV shows.  It is not just a beautiful dance to look at, but also yields fantastic results when done perfectly.  You can join your partner in belly dancing and can enjoy every step of belly dancing. 

This belly dancing is suitable for all body types.  This is one of the enjoyable fitness workouts that will leave you with body aches as if you have ran for miles the other day.  With this belly dancing, you can move the muscles stretch the body in the best way possible.


Zumba is a type of dance form that was found in 2001.  There are millions of people who do regular Zumba and it has been a global fitness mantra for many people.  It is a combination of entertainment and culture, which has gone viral all over the world. 

There are more than 14 million individuals who are doing Zumba dancing as a fitness regimen.  There are many Zumba centers and many people rush there to attend Zumba classes to learn Zumba dancing and shake the leg in Zumba style. 

You can also perform Zumba dance at home.  Just learn the best Zumba dance styles through the internet or by attending the classes and do it at home.

Wii or X-Box fun & fitness

It is yet another fitness regimen activity that you can do at home.  The X-Box fun games work effectively as there are lots of moves involved in them where you need to pay attention to your bodily movements. This fitness regimen will help to improve coordination and balance and thus reducing the chances of injuring.

Final word is that there are of course lots of effective fitness regimens that will help to shape in and make one fit, but the lacking is the people to do them.  Don’t ever find excuses to skip the fitness regimen.  Instead, find the excuse to prepare a tightly-packed workout schedule with which you can rock on.


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