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8 Surprising Health Benefits of Foot Massage
Jun 17, 2016
8 Surprising Health Benefits of Foot Massage

Foot massage is way of pampering your foot which makes them strong as well as flexible. To promote well being and health, foot massage should be practiced and it is being practiced since ages. It even acts as an alternative medicine for various health issues such as swelling, pains etc.

There are several foot massage techniques when it is combined with acupressure or reflexology improves your energy by acting on particular acupressure points. When it comes to foot, by massaging specific area on foot, it stimulates the functioning of internal organs and glands.

There are many other points located at your foot such as ankles, toes, soles etc. Some of the health benefits of this foot massage along with reflexology are listed below.

Read them out.

1. Gives a Deep Relaxation:

The best way to get relaxation after a long walk or standing is or when you have swelling on feet is, soothing foot massage. This even gives you energy and gives relief from stress and fatigue by releasing any blockages. You can use warm oil for foot massage or you can do regularly for 5 to 10 minutes before you go to bed. Combine firm strokes along with foot massage gives best results for getting relaxation.

2. Gives you Relief from Migraine:

A recent study has shown that, people who are suffering with headache and migraine, when took reflexology foot massage there is great improvement. Reflexology for headache can be done like this, here you need to massage your entire ankle for few minutes. This will give you relief from pain, swelling and headache.

3. Reduces Depression and Anxiety:

Foot massage along with reflexology treatment is great way to fight against depression as well as anxiety. It reduces your stress in busy life and anxiety in the patients suffering with cancer. Certain acupressure points on feet needs to be massaged in order to deal with this problem.

They are point at center of big toe or ball located at center of your big toe. As these points are related to your mental health and emotional stability, if massaged for 3 times a day relives you from depression and anxiety as well as its symptoms.

4. Aids Ankle and Foot Injuries:

Regular foot massage keeps your feet healthy by preventing any kind of foot problem. Foot massage stimulates muscles around your feet and reduces pains in your heels, ankles as well as lessens stiffness of them.

It can even aid speed recovery after a foot injury and sore muscles. So, it is recommended to have at least a short session of regular foot massage or with olive or coconut oil that gives you healthy feet and prevents future injuries.

5. Reduces Blood Pressure:

Regular foot massage can control high blood pressure or hypertension that is because of stress and unhealthy diet. Even reflexology can reduce systolic blood pressure. So, locate solar plexus that is squeezed each side of the foot and gently massage point with your thumb for few minutes taking deep breathe.

Do it twice a week for several weeks to get best results. You can also massage entire foot for 10 minutes thrice a week to get lowered blood pressure, improvement in mood as well as less anxiety.

6. Stimulates Blood Circulation:

Because of sitting lifestyle, many of us are not getting muscle exercise for the foot regularly. In order to improve blood circulation, you need to have regular 10 minutes massage session.

This even transports oxygen to your body cells which enhances your overall health. You can also use oil for massage and apply firm strokes on your feet firmly as well as gently. Do it on both the feet and see the change.

7. Alleviates the symptoms of PMS and Menopause:

When you are having PMS and Menopause, the most common symptoms that you face is irritation, sadness, depression, anxiety, hot flashes, insomnia, headache, fatigue etc. In order to treat these symptoms of PMs and menopause, regular foot massage with oil and firm pressure on Grandfather Grandson acupressure point works out well.

This point is located at the side of the inside of the foot, three finger width behind the base of the big toe. Do it for 2 minutes and then do entire foot massage for best results. This will definitely show an improvement in mood changes, sleep disturbances and decreases hot flashes.

8. Reduces the Effects of Edema:

When you are pregnant, if you do regular foot massage, it can help reduce the effects of swelling in your ankle as well as feet caused due to fluid retention. Especially in the last trimester of pregnancy, it is a common problem.

So, take help of qualified reflexologiest and get retrograde massage, from toes towards knee with some warm oil used for massage. This will certainly encourage fluid in your feet to move towards kidney and finally for flushing out through your body. Along with this you should also try to keep your legs elevated whenever possible, wear only comfortable shoes and take plenty of water and rest. This will show up best results.

These are different types of health benefits that you will get with regular foot massage. So, if you have any of above stated problems, get benefited out of foot massage and reflexology very soon. Hope this information will certainly help you out. 


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