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Best Tips And Remedies For Controlling Body Heat
Jun 21, 2016
Best Tips And Remedies For Controlling Body Heat

Body heat is due to exposure of body to high temperatures. It is also called as heat stress. This situation arises, when the body can’t cool itself and keeps on rising. There are many other factors that are contributing to body heat, wearing tights dress, exercises that make you strain and the workout too, hot weather, medical conditions and working or spending time more in sun light. All these may even worsen the condition.

Though body heat is not a big problem, you should take care of it as it can worsen and lead to heart strokes and any one can suffer from it. It also results in various other problems such as, headache, rapid heartbeat, nausea etc. So in order to keep this in control below are few remedies that can help you. You just need to follow them to reduce your body heat.

Drink Cool Water:

This is one of the instant remedies that you need to take for body heat. As soon as you notice that your body temperature is increasing, take a glass of cool water and drink it.

After that try to take a sip of cool water for every 10 to 15 minutes. This is best solution to keep dehydration away. You can also take some ice cubes in a bucket and some cool water to it. Later keep your legs in the bucket for at least 15 minutes. Take a cool bath. Any of these remedies will work great for reducing your body heat instantly.


Using lemon daily can help to prevent body heat problems.  Vitamin C present in lemon can reduce your body temperature. It even oxygenates and hydrates your body to keep your body energized as well as refreshed especially during summer. To get these benefits, squeeze half lemon juice in a cup or glass of water. Now add a bit of salt and a tbsp of honey to it. Mix them well and drink it 3 times daily.


This is one most great food for controlling the high temperature of the body. As it is rich in water content, it gives instant coolness to the body by removing the toxins that are harmful to the body.

Use Watermelon daily to control your body heat particularly during summer and this keeps body hydrated. You can also add these slices to cold milk and sugar and drink it as juice. Also mix slices with muskmelon and cucumber and add little amount of olive oil as well as balsamic vinegar for making healthy salad and eat it.


Fennel seeds are also known to reduce the body heat when taken regularly. All that you need to do is, take handful of fennel seeds and soak them in water for overnight. The next day morning, strain the solution from the seeds and drink this water every day.

This helps in reducing body heat particularly during summer. It is also known to reduce internal heat of body. So take it regularly if your body is having high temperature always.


This is also one of the effective remedies which give cooling and soothing effect to the body reducing heat from it. To get this effect prepare homemade remedy. Boil few ounces of leaves of peppermint in bowl of water for 15 minutes.

Now strain solution and allow it to cool for some time. Later add this solution to bath tub filled with cool water. Soak in that water for few minutes to keep heat away from body. You can also use peppermint essential oil in bath tub.

Aloe Vera:

It is one of the most effective remedy for treating body heat. The cooling as well as the soothing properties of aloe helps in controlling body heat. So extract gel from aloe leaves and rub gel all over your body. After that leave the body for 20 minutes and then take bath with cool water. You can also consume 2 tbsp of aloe juice made out of gel daily and not more than that.

Butter Milk:

Buttermilk is one of the effective remedies to reduce body heat. This is also known to be effective for women who are suffering from heat flashes and those men who have high metabolism.

It even boosts body with minerals and vitamins that are lost in process of sweating during body heat. So, it is necessary that you need to drink glass of buttermilk along with your breakfast in summer season to keep body cool. You can also add some water, yogurt and salt and have it.

Indian Gooseberry (Amla):

It is rich in vitamin C which is essential in reducing the body heat. So, mix the one part of amla juice to the four parts of water and little bit of sugar or salt for good taste. Mix them well and drink juice daily during summer to reduce body heat and stress. You can also add amla juice to lemon juice and raw honey in a glass of water and drink it on empty stomach.

All these are best home remedies for reducing body heat especially in summer. So, have them and reduce the body heat.


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