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9 Benefits of Using Glycerin Rosewater and Lemon Juice
Jun 17, 2016
9 Benefits of Using Glycerin Rosewater and Lemon Juice


Glycerin, rosewater, and lemon juice mix is a combo meal for beauty issues.  It is used as face mask and face toner from years now.  It is very much named and famed for its extraordinary benefits on skin.   

For making this mask, take 1 tbsp of glycerin and equal amounts of lemon juice to it.  Add 2 tbsp of rose water to the above mixed solution.  This solution can be made in huge amounts and can be stored in refrigerator for future use.  This solution can be applied on the face for best benefits. 

Let us see what are the benefits of the above solution

1.       Acne


There are many causes for acne like dandruff, pollution and germs that are accustomed on the skin.  Even after taking many preventive measures to get rid of acne, they somehow reach you.  There are many ways to treat acne.  There are lots of creams available in the market are associated with side effects of those creams.  So it would always be better to prefer something that is natural.  The natural way to treat this is to with the help of glycerin, rosewater, and lemon juice. 


Rose water contains Phenyl ethanol, which acts as an astringent.  This astringent will help reduce the bacteria that are causing this acne on your skin.   Adding glycerin and lemon juice to rosewater can yield even best results by preventing growth of acne in that particular area. 

You can apply this solution on the entire face or on just spots of acne.


2.       Cleanser

This solution of glycerin, lemon juice, and rosewater helps in cleansing the pores.  Lemon juice with the combination of glycerin opens up the pores while the rose water alone can help to close the pores.  The lemon juice and glycerin combination helps in cleaning the pores,  helps in removing the dead cells that are stored underneath the skin.  To close the opened pores use the rosewater solution.  You can also use this solution to massage your face for best results.


3.       Skin redness

Skin redness is most common problem seen in teens.  Even though there are many ways to treat this, the best way is to treat naturally.  Redness is caused mainly due to capillary enlargement and over exposure to sun. 

You can treat this with the help of glycerin, lemon juice, and rose water mask.  By using this mask regularly you can easily get rid of skin redness.  In order to get benefited more use this solution when it is cold. Cold solution can yield best results than solution at room temperature.


4.       Soothing

This solution also helps in soothing and relaxing the skin. By massaging your skin with this solution your skin relaxes and thus your skin rejuvenates.  The skin inflammation problems that most of the people face these days can be treated with this solution.  Without much effort you can just apply this solution on the skin and relax. 


5.       Heel cracks

 Phenyl ethanol, which is present in rosewater helps in healing the cracks.  This also helps in fastening the growth of cells and thereby promotes quick healing. One more skin problem is eczema, which is seen in many people.  Even this skin problem can be resolved using the pack with this solution.  Just apply the solution in the form of a pack for a while and wash it off after 10 to 15 minutes.


6.       Hydration

Lack of hydration to the skin causes dryness to the skin, which makes skin looks aged.  It also causes early wrinkles on the face.  Glycerin contains agents called as Humectants that helps in nourishing and humidifying the skin.  Hydration problem mainly arises in winter season as skin gets dry in winter.  In order to get rid of skin hydration you need to moisturize your skin.  There are many moisturizers available in the market that can help you with the problem of skin hydration, but most of the products in the market make your skin too oily and greasy.  So you can make use of this solution to moisturize your skin, which provides hydration to your skin also does not make your skin too greasy.


7.       Send off to oiliness

Oiliness is also a most common problem seen in many people.  The best way to treat oiliness is with the solution of glycerin, lemon, and rosewater.  This natural way of treating results in zero side effects.  This solution is suited for all skin types.  It balances oiliness on the skin without over drying the skin or without making the skin too greasy. 


8.       Skin tone and scars

This solution works wonders in treating the scars on the skin.  The lemon included in this solution acts as a bleaching agent which works in reducing the blemishes on the skin.  Lemon along with reducing the scars helps in lightening the skin tone.  Even though it is bit harsh on the skin when applied directly, it literally yields amazing results while treating scars and with improving the skin tone.


9.       Pause ageing

Ageing is something that cannot be stopped, but can be paused if given a shot.  There are many people with early aging problems.  In order to get rid of all sorts of ageing problems, you can take the help of the solution you made out of glycerin, lemon, and rosewater.  Add some egg white to the solution you have prepared and apply it on your skin.  You can also use fuller’s earth in treating this, which is a common natural way to treat ageing from centuries. 


These are the best benefits that solution of glycerin, rosewater, and lemon juice solution offer.  Make certain to make use of the tips to treat any of your skin issues. Give a happy COMBO meal to your SKIN.


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