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Best Natural Drinks to Have a Better Sleep
Jun 16, 2016
Best Natural Drinks to Have a Better Sleep

Are you suffering with lack of sleep? Then, apart from natural sleeping remedies, you also have these wonderful naturally available drinks that can help you sleep well. You can have any of these drinks before you go to bed and this will make you relax, move you to dreamland and unwind. So, come let's have a look at those drinks to enjoy a better sleep.

Refreshing Chamomile and Lavender Tea:

The tea has two herbs that are most relaxing and are known to promote your sense of calm and rest. They are chamomile and lavender.

Some research have shown that apigenin in chamomile that constitutes will help in binding the GABA receptors in brain can create a mild response. It is one of the most general amino acid in the body that plays a very important role in calming you down and helps in giving a relaxing sleep.

Lavender is another herb that gives you relaxation with its sent and it also unwinds you. So, let's prepare this tea with the following instructions and have a better sleep.

Ingredients Required:

1 tbsp of lavender buds

1 tbsp of chamomile buds

Water of 8 ounces and

Milk or honey for taste (Optional)

Procedure to Prepare

Step-1: Take the specified amount of water in a bowl at first and boil the water.

Step-2: Next, take the lavender and chamomile buds in a tea strainer.

Step-3: Now, put this strainer in the cup and pour the water that you have boiled in the strainer.

Step-4: Allow both the herbs to steep in the water for at least 15 minutes. The more it steeps the more flavors you get.

Step-5: Now add the optional honey or milk to the solution for taste.

Step-6: Finally your tea is ready to drink. So, drink it and have a deep sleep.


Cheery and Vanilla Drink

Making this cherry and vanilla drink is very easy. The benefits that come from cherries are, the tart cherries are amazingly high in melatonin which is the main hormone that is accountable for regulating the sleep as well as the wake cycle. Vanilla with its soothing smell can make you drowsy. To get these benefits you need to prepare the drink in the following way.

Ingredients Required

Tart Cherry juice of 5 to 8 ounces

Vanilla extract of 2 drops (Optional)

Procedure to Prepare

Step-1: You can prepare the tart cherry juice of 5 to 8 onuses every morning by adding a bit flavor of vanilla extract.

Step-2: Make sure that they are mixed well. But, keep in mind that adding vanilla extract makes you more relaxed. So, if you don't want to get relaxed in morning don't use it during morning hours. Better take only tart cherry juice.

Step-3: After that you can drink the complete drink.

Step-4: Repeat the same in the night that is, 1 hour before you go to bed. This helps you relax and sleep well without any disturbances.

Stress less Sleep Is Possible

Warm Milky with Nutmeg Drink:

A great combination of milk, nutmeg and honey will take you to deep sleep. The reason behind the warm milk is that is rises the temperature of the internal body when it gets heated. This will make you calm down and sleep well.

This even makes you sleep like a baby. L-tryptophan is one of the essential amino acids that make you rest which is precursor of the serotonin too. This is converted in to the melatonin which is necessary for regulating the sleep and wake cycle. Honey in it will make the spike in your insulin. All this will result in the increase of melatonin that tells you about the sleep time.

Even nutmeg will help you but don't take it in overdose only a quarter or the less teaspoon of it sufficient. Using all these ingredients you will have a wonderful sleep. But the ingredients for preparing this drink should be as per the below instructions.

Ingredients Required

One glass of milk

1 to 2 tbsp of honey and

1/4th to 1/8th tbsp of ground nutmeg

Procedure to Prepare

Step-1: Take a bowl and add the milk to the bowl and warm it up.

Step-2: Make sure that you heat it till it becomes little warm that is which is comfortable for drinking.

Step-3: Now, add a tbsp or 2 tbsp of honey to the boiled milk and stir it.

Step-4: You need to sprinkle 1/4th tbsp of ground nutmeg.

Step-5: Allow it to cool and not too cool but a little bit warm that is sufficient for drinking.

Step-6: Take this at least before 30 minutes of going to bed and you will start slowly sleeping.

All these three natural drinks are very useful especially for those people who are struggling from insomnia and those people who hardly get sleep.

These drinks are very easy to prepare and just takes few minutes. So, prepare these drinks and take any of these drinks to enjoy your sleep. But it is required that you need to take it before 30 minutes. Hope, these drinks will definitely help you to get better sleep. So, enjoy a peaceful sleep having these drinks.


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