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Benefits and side effects of lavender tea for Woman
Jun 17, 2016
Benefits and side effects of lavender tea for Woman

Lavender is an herb which has been popular since ages because of its beauty as well as aroma. Today it has been used as an aroma property and many people does not take this as a product for consumption. But, if you go through its numerous health benefits when consumed as a tea especially for women and you will be surprised of those benefits with this lavender tea. It may be new for some people to know it as a lavender tea. Though it is not considered as a main stream tea, it is sold by few companies.

This lavender tea is made out of lavender flowers boiled in water. You can also add some honey to the mixture for sweetness and consume it when it is hot. So, know come let's have a look at its numerous health benefits for women. These benefits are listed below.

Gives Relief from Insomnia

Insomnia is a common problem in the elderly people and even women. This is the inability of the people to sleep a better sleep or comfortably. The main reason according to the experts for this insomnia is stress as well as the anxiety. So, keeping this factor in mind a research is conducted on the few women candidates who are suffering with insomnia and gave them lavender tea for few days to see the affect of lavender tea on the stress and anxiety factors of insomnia.

After few days they have found that, drinking lavender tea gave those women significant sleep benefits when taken before the bed time i.e., those people improved the level of sleep and this is one of the major benefits of the lavender tea.

Gives Relaxation

Getting relaxation through the lavender tea is a tradition use because of its aroma that is soothing to get relaxed. A study conducted on this issue suggests that that scent or the aroma of the lavender tea can help calm down the nervous system and helps it in getting the relaxation both for women and men. This also helps for reducing anxiety and depression. Another study found that inhaling the smell of the lavender oil helps in reducing the levels of stress, pain when the hypodermic needles are placed in. This lavender oil is released from the lavender tea for getting the aroma responsible for all these benefits.

Solves the Issues of Digestion

One more essential benefit of lavender tea for women are it gives relief from the problems associated with the digestion. Recent studies have proved that it is beneficial. Another study found that the muscles which are smooth present in the intestine are reasonable for moving the food through your digestive system of the body and this get relaxed when you apply the lavender oil on it. Lavender tea is also beneficial for various intestinal problems in women such as bowel infection, stomach pain and its problems, coli and many more. Lavender tea is also known to promote the menstruation.

Helps in Treating Migraines

Lavender tea or its oil can be a great remedy for the migraine problems. A study says that inhaling the lavender oil smell or drinking the lavender tea can help in managing the migraines. This study has included few people who are suffering with migraine problem. Among them few were asked to smell this lavender oil for about 15 minutes and others inhaled the placebo inhaled paraffin for the same time. The results out of the study where found that people who inhaled the smell of lavender has responded better about the migraines that those who inhaled the smell of the placebo.

Cures Skin Problems

When lavender tea is applied to the wounds, cuts and other sores if very effective and it also works better for other skin problems too. You can also treat your bad breath with this lavender tea.
Apart from this, you can also use this non sweetened lavender tea for rinsing the hair especially those women who are suffering with hair loss problem. Even there are many other health benefits of taking the lavender tea such as tooth aches relief, deals with mental health problems etc. But, apart from benefits there are few side effects for specific women who take this lavender tea and they are listed below.

Side Effects of Lavender Tea

  • This lavender tea when taken can cause some women or people increases appetite, it may also cause constipation.
  • For young people or children using this lavender is not safe and it is not known particularly when used for young girls whether they have positive effects or not.
  • We don't have enough evidences whether pregnant and breast feeding women can take this lavender tea or not. So, better stay these women on the safe side.
  • As lavender tea can slow down your central nervous system, it is not good to use this combining with anesthesia during surgery as it may bring down the central nervous system too down. So, it is not good to use before the two weeks of the surgery.
  • Even this lavender have some interactions with some medicines so, better know those medications that interact with this lavender tea and avoid it with those medications usage.
  • Also taking it in the correctly quantity is necessary otherwise it may lead to serious conditions.
These are the benefits, uses as well as side effects of the lavender tea for the women. So, know them and better use the tea with the advice of the doctor and it may help you a lot.


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