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6 Tips For Reducing Body Odor
Aug 13, 2016
6 Tips For Reducing Body Odor

Mild body odor is normal in people but excessive odor by unpleasant smell makes discomfort for others and makes you embarrassing too. This strong smell comes when the sweat glands are overactive.

Sweat is not only the reason for this smell but, in fact, when the sweat mixes with the bacteria gives rise to an unpleasant smell. There are also many other reasons for your body odor and they include, nutrients deficiency, poor hygiene, chronic constipation, liver diseases, metabolic disorders etc.

You can easily identify this body odor through the symptoms like the unusual and pungent smell, night sweats, cold hands etc. that arise from the body. Are you worried about this problem?

Then, follow the below give tips and get rid of body odor and heavy sweat.

6 Tips for Reducing Body Odor 

1. Keep Yourself Clean

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is shower at least once every day. But, when you are sweating too much it is better to shower 2 times a day so that all the bacteria along with the sweat on your skin will get rinse off.

Especially you need to rinse the area that is prone to sweating so that your body odor reduces. You know, people who are sweating normally tends to have more trouble with body odor compared to the once who sweats more.

Because, when people sweats more the odor causing bacteria gets washed off with the sweat itself. You may be surprised at hearing this, but it is true. So, shower daily and keep your skin clean.

2. Make Use of Antibacterial Soap

Instead of using normal soap, use antibacterial bath soap. With its antibacterial agent, the bacteria get killed and its count reduces.

So, purchase an antibacterial soap from the market by checking the pack for “Antibacterial” words. Use it to wash thoroughly on the odor causing areas.

3. Thoroughly Towel Off

After your shower, you need to clean your body thoroughly with a towel and make sure that your body is completely dry especially the odor causing the areas. Dry areas will have less chance for the bacteria to enter and cause the body odor.


4. Wax or Shave Your Underarms

People having lots of hair in the underarms slow down the sweat to evaporate and allow bacteria to stay back in the area. So, it is better to shave or wax the underarms area frequently as soon as hair grows out.

Especially people who do daily exercises or people with lots of sweat need to clean their underarms regularly. This is one of the ways that helps you stay away slightly from bacteria.

5. Use Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Once you take your shower and you are dry, use some strong underarms deodorant or antiperspirant. While deodorants give fragrance masking your bad body odor, antiperspirants help in blocking the sweating glands or sweating action through the aluminum chloride present in it.

Antiperspirant also contains deodorant. Though deodorants can’t block sweating, they can make the skin acidic and less open for bacteria. Normal deodorants and antiperspirants will not have much effect so, you should use stronger once for this problem.


It is better to go for doctor’s prescription about the antiperspirants before you choose them. Use them regularly twice a day i.e., once in the morning and once in the night time.

But, using it night time is preferable, because night application will allow these antiperspirant ingredients to get into your sweat glands and block them. But, if you use morning there will be not much because by that time the sweat glands will be already full.

6. Use Breathable Cloths

Dressing in layers or clothes that have natural fibers like cotton, linen etc. can decrease your sweat and can breathe. Along with this some of the hi-tech fibers can wicks away the moisture from your body. This will not let a chance to stay at the site of sweat.

So, better use such kind of clothing particularly when you are heavily sweating or going for exercise. It is always better to change your clothes when you are sweating a lot as they lessen the odor.


Along with clothing, if bad odor comes out from foot then change your socks, shoes. Better replace your soles regularly and if possible go on barefoot. Don’t wear tight shoes or shoes that have been used for a long time.

7. Check the Foods You Eat

Certain foods that you eat may make your sweat more unpleasant and pungent. i.e., for example, a diet with high red meat, garlic, hot peppers, onion and other spicy foods will increase your body odor because they are not that easily digestible and make pores with sweat on them.

This creates a strong pungent smell coming out of your body. Also, drinks such as alcohol and caffeine cause sweat. So, check with the foods and drinks before you have them and take them in less quantity.


Keep following these tips and along with these if you sweat too much use the natural home remedies such as baking soda, lemon juice, sage, witch hazel, tomatoes, turnips etc. They help greatly if used properly.

You should also maintain proper hygiene and balanced diet to get rid of body odor. Manage your anger and stress because they can cause sweating as well as drink lot.

Bottom line:
All these tips help you to reduce sweating as well as the bad or pungent odor coming out from your body. So, follow them regularly and observe the change.

Hope this article will work out well for keeping away your body odor.


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