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Best Healthy Foods for New Mothers
Jun 17, 2016
Best Healthy Foods for New Mothers

Giving birth to a new life can only be done by mother. God has given the patience of carrying and caring the child for nine long months. The experience of giving birth to a child and holding that new born child close for the first time is one such experiences that can never be put into words. Pregnant women are always advised to eat good and healthy food so that the baby receives all the essential supplements needed and grows well and healthy without any problems.

Likewise, even after delivering the baby, the mother has to strictly follow the diet in order to breastfeed the baby. Along with that, eating healthy foods will help in producing milk for the baby to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding can help reduce the risk of occurrence of asthma, allergies, respiratory problems, ear infections etc. Breastfeeding not just helps you to pass this gate of problems, but also helps in making a healthy bond between mother and a child. So if you are a new mother, make sure to include the foods in your diet that we are going to share with you all today.



Eggs are rich source of proteins that contains good amounts of amino acids. Eggs helps in energizing our bodies by providing good strength and stamina to go through the day easily with the same level of energy. Egg white is also rich in vitamin D, which is the nutrient that can help you maintain strong bones and also helps in healthy growth for your babies. The choline present in eggs is also used in building good memory for your baby. Eat one to two boiled eggs in a day. You can also make omelet out of eggs.



Oatmeal comes under lactogenic foods. Oatmeal is mainly used when people are dieting as it is rich in fiber and belong to easily digestable foods. New mothers are advised to take oatmeal in their diet as it can help them from the problem of constipation, which is most common problem in new mothers. Oatmeal contain huge amounts of iron in it, which can help fight anemia that is caused due to lack of iron in our body. Along with that, oatmeal can help increase the breast milk production. 

Cook your oatmeal and add some honey or cardamom, saffron or fruits to make it a more nutritional dish. This oatmeal dish will help you relax yourself by reducing your stress levels.


Salmon belong to the family of fishes, which has loads and loads of health benefits when eaten. It has outstanding nutritional value. Salmon fish contains a fat called docosahexaenoic acid, for development of infant nervous system. It is also a rich source of vitamin B12 and proteins. It helps in reducing mood of depression. Taking Salmon two times in a week can help you get all the above mentioned benefits.


Brown rice

In general, brown rice is mainly taken by sugar patients to keep your sugar level in control. Brown rice is also recommended for new mothers as it can help to have good levels of energy and also to maintain good sugar levels.
Along with that, brown rice also contains more fiber and nutrients compared with white rice. Brown rice can also help in good production of breast milk. If you are into cooking brown rice then soak them in water at least one hour before to get best out it.



Blueberries are one of the antioxidant-rich foods that should be included in the diet for new mothers. Its properties can help your body fight with many diseases. It has a list of essential vitamins and minerals that are good for new mother. Blueberries also contain carbohydrates, which help in boosting up your energy. Eat blueberries in your diet at least two times daily to get benefited in the best way as a new mother.



Among all the leafy greens, spinach gets the special seat because of its high nutritional value. Spinach is rich in vitamin A. Spinach also contains folic acid, which helps in producing new blood cells especially for pregnant women who suffered a great loss of blood at the time of delivery. It increases the milk production. The manganese present in spinach helps in development of bone, cartilage, and collagen. You can make a soup out of spinach or prepare a salad with spinach.



Breastfeeding mothers need to drink milk in order to encourage the production of breast milk. Milk contains vitamins D and B and other nutrients, which promote good development of babies. As milk contains calcium in it, you can get back the calcium that has gone out through breastfeeding. Milk has more water content in it, which helps in body hydration. Start your day with a glass of milk every day. Drink 1-2 glasses every day.



Almonds are a rich source of nutrients and vitamins. The omega-3 fatty acids present in almonds can help increase milk production. Soak four to six almonds in water all the night and eat them the next morning.


Fenugreeks consists of phytoestrogens that help in breast milk production. Fenugreeks are also rich in iron, fiber, calcium, vitamins and minerals. The choline and saponins present in Fenugreek can help promote healthy development of babies. These also deal with constipation issues.
Take one tbsp of Fenugreek seeds and soak them in a cup of water all the night. The next day boil the water and the seeds for more minutes. Strain the solution and drink every morning.



Fennel helps in good digestion of food. It prevents colic. You can drink fennel water to get benefited from it. You can also chew the seeds of Fennel. This fennel water can be used as a mouth freshener too.

These are the best foods for new mothers that help them to get through that stage easily by providing needed supplements and by enhancing breast milk production. 


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