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8 Natural Ways to Reduce Your Eye Strain
Jun 21, 2016
8 Natural Ways to Reduce Your Eye Strain

In today’s world people are fully loaded with works and facing several health problems. Eye strain is one of the common issues that most of the people facing today. Not only work there are many other reasons for that such as, lack of sleep, sitting in front of the system for several hours, allergies, exposure to bright light etc.

Eye stain irritates the people and disturbs their mood. So, they should identify the problem in the early stages and get remedies for that. When you have eye strain, you can see the common symptoms like watery or dried out eyes, redness in the eyes, blurred vision, pain in neck portion, headache etc.

These symptoms usually occur when your eye gets strained. When you recognize these warning signs you need to take the necessary actions in time and get rid of it.

To help you out we have come up with few remedies that can reduce your eye strain in natural way. So, read out those ways from the below information.

Top Ways to Get Rid of Eye Strain:-

1. Massage Your Eyes

Eye massage works out well. This will improve the circulation of blood to your eyes and makes your eye muscles around the eye get some relaxation. Eye massage also prevents dry eye by stimulating your tear glands.

So, it is recommended to gently massage your eyelids, eye muscles above your eyebrows, temple, upper cheekbones and lower eyelids against the lower bone daily for 20 seconds. Make a habit of doing this 1 or 2 times every day with olive oil or any eye cream for smooth massage.

2. Eye Exercise

To prevent eye strain and enjoy a good eye sight you need to perform eye exercise daily. This gives you several other benefits to your eyes such as improves the blood circulation in eyes, improves the focus as well as concentration and makes your eye muscles flexible. All you have to do to start this exercise is, put your finger raised towards up and at an arm’s length from your eyes.

Put your focus only towards the finger and bring it front and back until you can concentrate. Repeat it for 10 times minimum. It is one of the good exercises for improving the eye focus. One more way is rolling the eyes in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction and then twinkle the eyes. Do it for 4 to 5 times daily.

3. Warm Compress

Benefit of warm compress is that it can give relaxation to your eyes, reduces the eye strain and gives your relief from dry eyes. To get these benefits to your eyes, dip a cloth in warm water and put it on your closed eyes and relax over your bed for some time. Do this for few times in the entire day.

4. Get Exposed to Sun

Exposing your strained or tired eyes to the sun in the morning times i.e., in between 8 am to 10 am helps in getting relaxation for your eyes and also vitamin D which is very helpful for overall health of your body.

So, stand in the sunny place with closed eyes every morning and allow sunlight fall on your eyelids. Now rotate your eyes round, up and down feeling the warmness of the sunlight. You can also do palming along with this.

5. Rose Water

It is one of the best ways and works as a natural relaxing agent for your strained eye. It gives your eyes a soothing effect as well as revitalizes the skin around your eyes and fades of eye puffiness and dark circles. At first clean your eyes with cold water and put the dipped cotton in rose water on your closed eyes. Repeat it for 2 times every day.

6. Whole Milk

The fat content in the whole milk gives a relaxing and soothing effect to your strained and tired eyes. It is the popular way for reducing your eye strain, eye puffiness as well as irritation.

Gently rub your closed eyelids with cotton ball which is dipped in whole milk and then relax for some time. It gives a cooling effect on your eyes and works well to get out of the eye strain soon. Do it ones or twice every day.

7. Slices of Cucumber

A quick remedy to get rid of the eye strain is cucumber. Freeze the cumber in refrigerator for some time and later cut it in to slices. Put this slices over your closed eyelids to get relaxation from strained and tired eyes.

You can also use potato in place of cucumber as both of them gives the same effect for your strained eyes. Do this every day for 1 or 2 times.

8. Chamomile Tea

It is also one of the great and quick therapies for your strained eyes. It can reduce stress, swelling around your eyes and gives a deep relaxation. Chamomile has a relaxing and soothing nature. You can use these chamomile tea bags as a cool as well as warm treatment for your eyes.

Start it like this, dip the two tea bags of chamomile tea bags in two cups of warm water separately. Now take them out of water and put one bag in refrigerator and one outside. If you want cool treatment use cool bag that is kept in the refrigerator or else the warm bag that is kept outside for warm treatment. You can also have a cup of chamomile tea for 2 or 3 times to get rid of headache as well as eye strain.

These are few best natural ways that you can do at your home to get rid of eye strain. You follow these tips for healthy as well as strain free eyes and improve your eye vision. We expect that, we have brought out all the best ways to help you out of eye strain so, follow them every day if you feel having eye tiredness or eye strain daily.


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