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7 Nutritious Foods That Make You Lose Weight Fast
Jul 19, 2016
7 Nutritious Foods That Make You Lose Weight Fast

Wanna get thinner and look beautiful? It is not that easy as soon as you think. Some people think that eating less or not at all make them slim, but in reality, it is not the truth and in fact completely avoiding food or eating less may bring you few more troubles.

Then, what would be the best solution for it? Is it your question right now?? As said, every problem will have a solution and it is right in this stuff also because we have miraculous nutritious foods for you to reduce your weight and get slimmer.

These foods not only help you in losing your body calories but also increase your metabolism.

We are going to present 7 kinds of nutritious work well in different ways and to shape your body towards weight reduction. Would like to have a look at them? Then, come let’s move forward and take a step to get slimmer.

7 Fat Burning Foods to get Thin

1. Green Tea:

Green tea is one of the strongly recommended beverages for weight loss. A person should have at least 8-ounce glasses of green tea in their daily diet as it is a source of caffeine that stimulates your body in the fast burning of the calories as well as raises your heart rate.

It also acts as a good medication for burning tummy fat. If you are a normal tea drinker, replace it with Green Tea and feel the change, since tea adds up calories whereas, green tea burn up calories when combined with exercise and healthy diet. So, try it from today itself.

2. Cinnamon:

Cinnamon is the best spice that which has several health benefits and one among them is fat loss. Taking this spice every day as a part of your diet will help the blood sugar to accumulate in your cells that boost your energy levels.

So, add at least ¼ to 1 teaspoon of cinnamon to the food that you have every day as you do have cereal or yogurt. One of the best ways to use cinnamon is with honey. You can mix a ½ spoon of cinnamon with hot water and let it cool for some time. Later add a teaspoon of honey to this water mixture and have it. You can have this in the early morning 30minutes before your breakfast then there will be a fabulous effect in losing your body weight.

3. Greek Yogurt:

Usually, regular yogurt is low in fat and contains a good type of bacteria called probiotics that helps in reducing the amount of fat. But, Greek yogurt is rich in proteins than the regular yogurt that fills up your tummy and boosts the calorie burning muscles.

So, substitute your diet with Greek yogurt or at least one regular yogurt. Substitution of Greek yogurt can be done in place of cream cheese; using it in deviled eggs; adding it with guacamole, with fish and marinate chicken etc. Yogurt helps well in weight reduction as well as keeps your bone healthy with the proteins and calcium it has. Try to have it in your regular eating lifestyle.

4. Avocado:

This is a fabulous fruit which is rich in mono-unsaturated fat and fiber. A recent study about avocado concluded that it has improved the over quality of the diet, intake of nutrients and also reduced the risk of metabolic syndrome. Another study has shown that avocado can reduce the complete cholesterol, lowers LDL cholesterol by 22% and increases the good cholesterol by 11%.

One cup of avocado contains vast 10 grams of appetite-curbing fiber. So, this is a perfect food for reducing cholesterol and stood top to grass feed-burgers and top salads. Try to eat it directly as a part of your daily meal or as a snack item. Apart from this, eating avocado brings you several other health benefits.

5. Wild Salmon:

Fat people gets feared of eating salmon as it is said that it is high in fat and should be avoided if you are on a weight loss diet but, in actually it contains unsaturated fats and also low in calories. So, don’t get carried away of not having salmon in your weight loss diet.

You can also choose wild-Caught Salmon as it is loaded with anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids without any unhealthy fats. It is a good weight loss food because it produces leptin which is a natural appetite suppressant for the body. Also, according to few studies it has been said that it is a healthy food to stay thin as inflammation is a vast source of weight loss resistance.

6. Apples:

It is one of the top super foods to become lean as it is a source of pectin that helps in preventing the cells from absorbing the fact contents. They are also rich in fiber which helps your stomach to feel full. You can have it in your diet in several ways as it is a mostly eaten fruit. You can make a salad or prepare apple cinnamon oatmeal and have this awesome food. Most of the people prefer taking it in their daily meal directly which is a good habit. So, you too have an apple in your diet and enjoy its benefits.

7. Raw Walnuts:

Last but not least raw walnuts are the best alternative to almonds in reducing your hunger and cravings. Walnuts have a rich amount of omega-3s when compared to all other raw nuts.

They have been a healthy food for lowering cholesterol, helps in weight control and also for other health benefits. So, you can have them directly every day.

Now everything is in your hands. All you have to do here is plan your diet properly with these 7 amazing weight loss foods then you will certainly observe miraculous changes in your body.

Strong commitment helps you achieve anything. So, make a commitment to your diet and get lean quickly. Hope this article will definitely help you to manage your diet and get skinny.


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