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Can High Heels Damage Ankle Muscle
Aug 13, 2016
Can High Heels Damage Ankle Muscle

Would you love to use high heels all the time? Then, you need to change your habit. The reason for this is as per a new study, it has been said that women who used to wearing high heels of nearly 10 cm high for more than 3 times in a week have developed the imbalance in their 4 muscle ankle functions.

Wearing the high heeled shoes look like they wear strengthening the ankle muscles in starting but, using it for a long time can cause an imbalance which leads to an ankle injury.

So, it is necessary that the high heel wearers should perform some regular ankle strengthening exercises like heel raises, heel walking, toe tappers, as well as limiting the usage of high heels or high heeled shoes.

There are five best exercises for preventing the ankle injuries and they are as follows.

Ankle Circles:

For doing this exercise, it is a must that you sit down on a flat floor and bend your legs front of you. Now, cross the one leg of yours on the other leg and then do small as well as slow circles with the raised ankle.

To get good benefit out of this exercise, you should do this ankle circles in both clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.

Alphabet with Ankle:

This works well in ankle motion range. Simply do as the above exercise and do the alphabets with your ankles. This is writing the alphabets in the air with your ankles. This is also a kind of exercise for the ankles and makes your ankle muscles strengthen.

Calf Raises:

This exercise will help you your ankles in having control when your body is going to shift weight. To start this exercise, you need to stand on your feet keeping the hips width apart.
Now, gradually shift the weight towards your toes and then slowly lift the heels from the ground. Keep your ankles in a steady position so that they will not move around.

Balancing on Single Leg:

This exercise is one of the good exercises for both strengthening the ankles as well as for your lower body. To start this exercise, try to stand on the foot and bend the knees slightly down.

Now, hold on this position for at least 30 seconds after that you will start shaking as you can't do more than that and this is a sign that your ankle muscles are working. But, try to control the shaking by controlling the ankle.

Shin Raises:

This is same as the calf raises, but here instead of the heels, you need to raise the toes. You need to maintain a good control as you start raising the toes up as well as down for preventing the ankles as well as toes rolling.

Strengthen the Ankle:

Many people who have weak ankle will suffer a lot if they use high heels for a long time. So, it is necessary for them to strengthen their ankles and one of the good and simple ways for this is, take a towel and wrap it around your ankle or foot.

This gives resistance as you move your foot up, down, in as well as out. You can even strengthen them by seeking the help of a physical trainer or the doctor. All these help in stretching and improving the flexibility of your ankles.

Apart from these exercises, you also need to do the following things which are very important to strengthen the ankle muscles and prevent it from any further injuries.

Tips to Reduce Injury When Using High Heels:

Better consider using the low high heels to avoid any further injuries as the continuous usage of the high heels will make a pressure on the football.

Better consider having the wider toe box and this will remove the pressure on your ball.

Use the high heels only for limited amount of time as using them for more time will make more stress and fractures in your heels. The more you use your calf muscles will get contracted.

If you are going to use more heels, practice walking on those high heels in advance to prevent any sudden damages.

Be very cautious when you are crowded such as when you are at fatigue when you are drunk etc.

To give relief to your ankles and your complete body, take a warm and fresh bath. This will help ease the tired muscles. Also, add Epsom salts to your water that is loaded with sulphate and magnesium. These things will repair the body tissues that are damaged.

Pamper your feet frequently i.e., have pedicure which can give relief to your feet for at least few minutes. Then moisture your feet especially in the rough areas, your feet comes in contact with the high heels. Cut your toenails. Then all will set.

Doing all these things frequently or at least once or twice in a week will give you a good relief from the high heels and keeps your feet, ankles and ankles muscles strain free and calm. It is must do the exercises otherwise you will be prone to the ankle sprains and injuries.

Bottom line:

Hope, you will follow these wonderful tips if you are adapted to using high heels usage. This will definitely help you a lot. If your ankle injury or pain or sprain persists for a long time, better consult a doctor and he/she may assist you to reduce the pain in minutes.


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