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Benefits of Tulsi Green Tea
Jun 24, 2016
Benefits of Tulsi Green Tea

Tulsi is a plant which is available in almost every household.  It is named not only for its sacredness, but also for its wonderful health benefits. 

Coming to the green tea, it is a miraculous liquid that has the power to control many of the out ordered issues in our body.  Guess what happens if both of them start a relationship.  It is obvious to guess that their combination will make wonders in many ways. 

People dream of having a fit body without any fat storage.  They spend their almighty dollars on different weight loss techniques, gyms, and treatments.  But the results will be none to slim. 

Especially for those people who got bored by such diet tips and treatments we came up with a beneficial tonic which will treat you from all your out of order issues in your body.

Yes, you heard it right.  We are here to provide you with and share with you few excellent benefits of tulsi and green tea.

Benefits of Tulsi:

Tulsi taken in the form of liquid helps in strengthening our body’s immune system by removing toxins from our body.

Tulsi is rich in anti-oxidants and are called as polyphenols.

Our body produces some type of free radicals which damage DNA of a cell due to oxidation.  These free radicals are responsible for aging.  Tulsi acts against those free radicals.

Tulsi is a naturally available herb which has loads and loads of benefits in it.  It also contains hundreds of compounds called as phytochemicals.

Tulsi is a non-nutritive plant which is mainly used in treating health issues.

How To Prepare Tulsi Green Tea:

There are many ways to prepare tulsi green tea.  But to get best results out of it, it is recommended to follow the below procedure.

Take a bowl and pour some water in it as per the quantity you wish.

Let the water boil for some time and turn off the stove.

Now place the tulsi leaves in the boiled water for some time.  Take a green tea bag and place it in the same hot water where these tulsi leaves are placed. 

After some time the contents present in both the green tea bag and in tulsi leaves will be inducted into the hot water.  Now take both the leaves and tea bag out of hot water. 

There go your tulsi green tea.  If you want you can add some honey to the solutions obtained. 


Don’t boil leaves and tea bags along with water. 

Benefits Of Tulsi Green Tea:

1.Weight Loss:

As we all know, green tea works wonders in weight loss, tulsi mixed with green tea makes more than wonders in weight loss.  Tulsi green tea improves metabolism rate.  It helps in burning calories, thereby fat.  Tulsi green tea has anti-oxidants called catechinsis, which works on breaking down lipids. 

Here you need to keep one thing in mind.  There is nothing in this world that can alone, solve all your issues.    If you are determined to lose weight, then along with taking this tulsi green tea, you need to concentrate on your food intake and workouts.   Only then you can achieve what you desired. 

2.Acts as Stress Free Agent:

Stress is something that weakens us even without doing much physical activity.  It disturbs our entire day’s schedule.  Tulsi green tea helps us to get rid of this problem.  It soothes nerves, regulates blood flow and makes our body work properly.  There is a hormone called cortisol in our body which is also called as the stress hormone.   The increase in the level of this hormone increases the level of stress.  Tulsi green tea helps in reducing the level of cortisol in our body and thereby promotes stress free mind.

 3.Solves The Issues Of Kidney Stones:

Kidney stones are one of the major health problems in now-a-days.  Here, tulsi tea comes as a savior.  Tulsi is best known for being a good detoxifier and diuretic, which is important for kindneys.  Uric acid is the main component of kidney stones.  Tulsi helps in reducing the levels of uric acid in our body which ultimately improves the function of kidney cells.  Tulsi green tea consists of some oils which are helpful in breaking down the kidney stones. 

4.Keeps You Away From Cancer:

Oral and breast cancers are mainly seen in women.  It is not that easy to reduce the risk of cancer in our body.  But, tulsi green tea provides us with many benefits which keeps us away from cancer.  Consumption of tulsi green tea reduces the risk of cancer.  Catechins slow down the tissue damage due to oxidation.  It helps in reducing the growth of cancerous cells and stops the production of new cells thereby lowers the risk of cancer. 

5.Prevents Osteoporosis:

Osteoporosis which is the breakdown of bone matter is one of the health issues mostly seen now-a-days.  Tulsi green tea which is rich in catechins protects the cells which are responsible for bone building. 

The basil leave tulsi helps in reducing the level of arthritis.  Arthritis is nothing but joint pains.  Tulsi consists of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties which help in reducing the pain and inflammation present in the joints due to arthritis.  

6.Keep Cold And Flu Away With Tulsi Green Tea: 

Tulsi green tea is used in treating cold and flu since ancient times.  Our ancestors used to use tulsi green tea as their medication to treat cold and flu.  It is taken along with honey so as to reduce its bitterness.  The catechins present in tulsi green tea works against the viruses and thereby treats cold and flu.  Tulsi green tea has the property of being anti-microbial.  It is used in treatment of fevers, improper sleep, cold, headaches, stress etc. 

7. Promotes Good Skin And Hair:

Tulsi green tea is rich in anti-oxidants and nutrients which promotes healthy hair growth and healthy skin glow.  It protects our skin by working against the anti-aging cells.  It kills the free radicals which are responsible for aging.  For hair, it reduces the itchiness of scalp and thereby reduces the hair fall. 

These are the tulsi green tea benefits that help you achieve your desired results.  Make certain to prepare the tulsi green tea in the above mentioned procedure and try to involve this miraculous liquid in your daily serving. 


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