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Best Home Remedies for Breast Enlargement Top 6 Tips
Jun 17, 2016
Best Home Remedies for Breast Enlargement Top 6 Tips

Many women love to have firm and round breasts to enhance their femininity. But, luckily only few women are blessed with such breasts and not all. There are few women who are worried about their small breasts. The size of breasts is determined by nutrition, genetics, and estrogen and progesterone hormones. If you are willing to enhance size of your breasts there are variety of options for you starting from surgical to home remedies.

If you are looking for natural ways to enlarge your breasts, then you need to go through natural home remedies listed below. They are very effective in making your breasts enlarge but it takes time. However these remedies can't help those women who have the small sized breasts due to hereditary problems. If you don't have this problem, you can go through these details and follow them.

Do Exercise:

The first and best ever remedy for enlargement of breasts is doing exercises like push ups, bench presses, wall push ups, chest presses and compression's etc. As all these exercises involves moving your shoulders, arms, they help in toning the muscle tissues as well as the skin around the breasts.

This will make your breasts large as well as firm. But all you need to do is, practice exercise daily at least for 30 minutes. If needed seek the help of a professional to confirm that you are doing it in right way. You can also go through some of these exercise videos on internet and follow them.

Breast Massage:

According to an institute, it is said that breasts massage on regular basis will increase size of breasts. This helps in you in two ways, one is it improves the blood flow and second is, it makes the tissues stretch within your breasts to make them enlarge as well as firmer. To do this breast massage, you need to make use of the few essential oils such as, almond or other natural oils.

You can take this oil in your palms and rub them 2 to 3 times in your palms to generate heat and then place the palms on your breasts. Repeat this daily 2 times i.e., in the morning and before going to bed. Do this for a month to get good results. Both exercise and body massages are good home remedies for breast enlargement. Other remedies include the following.


Seeds of fennel can help in stimulating the growth of breasts in dimension. The flavonoids in these seeds can improve level of estrogen that can promote tissues growth in breasts. It even helps nursing mothers to improve their breast milk. For this you can either make the fennel tea or use this as massage oil.

To prepare the oil you need 1 tbsp of cod liver oil and 2 tbsp of fennel seeds. Heat both of them in a pan until the seeds turn red. Strain it and make it cool. Later massage it to your breasts and after 30 minutes you can wash it off with lukewarm water. You can repeat any of these remedies daily for at least 2 months. This gives good results.

Saw Palmetto:

It is one more popular herb for breast enlargement. The fatty acids and phyto nutrients present in this herb can help enhance breast size by stimulating growth of tissues in breast thus it also improves appearance.

This herb is available in the market in form of tablets, capsules and tea. So, you can make use of them. You can drink this saw palmetto tea for at least 2 months or take the supplements. To take the supplements, you need to consult the doctor and they will suggest you the right quantity and tell you about suitability.

Wild Yam:

Naturopathic doctors or physicians recommend this wild yam for increasing breast size. The reason for this is, the herb have progesterone which is very helpful for the tissues development in breast.

You can take this wild yam in the form of tea, as a massage cream or as a capsule for enlarging breast. Doing any of this for few days can enlarge breasts. Wild yam is readily available for you in the market.

Red Clover:

It is said that the red clover is made of progesterone’s which is believed to increase size of your breasts. So, take 2 to 3 tbsp of dried red clover flowers in a bowl and add one cup of water to it. Steep the solution for 30 minutes. Then you need to strain the solution and consume like tea for 3 times a day. To get the best results, you need to follow this remedy for few months.

Wheat Germ Oil:

This is used not only for enlarging the breasts but for creating full profile. You can use this oil for massaging your breasts so that blood flow increases in that area and ensures the oxygen for good metabolism and proper nourishment. This helps in enlarging the size of breast. The vitamin E present in this oil helps prevent the sagging breasts. So, use this for massaging your breasts twice daily at least for 10 minutes each time. Follow this for few months.

Dandelion Root:

It is also known to be one of the essential and effective herbs in development of breast cells as well as tissues which helps them grow. You can either take this herb in the form of tea or in capsules to get the desired results just in few months. Better don't use all these herbs.

Choose any one or two of the herbs and use them.  Consult doctor before using them as they may suggest you according to your health and other body conditions. Following these remedies yield you good results. So, we hope you will have fully developed breasts that you wish in no time with these remedies.


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