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8 Eating Habits That Worsen Anxiety You Must Know
Jun 17, 2016
8 Eating Habits That Worsen Anxiety You Must Know

Feeling anxiety all the time would be because of your unhealthy eating habits or the diet you take. There are certain foods that are believed to increase the anxiety of the people. You might be surprised of knowing them.

Along with the eating habits other daily habits and lifestyle choices also leads to symptoms of anxiety. To know more about those eating habits that are making you anxious, continue reading the article.

1. Not Taking Complex Carbohydrates

Individuals who avoid taking complex carbohydrates are cheating themselves of the calming effects of serotonin. It is a chemical that your body produces for your mood regulation and nerve function.

The complex carbohydrates will initiate the release of serotonin which is very comforting to your body. Complex carbohydrates that are available in the oatmeal and whole grain breads are triggers of serotonin. So, avoiding carbohydrates will make you anxious and you will not have steady mood.

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2.  Consuming Much Alcohol

Drinking too much of alcohol will aggravate your anxiety as it is a depressant. It will give negative effects on your mental health. People with anxiety disorders should stay away from consuming alcohol as it becomes problem particularly when used as a self-medicate against their symptoms.

If it is for little amount it can smooth over the rough edge of anxiety but not too much. It can also disrupt your sleep, makes you feel drowsy and interfaces with sleeping patterns which in turn increases your anxiety.

3. Eating Too Much Sugar

Eating too many sweets will make your blood sugar levels unpleasant. It is said that sugar is associated with increase in the anxiety and it is more of instant effect. Sugar in sweets and candies etc. can activate the release of dopamine which is a neurotransmitter that is in your brain which is liable for experiencing pleasure and emotional response.

This gives high spikes as well as drop downs. This is how it increases the anxiety. So, better have healthy snacks such as veggies or fruits instead of sugary foods.

4. Skipping Breakfast

People gets most of t he carbohydrates from the breakfast and missing it out will lead to unsteady blood sugar levels that causes the sensations of anxiety that includes, confusion, dizziness, difficulty speaking etc. So, add at least 20 to 25 g of proteins to your breakfast such as cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, eggs etc.

This will energize you, your hormones and keeps the blood sugar levels stable. You can even feel fuller for long time by consuming proteins which are very essential to prevent the crashes of blood sugar that can raise the anxiety.

5. More Caffeine Intake

Most people tend to depend on caffeine in mornings to boost their energy and to kick start their powers of attention and focus. But as it is a stimulant, it can also raise the anxiety quickly.

You will get shakes, jitters and irregular heart beat after a dose of caffeine particularly when you are susceptible. It is also a diuretic that makes you urinate more which leads to dehydration. So, limit the intake of caffeine everyday i.e., one or 2 cups of 250 ml per day.

6. Irregular Eating Patterns

Delaying or else skipping the meals can make your blood sugar levels as well as mood unsteady. Your body needs to be regularly fueled up that gives high performance for all your system including the brain. If you eat meals between 4 to 5 hours, better have snacks that are healthy in that period. This will boost your energy as well as blood sugar levels and keep it steady.

7. Eat Saturated Fat A Lot

Foods such as pizza, potato chips, and ice creams are rich in saturated fat. Tough they are comforting, excessive eating may lead to anxiety. It is found that, high fat diets have shown the signs of increased stress and anxiety.

Small amount of saturated fat will be sufficient for your health but excess may trigger bacterial endo toxin that leads to inflammation in the gut which is related to anxiety. So, opt for avocado, salmon, raw nuts, bacon etc. for small amount of saturated fat and not more than that.

8. Closely Counting the Calories Intake

Increasing the food precautions and act of going on diet can impact the wellness of your mental health. Deprivation is the reason for increase in the anxiety. Don’t too much limit the food, rather make changes in the diet and improve the eating habits so that they are not too restrictive and where anxiety is not an issue at that time.

Don’t ever count the calories you eat because the foods we eat should matter more of health than the calories it contains.

These are the eight bad eating habits that you must avoid to keep yourself free from anxiety. Not only anxiety, you can also get rid of other anxiety associated problems. So, know as you are aware of these factors better avoid those eating habits and go healthy with healthy eating habits. Hope, this information would help you to stay anxiety and stress free.


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