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Best Ways to Protect Your Knees
Jul 26, 2016
Best Ways to Protect Your Knees

Since the birth of a baby, the parents eagerly wait for the child to walk with their little footsteps in their home.  Our legs are that important to move on in this life.  Our knees and the knee joints are equally important to support our walk. 
Any damage to the knees or knee joints would literally disturb our way of walking.  Joints are the places where bone joints meet.  Joints are the parts that allow us to bend, rotate, roll, run, we do with the knees.

Joints have different names.  They are of different sizes.  No matter how carefully we deal with our knees, somehow we injure them either by doing some silly things or by during serious sport, but nothing to worry.  Sometimes knee injuries that you have sustained in your childhood or years ago can begin starting hurting after a long period of time.  This is because of lack of proper treatment to the knees in the past. 

Most of the times overuse of the knees and wearing off of knee joints can be a major cause of the knee pain. Overuse and improper use may result in inflammation and swelling in the knees joints.  Knee pain can also occur from outside of the knee, which in medical terminology called as bursitis.  The advanced stages of bursitis are made the condition of knees very worse.  So it is always advised to take preventive measures even before it enters your body. 

Here we are presenting you with few tips that will help you deal with your knee pain.

Good shoes

There is a line from a famous K-drama saying “Shoes are the best thing for girls, good shoes take to good places”.  Of course, this is not a drama and we are not actors who walk with beautiful shoes on but are no less than them when compared to the real life drama we do.  So it is time for you to buy a pair of shoes for promoting the safety of your knee.  Sports shoes are the better option for you to choose in such scenario.

You can also make use of knee braces that support the knees at the time of knee injuries, but you making the choice of which brace to use is not advised.  It is the work of sports specialist to decide which knee support to use as per the condition you are in. 

Choose shoes that fit you properly and change your shoes every six months.  Likewise, most of the women love to use high-heels, few people use to cover up their height and few to just match up with their attire, but doctors suggest to avoid high-heels as much as you can as there are many risks associated with the use of them.   If you cannot give up on them at least try sandals that are equal height all over instead of point heals.  Try to limit your usage of high-heels as much as you can.

Weight loss

If you are overweight, you can see the shadow of it in your life. For example, walking, when you are of good weight you won’t be having any sort of breathing problem no matter how many miles you walk, but once you gained more weight it literally resembles its signs in the form of difficulty in breathing just with a simple walk. 

So it is advised to reduce your weight if you are overweight in order to protect your knees.  Experts say that one pound gain in body weight equals about three to seven pounds of extra weight on the knees.  So losing a minimum of one pound makes a big difference to prevent further knee pain and aches.  Lots of fat storage in the body also causes knee issues.  In the name of reducing weight don’t perform any sort of heavy exercise that in turn hurts your knee.  Try to go with low-calorie diets, a simple exercise like swimming and cycling, which won’t cause any further damage to your knees.

Ice it

If you are suffering from knee pain and want to get rid of it then try to take the help of ice.  You can ice the area of the knee that is hurting you.  If you have a problem with inflammation then you can easily get rid of it by icing it.  Icing helps in reducing the blood flow and thereby reduces the inflammation in that particular area of the knee. 

Keep some ice cubes handy so that you can make use of them at any time. 

Good diet

It is very important to supplement yourself with healthy and good food in order to support your knees.  Not just your knees good diet is always recommended for good health.  Vitamins c, vitamin D, nutrients, and calcium all these essential supplements are mandatory for your body to be strong to the bone.  There are wonderful veggies and green veggies that help you supplement yourself with all those essentials needed by your body.  Stay away from bad habits like smoking and drinking.  At least try to limit them.


There is an absolute need to move your body, but don’t prefer high-impact exercise such as running or high energy taking sports.  Doing high-impact exercises can hurt your knees.   Try doing low-impact activities such as walking, yoga, swimming etc to reduce keep your knee pain in control as well as to keep everything else in control.

Don’t ignore your knees if you are suffering from any sort of knee pain.  Whether it is short-term or long-term make sure to consult a doctor or take proper care in order to reduce future risks with the knees.

Try to follow all the mentioned tips in order to get rid of further issues with your knees.


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