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Best Super Foods for Babies
Jun 14, 2016
Best Super Foods for Babies

Nutrition Diet For Babies Who’s Age Is Less Than 5 Years

It is very important to note that, the child or infant has his/her own birthright who deserves good nutritional food. Many research and studies have indicated and stressed the point that many child death rates are increasing only due to under-nutrition. It’s very sad and naked fact. Therefore, we must know the importance of nutritious food for babies whose age is less than five years.

Nutrition Diet:-

It is defined and understood as the process of obtaining necessary food, which gives Good Health and Good Growth. All the Good things about the food come under this category.

Since the infant is in its growing stage it is must to look for or to provide nutritious food for him / her.

Following Are The Various Sources And Steps Indicated For Nutritious Food:

Breast Feeding :-

It’s the unique and the best source for the babies whose age is between zero to six months.

Initial two years period of a baby are very crucial and very important.

They directly depend on mother feeding for few months and later depending on the health and growth rate of the baby the intake of the food are modified.

A good food or diet will definitely improve the health and in-turn increases the growth rate of the baby too.

Many experts, family members and pediatricians recommend the mothers to give only breastfeeding for initial six months. Because it contains the good amount of nutrition, vitamins and disease fighting ability to the baby. It’s the initial foundation based on which further growth and immunity levels are formed inside the body of the infant.

The breast milk has everything in whatever is needed for the small baby for its health and growth. It’s important for the mother to understand the baby needs and should provide the milk to them based on their hungry signs.

The immunity and good health of the baby are built on the foundation of mother’s breast milk.

The challenge here is for the mother to take care of herself to give as much as possible breast milk and should have quality food for her too to get the required milk produced in her for the baby.


The milk which is provided to the baby for initial six to twelve month is mother’s milk which is nothing but breastfeeding.

But as soon as the baby starts growing, then the breast milk will be replaced with external milk which has got low fatty diet and which provides a good source of vitamin – D.

Milk is also a Good source of calcium, which helps in bones strength and strong development.

Insufficiency of calcium may lead to less bone strength and insufficiency of iron leads to various other deficiencies in babies’ body.

So the best alternative for the baby, which is available after breast milk, is low – fat milk. (Generally obtained from animals especially buffalo or cow milk).

Whole Grains And Cereals :-

Good nutrition is very important for child’s Growth whose age starts increasing more than twenty-four months.

The food type starts changing from liquid to semi-solid.

The Best alternate for the baby food – is Whole Grains cereals.

This is a mix of grains, which are fed to the baby in ground conditions for their nutritious improvement. Grains include millets, wheat, barley maize, brown rice and many other seeds.

These grains and cereals are boiled and mixed with water to make as semi-solid food so that it’s easy to swallow and digest for the small bodies.

Whole grain and cereals are more nutritious.

Whole grains are also a good source of vitamins, fibre, starch, omega – 3 fatty acids, magnesium, and other dietary minerals.

Whole grains are also a good source of iron, zinc, fibre and antioxidants.

A minimum of two servings in a day can be given for the babies whose age is above two years.

Vegetables And Fruits:-

Once the baby crosses an age of six to eight months depending on their response to food and health conditions we can start giving them liquid form of food as boiled vegetable soups and ground fruits ( apples especially)

Once the teeth’s start coming in they can be fed with carrot juice also.

Vegetables and fruits are also a good source of nutrition for the early age growing a child.

Nutritious Supplements:-

Each baby’s reaction towards the food is different.

Depending on their health, growth, and digestion system they accept the food.

Many times it’s found that babies also reject the natural form of food which is provided to them and they enjoy having food which is fed to them as food supplements.

For example in the case of natural milk, which can be replaced with powder and water and in the case of grains which can be replaced with other many alternates, babies might take this form of food also.

It’s good that today food industry and medical field has these alternates for natural items in the form of nutritious supplements which are available in market irrespective of the geographic area and weather season.

Various food supplements can be provided as food to the babies depending on their age and health condition. It is a must that before we consider any food supplement for the babies to consult a good pediatrician; His or her inputs would be Great Help in shaping a Good health profile and foundation to the baby’s life.

Other Inputs – Additional:-

EXPERTS suggest that the initial day’s food for the baby should be high in fatty and dietary food should be provided, this will build up the bone system strong.

And it is noted that the iron which is needed for the body is sufficiently available inside the baby body for the initial months.

Yogurt is also a good food source for fighting the immune system of the baby, it's a very good food source for vitamin D and calcium.

Green leaves food is also a Good source of various vitamins such as iron and calcium. Various combinations of vegetables in semi-solid, liquid and solid form can be given to them depending on their age and digestion levels. The best can be are spinach, broccoli, and squash.

But as the baby grows we should add the food supplements to the babies’ food which is rich in iron and vitamins.

And it is also noted that baby whose age starts growing after twelve months, it’s found that baby’s intake taking levels will be decreased. The food which is selected should be smooth, not too hot and it should be easily consumable and digestible. It’s always better to keep the baby food away from all types of artificial colour and preservatives.

Hence, it is necessary to note all these unique and surprising changes in baby’s health and the mother and father of the baby, the family must take care of their newborn very patiently, smartly and carefully.

Children are our future development and our future identity.


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