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Best And Simple Yoga Treatment For Irregular periods
Jul 23, 2016
Best And Simple Yoga Treatment For Irregular periods

The periods in women are generally related to the menstrual cycle which the female body undergoes and the nature process which is inbuilt for the females.

The timeline starts from the date when the blood discharges from the female private parts and the time period average count is twenty-eight days, the cycle is use full for the reproduction process and this is generally happening infertile females who are young in age, the average age at which the females starts this natural cycle is generally twelve years and the stage might end at the early years if forty-five.

As long as the healthy body is there won’t be any issues with this natural cycle within the human female body, when any disorder takes place in the human female body then they see the effect on this menstrual cycle. This not only disturbs their daily life but also creates huge discomfort for them.

To combat these irregular periods and disturbances in menstrual cycle many experts suggest practicing YOGA to the females, there are various asana’s which are very useful in combating the irregular periods.


The yoga is a very old one, which is practiced from some many ages, it is to control the body and mind and it is a form of body exercise and this comes with various postures to be done and learn too.

There are many categories and exercises in YOGA, which are done for various reasons, the experts in yoga suggests various kind of techniques for the people depending on their age, gender and body acceptance levels, each one of us will have some or the other kind of attraction towards variety of things the yoga offers us, but we must practice what is required to us and what our body can accept, male and females have different kind of asana’s which are also called as postures or exercises.

Under the guidance of learned people, we must learn and then we can also practice at their designated place or we can also practice at our home.

Among the various kind of postures, what are suitable for the females to overcome the irregular periods issues are mentioned as follows: 

Diamond Posture – Vajrasana:-

This posture or asana is practiced by sitting on a comfortable floor, by folding our legs in such a way that the knees and feet touch’s the ground and place the hands on the knee and sit straight. Legs must come under the body.

The back of the body should be straight and we should be taking the breath easily.

This exercise is practiced based on the principle of breathing, once you sit comfortably then starting taking a deep breath, take full breath inside and lengthy one and then inhale, the lengthy breath’s will be little difficult to hold at the initial stages but you must do and take the lengthy breath’s gradually as you increase the practice on day to day basis.

Once the lengthy breath is taken inside then inhale, take a breath and inhale, do and repeat this process from fifteen to twenty minutes daily in early morning hours.

This kind of practice and asana’s will help the human females to overcome the problems which are related to urine and period’s related issues.

The experts of yoga have recommended this asana’s to practice for the people who are suffering from urinary related issues and irregular period problems.

It's found that many human females who have practiced this consistently and religiously have seen very good positive results as far as irregular period issues solutions are concerned.

Standing Posture – Tadasana:-

This posture is also called as mountain pose and in general, this is the posture which is related to the standing styles.

It sounds easy and yes true it also looks easy and has got its own advantages.

Once you select the place to stand, keep it clean and comfortably stand on the YOGA mat, keeping your feet little away from each other, the base principle of this type of posture and asana is to stand and gaze forward.

Once you feel you are standing comfortably, then keep your hand little away from your body and keep the head position straight then keep your eye’s in forward position and gaze at some constant point for around three to five minutes.

Do this exercise with little one minute break for ten to twenty minutes daily at your own designated times.

This simple form of yoga asana had should tremendous results to the females who had practiced it religiously and consistently, its has also attracted many females to do and follow since the level of comfort this posture gives the women irrespective of their height and body weights.

Practicing this for a good amount of time will certainly give the positive results for the women who practice this and for the women who are looking at solutions for irregular periods.

Triangle Pose – Trikonasana:-

As the name indicates and sounds, tri means three.

This asana needs moments, compare to the other two which we discussed earlier.

Select a location to stand and do this asana, keep the base pad which is comfortable and not slippery, once you stand comfortably then expand the legs or stretch the legs apart in equal line with the shoulders at least, then slowly bend your body toward your left hand side until your left-hand fingers touch the feet of left leg and the right hand should come on line with the left hand in sky rising direction, this kind of posture when form will replicate the triangle shape.

Keep in this position for two to three minutes or more if you can able to manage, this kind of posture will help all the organs of the reproductive system to get activated and will accelerate the periods cycle and will bring back the system in line.

Once you do this turn on left side for three minutes then slowly come to straight position and then do this bend towards your right hand side for again two to three minutes time, repeat this for eight to ten times, in your daily yoga practice then you will see the positive effect of this within few days.

The posture activates many of the reproductive organs which are part of the body and will bring them back in active condition to perform the duties in their regular fashion.

For people who are little heavy, their body won’t accept these turns initially but the courage to do this is the solution for the irregularities problem.

Others :-

Dog Pose Down – Adho Mukhasvanasana:-

Adho means at down, this is little tricky and this asana is practiced by stretching the body in the downward direction.

First, we stand on the ground, once you are comfortable then you bend the body towards your front till you reach the ground and support yourself by resting hands on the ground.

This posture is also called as doggy style, the basic principle in this is your knees must be straight and you should take the lengthy breaths and inhale them for ten to twenty seconds.

These and other various asana’s has helped the people and people have seen the results based on their consistent practice and belief.


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