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8 Natural Foods to Eat for Pain Relief
Jul 30, 2016
8 Natural Foods to Eat for Pain Relief

People usually have chronic pains or short-term pains now and then like knee pain, sore back, headache etc. All these pains can be healed for a temporary amount of time with some medications or ailments. But, taking too many medicines even for small pain is not that good as they may be dangerous.

There are some natural methods for every pain that you get, through natural and every day foods. We have found some evidence that there are some pain-fighting effects from these natural foods. Do you want to know those natural amazing foods to cure your pain right now?

Then, come let’s know them.

1. Ginger


Ginger is best naturally available medicine for easing nausea also contain compounds such as gingerols that fight against inflammation which frequently causes pain.

This compound can reduce pains caused by osteoarthritis and relieves sore muscles. It is also known to give relief from joints pain, common cold, unsettled stomach etc. According to a recent study, people taking ginger daily in their diet have shown less percentage of muscle pain when performing exercises and doing heavy works.

So, try to have a small amount of ginger mix in your food every day.

2. Mint


We all know that chewing peppermint can refresh our mouth. But, you know it is also a good herb for several other syndromes. Mint menthol can prevent muscle spasm; its oil helps in treating irritable bowel syndrome, headaches etc.

1 cup of mint tea daily is recommended every day to get relief from any type of pain. Use peppermint leaves, wintergreen leaves for an extra pain-fighting booster in boiling water to make this mint tea. Finally squeezing lemon helps you extract pain reducing chemicals.

3. Red Grapes


Red grapes are rich in giving anti-inflammatory benefits through a chemical compound called resveratrol. This compound is also found in peanuts and berries.

Studies have shown that this compound stops few cells in your body that respond to signals caused by inflammation which can finally help fight against pain.

Resveratrol also acts as a powerful agent which blocks enzymes that contribute the degeneration of tissues. Adding this compound with turmeric improves their ability for fighting against inflammation.

4. Salmon


Omega-3 fatty acids a rich compound in salmon helps a lot for preventing various pains and aches. It also has the ability to reduce inflammation; helps your troubled stomach, inflamed joints etc.

Though you don’t have pains, taking this salmon in your diet is a great addition as it brings numerous benefits to your health. Along with healthy fats salmon also give calcitonin that may protect you against osteoarthritis pain and inflammation in joints. Taking at least 1200 mg of this reduces your back and neck pains. Fish oil is beneficial for mood elevation as well as cardiovascular protection.

5. Coffee


A Recent study about caffeine in coffee taken 200 mg or low dose of caffeine gives relief from a headache, migraine and reduces the perception of pain during exhausting tasks.

But, an important point doesn't get addicted to it. Caffeine is also found in other food products such as chocolates, tea, and sodas. Consume it in required amount as per doctor’s suggestion and get relief from these short-term pains.

6. Turmeric


Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory properties and has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for many years. This natural medicine relieves from pains such as achy joints, speeds up your digestion system and reduces the inflammation of the colon.

Have this spice at least 1 tablespoon in your diet or in regular curries that you take along with black pepper as both together work well to give you relief from pains. There are also many other health benefits of turmeric both internally and externally. We can say turmeric as the primary first aid agent. So, don’t put it away from your diet and for external usage.

7. Cherries


Sore cherries work well for sore muscles after a workout. Cherries contain compounds such as anthocyanins, photo nutrients which are powerful anti-oxidants works well for reducing pain. They also inhabit pain-causing enzymes, block inflammation like aspirin and other anti-inflammatory.

Based on research, people who have 1 ounce of concentrated cherry juice twice a day have shown bouncing back from muscle pain caused by workouts than the ones who skip juice and this is due to anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties according to the researchers.

You can also have a bowl of cherries in your breakfast to reduce the pain of inflammation.

8. Olive Oil


Researchers are surprised in knowing about anti-inflammatory benefits of olive oil. People who take Mediterranean food or diet that is high in olive oil are likely to have few health problems related to inflammation such as diabetes, degenerative joint pains etc.

In fact, extra pure olive oil also contains some compounds related to ibuprofen and this property makes oil best to use in foods also in few recipes like salads etc. This oil can also be used for your daily dressing if you are suffering from pain.

These are few great naturally available foods that can help you relieve your pains ranging from short term to long terms pains. Hope, you use them regularly depending on the level of pain you have and get rid of it.


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