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Best Home Remedies for Treating Anxiety
Jun 17, 2016
Best Home Remedies for Treating Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are major problems in these busy days. Many people are naturally prone to this anxiety and the nervousness than some other people. There are many factors contributing to this and they are nutritional deficiency, depression, thyroid problems nicotine and few medications.

The most common symptoms of the anxiety are restlessness, shortness in breath, stomach upset, nausea, apprehension and many others. Anxiety and stress are the major reasons for several health issues today in people and these are the big problems that you should avoid in your life.

For all these health problems associated with anxiety and stress, natural home remedies are found to be very effective solutions. So know them and follow them from the below details.


The smell of oranges as well as the peel of oranges helps in calming down your nerves. Even these citrus smells are found to be effective for boosting the immunity and for fighting against the depression. So, feel the smell of the orange peels or simply add it in a pan of warm water and try to inhale the smell as many times as possible. You can even drink orange juice mixed with nutmeg powder and honey for few days. Both of this works well to treat the anxiety.


It works as a great herb for relaxation with its aromatic smell. It also fights against depression, stress and improves the sleeping quality. So just inhale the smell of the nutmeg and reduce the exhaustion of brain and uplift the mood. You can even add the powder of this spice in your daily foods and consume them. Do use this in more quantity particularly for people with psychiatric health conditions.


According to a journal, chamomile is the ingredient that may help decrease the anxiety and the symptoms associated with in those people who have mild to moderate anxiety disorders. It even promotes the drowsiness and relaxation because of its mild sedative influence.

So you can steep the 3 tbsp of dried chamomile especially the German chamomile in a glass or cup of warm water for about 5 minutes. Later strain the solution, if necessary add honey along with cinnamon and drink it daily for few times in a day till you see the results. You can even take this as a supplement after meeting the doctor and taking advice from them.

Lemon Balm:

As it belongs to the family of mint it is great tonic for nerve and for gentle relaxation. It has been used since many centuries for promoting sleep, reducing anxiety as well as in improving appetite. You can combine this with lavender, green tea and other herbs.

So, steep a tbsp of lemon balm in warm water for 10 minutes. Cover the pot with plate for not allowing the aromatic oil to escape. Have this tea every day before you go to bed for 2 weeks and not more than that. Taking this more in quantity can lead to more anxiousness, so don't take it in excess amount.


Fennel the great herbs that helps to calm your nerves system and decrease anxiety. It has anxiolytic effect for the volatile oils present in this fennel. The gastrointestinal problems that are associated with the anxiety are also reduced with this. 

For this, you need to add a few drops of fennel essential oils on a tissue and then inhale the smell at least 1 hour. Repeat this for few hours i.e., as much as needed. You can also drink this fennel tea or fennel juice every day before and after taking the meals.


It is one more popular and famous herbs for treating anxiety as it has calming effect. It even stimulates circulation, relaxes your digestive muscles as well as respiratory muscles and will have positive reactions on alertness and memory.

To use it, you need to add 1 to 2 spoons of this dried rosemary in hot water cup. Steep it for at least 10 minutes and strain it. Drink this tea every day for best results. You can also add the essential oils of rosemary in an aroma therapy vaporizer or differ.

Body Massage:

Apart from these spices and foods, good body massage on shoulders, neck, back as well as the bottom of your legs feet is a great remedy for relaxation as well as in decreasing the anxiety.

You can make use of sunflower oil, coconut oil and other necessary oils for this. Heat at least 6 ounces of oil and massage the body. This should be taken before the morning and the night bath i.e., before going to the bed. If you are prone to anxiety, you can continue this for at least few weeks. 


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