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Best Ways to Treat Popping Ears
Jul 30, 2016
Best Ways to Treat Popping Ears

Are you suffering from popping years?  Are you vexed with the popping ears problem? Do you want a solution for your popping ears problem? If so! You knocked the right door. 

Blocked or popping ears are somewhat irritating when compared to other problems.  Our ears serve us a great deal by providing the extraordinary facility of hearing. 

Ears not only provide us with the hearing facility, but also they help us in lot more ways.  Ear popping can be caused because of many reasons.  One most common reason is blocking of water in the ear.  Sometimes, when we are bathing, water may get into the ears accidentally. 

This would block the ears and reduce the frequency of our hearing.  One more example is air. 

When we travel long distances with jet speed, the air that is traveling in our opposite direction may hit our ears hard that the ears may get blocked.  These two are the most common ways that cause ear popping. 

Sometimes, you may get rid of them easily, but in worst case scenario, you may hurt your ears to an extent that they will distract you from all other activities by causing numbness and pain. 

So, you need to take immediate precaution to get rid of those popping ears.  Today, we came up with few remedies that will help you get rid of popping ears problem.

Before getting into the remedies section, let us first know in depth the cause for popping ears.

Every one of us would definitely have studied about our ear and its function in schooling.  Just try to recall what you have studied then.  If not, just read on to recall. 

Our ear is divided into three layers, inner, middle, and outer ear.  Our middle ear is connected by the Eustachian tubes which are connected to our throat.  The main purpose of these fluids is they drain the fluid present in the ears.  The other function of those tubes is, when we yawn or swallow, the air flow in both inner and outer ear equalizes. 

Sometimes, negative pressure on those tubes will block them.  This would cause a difference in the pressure of air in both inner and outer ears.  This pressure difference would ultimately cause ear pain which we call as ear popping.

In order to treat this ear popping problem, we have a wide range of remedies.  Let us see what they are.

1. Valsalva Maneuver

This Valsalva maneuver comes in rescue when ear popping occurs suddenly.  This is a move that helps in applying gentle pressure on the middle ear and Eustachian tubes, thereby reducing the pressure.  So, all you need to do is close your mouth, hold your nose and exhale slowly.  Release your breath and feel the slight pop in your ear.  Don’t overdo or forcefully do this, as it would worsen the pain.

2. Yawn Widely

Next time when you yawn, try to yawn widely.  Wide yawning helps air to flow into the Eustachian tubes.  If you don’t get the yawn at the right time, take out Oscar actor out from you.  Try to imitate yawning.  Try to open your mouth as wide as possible just like when you yawning. 

Keep your head facing upwards.  Keep your jaw pointed forward.  While yawning, you will feel your ears are relieved from popping.  If you do this properly, then you are out of your popping ears problem.  If not, cut and action.

3. Chew Some Gum

Chewing gum is one of the best ways to get rid of popping ears.  You can unblock the blocked ears by chewing gum.  When you are traveling on a flight, you may feel pressure at the time of takeoff or landing.  Chewing a gum at that time would help you relieve your stress and pressure and thereby helps in treating popping ears.  Use a big size gum to get best results.

4. Have Some Water

Hold your nose and try to swallow water.  You should swallow water in such a way that the popping in your ears should shut out.  Take a large glass of water.  Start with a count of three and drink all the water in single gulp by holding your nose.  This will take the popping sensation in your ears away.

5. Gravity

Don’t worry!  I am not talking about the movie “Gravity”.  As I said earlier about popping that is due to water getting into ears accidentally, this gravity trick will work out in such a situation.  Divers can get best out of it.  Divers, when going for diving, may get water into their ears and may suffer from popping sensation. 

Then, bend yourself down towards the earth.  Keep your pointing finger into your ear hole and tap it like a bell.  This will bring the water out from your ears and will free you from popping sensation.

You can also use home remedies to treat popping ears.  Below are the home remedies to treat popping ears.

6. Gargling

Take a glass of water and boil them to your throat and mouth tolerable temperature.  Add a tablespoon of salt to the water you have boiled.  Now, gargle that salt added water for some time.  Repeat this process for every 30 minutes.  Salt added with hot water helps in flushing out the infections present in the throat and thereby helps in clearing popping of ears.

7. Steam for a While

If you have to pop of ears due to cold, then this tip works wonders in relieving your popping sensation in ears.  Take a steam and inhale it to reduce the cold.  As cold clogs the nose, it ultimately clogs the ears.  Along with the mucus, earwax will be reduced.  Instead of steaming normal water, add some tree oil or lavender oil to the water.  Inhaling it strongly with your nose will help you relieve your strain from ears.

8. Hot Compress

Sinus is also one of the reasons that cause popping of ears.  Sinus can be treated by using a hot compress.  Take some hot water and some fresh cloth.  Dip that cloth into the hot water and place the cloth on your ear for 5 minutes.  The wet warm cloth will help drain the fluid that was blocked in the ears and relieves the pain.

9. Olive Oil and Garlic

If you have to pop of ears due to infections, then this can solve using garlic as it acts as an antibiotic in treating infections.  Take some olive oil and heat it.  Add two cloves of garlic into the oil while heating the oil.  Cool the oil to your ear tolerable temperature and use an eye drop bottle and pour two to three drops in your ears.  It is an age-old remedy to treat popping of ears.

10. Hot Water Shower

Hot water plays a vital role in treating many health problems.  Hot water can be used to treat body aches and pains.  Plan for a hot water shower for relaxing yourself and to relieve your popping of ears.  Steam yourself in hot water by letting your ears dip in the water too.  This will loosen up the mucous and will relieve the pain due to popping ears.

Bottom line:

These are the effective tips to treat popping of ears.  Make certain to try them to treat your popping of ears.


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