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Beauty Treatments that Cause Skin Problems
Jun 29, 2016
Beauty Treatments that Cause Skin Problems
Most of us go extra mile to keep ourselves beautiful.  We drain our wallets on hi-fi beauty treatments to look beautiful. Sometimes we pass in doing that and sometimes we fail badly in doing so.  When you fail it is just the product you used or the treatment or the process you followed to do so.  
We cannot pass all the blame onto the products that are available in the market.  Not all the times and not for everyone the treatments go well.  Unfortunately, there are situations where your skin suffers after the treatment.  This may be because of your skin type or allergy to the particular product you used on your skin. Let us see the beauty treatments that are pushing our skin to the edge and what those practices that are making our skin worse are.  
Beauty treatments are becoming very famous these days.  Beauty therapy is being done by many people for beautifying themselves.  Normally, beauty therapy will be performed in the salon with the use of tools by professionals.  
There are many beauty treatments like facials, manicures, pedicures, hair coloring, henna, hairdressing, nail art, waxing, and makeup.  There are also many salons who offer body massage.  Of course, there are wonderful positive results we gain out of these beauty treatments; also there is a lot more side effects associated with these treatments as well.  Go through the article to know the ropes.

1. Botox injections

Botox injections are used mostly for cosmetic purposes.  They are named for temporarily paralyzing muscle activity.  This injection has the ability to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles on the face.  The results of Botox injections can be seen in three to five days.  In order to see full results, it will take about 2 weeks time.  It is used to treat many medical issues but mainly named for its beauty treatment.  
This injection should be taken in the provision of healthcare professionals, which is somewhat risk-free, but still might cause some sort of side effects likes bruising and swelling.  It is advised not to get Botox injections from any unauthorized healthcare providers as it may put your skin at higher-risk.

2. Eyelash dyeing and artificial eyelashes

They say that eyes speak a lot.  What if something bad happens to those beautiful looking eyes?  We cannot take it right. The eyelash dyeing and artificial eyelash treatments will set your path right there.  Eyelash dyeing with fabric dyes may make your eyelashes darker, but if not done properly it would result in eye infections and sometimes may result in blindness too.  
If you are committed to trying eyelash dying on you then make sure you take professional help for eyelash dyeing instead of trying it on your own or getting it done in unauthorized salons.  Likewise, fake eyelashes can damage the real eyelashes because of the glue that is used to stick the fake ones.  So try to avoid using cheap quality glues to stick the fake eyelashes.

3. Brazilian blowout
Soft, straightened hair is every girl's dream and there are treatments that can offer you a softly straightened hair that you like.  In salons, they use a procedure called Brazilian blowout to straighten the curly hair very smoothly.  Even though this procedure includes a lot of chemicals, which are dangerous to both skin and health, there is a particular formula called formaldehyde, which is the main antagonist. 
The formaldehyde used in long-terms may burn your eyes, skin tone, and also cause breathing problems.  If you are determined to straighten your hair then make sure you go for a treatment that is formaldehyde-free.

4. Manicures and pedicures
Manicures and pedicures are absolutely relaxing without any doubt.  The massaging of body hands and legs literally gives good relaxation and improves blood circulation, but there are risks associated with these treatments as well.  As many instruments like nail filers, cuticle removers, and nail removers are used while performing manicures and the same instruments are used on multiple people, there are more chances of getting prone to infections if the instruments are not cleaned neatly after use.  Likewise, uncleaned pedicure tubs may also cause infections to the foot.  So if you are planning for a manicure or pedicure, then make sure you take your own set of instruments to do so.

5. Tanning
If you are one who loves to have tanned skin tone then there you go.  Natural skin tanning by sitting in the sun for hours may result in many skin related issues.  This is because sun rays contain UV rays, which are the cause of many types of skin cancers.  One has to know that tanning cause premature aging and spots on the skin.  If you still want your skin to be tanned then you better take the help of spray tanning from an authorized and named salon.  

6. Waxing
Waxing is no joke.  It literally takes the life out if you have huge hair on your body.  There are many ways to remove hair from the body like laser treatments, shaving, etc, but most of the people prefer waxing as the best option.  Waxing is good, but not in all the areas.  There are some sensitive areas in our body where waxing is the worst option to choose.  The wax used for waxing plays an important role in waxing.  If the proper wax is not used, it would cause rashes and irritation on the skin.  So it would be better to choose best salons that provide best wax treatments that cause no signs of infection.
There are a lot more beauty treatments like hair dye, nail polish, perfumes, mineral makeup, bikini waxes, hair extensions, eyebrow wax, tanning beds, etc that are associated with risks and should be done with proper care and attention.


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