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Best Benefits That The Barley Water Offers
Jun 24, 2016
Best Benefits That The Barley Water Offers

Barley is a grain that is used as an energy boosting drink from long time. This whole grain is rich source of iron, vitamin B-complex, calcium, magnesium, manganese, selenium, zinc, copper, protein, amino acids, dietary fiber, beta-glucans and lots of antioxidants.


This is grain, which can be taken on daily basis in your diet as well as prepare an energy drink, which is called as barley water. Drinking barley water daily has numerous benefits associated with it. Always give priority to prepare barley water at home on buying them ready made from stores. First let us know how to prepare barley water.


Preparing barley water is very easy. Let us see perfect procedure for it.

  • Take some barley grains and put them under tap for a while.
  • Soak barley in water for at least 4 hours.
  • Filter the water and measure one cup of barley grains. Now add three to four cups of water to that one cup of barley.
  • Now boil this solution for 45 minutes to one hour until all the barley grains are well cooked.
  • Let that solution cool.
  • If you want you can remove the grains using filter, or else you can let them stay under the bowl.

Have one to two glasses of barley water daily. You can add a bit of honey or lemon juice if you prefer taste.

If you prepared more quantity than required, then you can store it in refrigerator for next two to three days. 

Let us see what are the benefits that the barley water offer.

Urinary Tract Infection

First, foremost and best benefit that it helps in treating urinary tract infections. As barley contains huge percentage of water in it, drinking it about two to three glasses daily will increase number of urine passages. This way, all infectious in the urinary tract infection will be flushed out in the form of toxins. Barley also helps in treatment of kidney stones, cystitis, high creatinine levels etc by cleaning up kidney.

If you are suffering with urinary tract infection, then start "Mission barley" and drink lots of barely water until you are out of that infection. 

Best in weight loss

Barley water can be included in you diet chart if you are planning to lose weight. Barley water contains fiber in it, which helps in burning the fact cells present in our body. Barley also contains beta-glucans, which stops you from craving for food. It make you feel full and stops you from stuffing yourself with unnecessary foods. It also promotes good digestion. If you want to use barley as weight reducing agent, then take 3 glasses of barely daily in our diet.

Prevents bad Cholesterol

The bad cholesterol present in blood is very harmful for heart, as it leads to many heart diseases. The beta-glucans present in barley will help prevent the absorption of cholesterol present in the food to stomach and intestines and thereby reduces bad cholesterol present in blood.

Reduces the risk of heart diseases

Barley prevents the occurrence of atherosclerosis, which indirectly leads to cardiovascular diseases. The B vitamin, which is called as niacin will do that work for us. It slows down the process of development of atherosclerosis with the help of its anti-inflammatory and lipid-altering properties. Barley water also helps in maintaining good blood pressure.

Promotes good digestion

Barley water helps in promoting good digestion. Barley water is soluble and insoluble fibers, which helps in promoting good digestion. The digestive issues like constipation, hemorrhoids, gastritis etc can be treated with barley water. Diarrhea can also be treated with barley water. The energy lost due to continuous passage of fecal matter can be brought back using barley water. It also helps in treating gallstones.

Diabetes control drug

Barely can be used as a drug to control diabetes. Barely water helps in stabilizing glucose levels present in the blood and thus controls diabetes. The beta-glucans present in barley water will prevent the increase of glucose and insulin and thereby reduces risk of diabetes. Obesity, which is being faced by most of the people these days can also be treated using barley water. 

Beauty enhancing drink

Barley can also be used as a beauty enhancing drink. As I told earlier that it will flush out the toxins from our body, this removal of toxins from the body will help improve the skin. Azelaic acid, which is present in barley can be used in treatment of acne. It reduces the skin breakouts and also treats clogged pores. Barely water can also be used as an anti-aging drink. Barley water helps in fighting with free radicals, which quickens the aging process and thereby pauses the aging process. You can also use barely water as a face mask. Just apply barely water that is a bit thick in consistency to your face and leave it for 10 minutes. Wash it off to see the different you.

Simplifies summer heat

Most the people prefer drinking barely water in summer. This is because, barely water can reduce your rate of thirst and also gives you strength and energy to beat off temperature of summer. It acts as an hydrating agent and also improves the blood circulation.


Best for pregnant women

Pregnant women gets prone to disease very quickly, especially infections. As barely water flushes out the toxins, it also fights against constipation for pregnant women. Most of the pregnant women tend to get effected by swelling of legs and ankles due to storage of water in the body because of irregular urine passage. Barely water can help in reducing the swelling the increasing the urine passage.

Immunity booster

Barely water works as a immunity booster because of the presence of vitamin B, iron, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, selenium etc. It helps in improving our immune system and thereby makes us less prone to infectious diseases.


These are the best benefits that the barley water offers. One has to remember that, excess a life saving drug sometimes show its back if we misuse or overuse it.  So, take it in the right amounts to get exact results.


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