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Benefits Of Garlic For Children and Pregnant Women
Jun 17, 2016
Benefits Of Garlic For Children and Pregnant Women

Garlic stands quite unique in terms of quick treatments; it gives great break for nasal discharges, cold and flu, quick fevers. It gives great warmth for human body which will combat many bacterial and fungal ailments and get amazing benefits for your metabolism.

Garlic is clustered vegetable, which will have 12-13 pods. It smells a bit pungent and sometimes goes odorless. It is white in color and sometimes silver, light yellow and cream. Its integument is feather light and overlapped like an independent protecting cover on each pod.

Nutritive Values of Garlic:-

It has series of influential sulfur element, which contains compounds that are motive for pungent odor.

Allicin in garlic is amazing anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant distinctiveness. That is why garlic is most excellent had when it’s finely chopped, sliced, minced or pureed and let sit for some time, then it can be used in curries or to use it directly in to mouth for health benefits.

Garlic is reliable source of selenium. Garlic has Allicin, along with other major elements like ajoene, alliin, and other compounds.

Garlic have healing effect on your metabolism circulatory, digestive and immunological systems also help in controlling blood pressure, detoxification, healing and gives other health benefits.

Benefits of Garlic for Pregnant Women:-

While you are pregnant, it is important to stay as healthy as possible. But many factors such as fatigue or not getting enough exercise and sleep can weaken your metabolism and immune system and leave you vulnerable to cold, fever and other common illnesses.

For an immediate, trouble-free and possible way to boost your immunity and metabolism, eat fresh garlic. This meek vegetable contain fortune chest of health benefits. The active compound in garlic, allicin, is released when pod is cut or crushed. Allicin has ordinary antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Garlic also contains other immune boosting nutrients such as sulphur compounds, vitamin C and mineral selenium.

How to Incorporate Garlic:-

Cover an entire pod of garlic in foil with little rosemary and bake it for 30 – 40 minutes, it results in sweet, juicy scrap that is wonderful paired with roast or in salad with roasted carrot or beetroot. It may sound weird to juice garlic, but adding a whole lemon cover the taste.

Grab medium or small beetroot, 3 carrots, 1 piece of fresh ginger, 1 clove of garlic and whole lemon.

Stir the content, first one carrot, then garlic, ginger, beetroot, and two remaining carrots and finally sprinkle lemon. It really is best if you use organic ingredients, as they are far more nutritionally effective.

Garlic Squash:-

Garlic juice and zest of 1 lemon, 50 ml of extra virgin olive oil, and 3 cloves finely chopped fresh garlic, pinch of oregano, salt and pepper to taste.

Grab and rub fresh garlic on toast, top with few slices of tomato, zucchini, beetroots and lemon.  Add few garlic pods in tampering, sautéing and seasoning.  Pregnant women should practice to incorporate garlic right from the 1st trimester.

Soak few garlic cloves in cold water for at least 10 – 15 minutes to make the skin comes off easily. Place garlic clove on your chopping board. Press flat side of a big knife against garlic clove and rapidly whack it with your palm. Doing so lightly crushes garlic so you can easily peel it and start chopping it. After handling garlic, sprinkle lemon juice over your hands to get rid of smell or turn hot water on and rub your hands on stainless steel tap.

It is too pungent, so you should maintain separate chopping, squashing set exclusively for garlic.

Risk Profile of Garlic for Pregnant Women:-

Pregnancy and breast-feeding:-

Garlic is absolutely safe to use while pregnancy period when taken in amounts normally found in food. Garlic is possibly unsafe when used in medicinal proportions during pregnancy and when breast-feeding it is better to avoid it while breast feeding.

For Children:-

Garlic is safe when taken by mouth and suitably for short-term in children. However, garlic is unsafe when taken by mouth in huge doses.

Some sources suggest that high doses of garlic could be hazardous or even fatal to children; however, reason for this warning is not known. There is no case reports available of significant adverse events or mortality in children associated with taking garlic by mouth. When applied to skin, garlic might cause damage to skin.

Bleeding Disorder:-

Garlic, especially fresh garlic, may increase bleeding post labor.

Stomach or Digestion Problems:-

Garlic can annoy gastrointestinal tract. Use with caution if you have stomach or digestion problems.

Low Blood Pressure:-

Garlic can lower blood pressure. In theory, taking garlic might make blood pressure become too low in people with low blood pressure.


Garlic might prolong bleeding. Stop taking garlic at least two weeks before a scheduled surgery.

Garlic for Children:-

There is condition called pre –eclampsia, when your blood pressure increases, and there is excessive protein retained in urine. If you take garlic during pregnancy, it cuts risk of developing pre-eclampsia.

Enhances Baby's Weight:-

Consuming garlic boosts weight of babies in womb. Thus, when they are born, they are heavier than they would have been if you hadn't taken garlic. Some babies are born too lighter in weight, so garlic is definite help in these cases.

Other Benefits of Garlic:-

Reduces Cholesterol:-

Garlic plays significant role in reducing 'bad' cholesterol in body. There have been numerous studies of effects of garlic on dipping cholesterol. So if you have high cholesterol, increase your garlic intake. It also helps reduce blood pressure.

Garlic Can Help Delight Skin Infections:-

Now that garlic has both antibacterial and antiviral properties, garlic is great when it comes to treating skin infections and malfunctions. Chemical ajoene found in garlic may help treat fungal skin infections such as ringworm and athlete’s foot.

Garlic Helps Prevent The Formation Of Clots In The Body:-

Garlic has ajoene element in it. The anti-clotting properties of ajoene found in garlic help in preventing formation of blood clots. While this fact is great for people with heart ailments and those prone to suffering from heart or cholesterol stroke and other clotting disorders, it may also increase risk of bleeding after surgery, which is great and important news for people suffering with head clots. To help stay healthy have one crushed garlic pod everyday on an empty stomach.

Garlic can battle allergies 

As said before garlic can fight almost all diseases, the anti-arthritic property of garlic can kill allergies and infections.


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