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Contact Lens
Feb 07, 2017
Contact Lens

Recently a study has found that, people using the contact lenses are prone to more eye infections than those who don’t wear them. So, contact lens users, be aware of this issue.

Researchers at NYU Langone Medical Center made some genetic tests that are high precision for differentiating the many thousands of the bacteria which make the micro biome of human. During this they found many different set of microorganisms in daily eyes which closely resemble the certain group of microorganisms of the skin of eyelid that the group of bacteria that is found in non-wearers.

They particularly found that the conjunctiva or the eye surface has much diversity of bacteria than the skin under the eye and which is 3 times the portion of Lactobacillus, Pseudomonas and other bacteria’s in eyes of nine contact lens users than those found on the 11 other women and men eyeball who don’t use eye lenses from a study.

After performing some measures and graphs, the statistics showed that contact lenses users eye microbiome have more composition which is similar to the skin of the wearers than those of non-lens wearer’s microbiome. Also the Staphylococcus

Bacteria which is associated with eye infections that are more on skin are found in these eye lens wearers. Though the estimations may vary, these contact lens users have bacterial keratitis, conjunctival infections or eye inflammations.

A senior of the study has said that, these people still had fatigue if the changes are due to the touch of fingers in the eyes or from the direct pressure of the lens which affects and alters the eyes immune system and which bacteria is concealed are allowed to increase.

There are also other reasons for this and they are listed below.

Long time usage of the contact lenses can also damage your eyes and even many doctors are advising about it. The reason for this is these contact lenses will not allow the oxygen to your eyes and will block it.

If you use this eye lenses even at the night or more than the time your doctor recommended to use, there is a chance to develop the corneal ulcers in the eyes which can cause blindness and scare your eyes completely.

Your eyes can get affected when you use any kind of eye drops or certain kind of medications when you are using the eye lens. If you take the birth control pills, these will develop the estrogen and makes your eyes sensitive and even makes the eyes drier. Even certain medications will make your eyes itchy. So, it is necessary that you need to take certain precautions and talk to your doctor about this.

There are many types of contact lens solutions which are of various varieties. Some are disinfectants, some are for clean, and some will boost the production of tears and some rinse. They serve different purposes of the users. Even they have the date of expiration and if you use these solutions over the expiry date, they irritate your eyes leading to serious conditions.

Don’t switch between different types of brands as well as solutions as they may lead you to troubles. So, it is necessary that you need to timely check these issues with the brand label.

As the contact lenses cover your complete eyes, they will restrict oxygen making the yes dryer and many of the people will experience this. Even this situation will worsen when you take antihistamines, in airplanes, when you drink alcohol etc.

So, it is necessary that you need to take the artificial tears or else the rewetting drops with you and even blink the eyes now and then to keep them lubricated.

Your make up kit will have several eye irritants. So, it is necessary that you need to avoid eye makeup, mascara, or eye shadows to eyes especially that are infected, red and swollen as this may worsen the situation and make your eyes more vulnerable. Better opt for the water based, lotions, and foundations as they film up your lens.

When you visit the salon for hair dressing, the hair sprays will have the airborne chemicals as well as other products that affect your eyes.

Pollutants, smoke, dust, pollen present in the environment may affect the eyes by sticking them to the eye lenses and even cause irritation and allergies in your eyes which make your uncomfortable. So, better switch to the glasses when you go outside or during the high pollen days or season to keep your eyes clean and neat.

If you use these lenses when you are in the pool which contains chlorinated water may make your eyes contaminated and keeps your eyes at risk. So, it is necessary that you need to avoid using lenses before you enter the pool if you can and use it after an hour when you come back out of the pool.

Smokers who use the contact lenses are 8 times higher at risk of developing the ulcers in the eyes than the normal persons or non-smoking persons who use lens.

These are all the reasons that keep the contact lenses user’s eyes at risk and harm them. Such risks may worsen overtime and even lead to serious conditions if proper care is not taken.

So, contact lens users are advised to take proper care as well as suggested to consult the doctor from time to time to keep the eyes safe for long time even with using lenses or with alternatives they suggest you as per your eye conditions.       


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