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Fish Oil Benefits For Brain Improvement
Jun 24, 2016
Fish Oil Benefits For Brain Improvement

Fish oil contains an amazing Omega-3 fatty acid supplements which is one of the important nutrient. It has wide range health benefits that are already proven. But, this omega-3 fatty acid supplements is highly recommended to improve your health i.e., especially that helps in boosting the healthy aging adults.

Researchers have proven it. Fish oil does a lot for your brain such as, restore the functioning of the brain after a painful brain injury, heals the brain inflammation, protects the elderly brain etc. what not it improves your overall brain and its functioning.

To know more about fish oil and its benefits for improving your brain read the below information.

How Omega-3 Fatty Acids Work for Brain?

Improves the Brain:-

In a recent study people with age 55 and older age who have age related memory complaints who took the omega-3 fatty acids supplements for 6 months have proven that they had double the less in errors in the test conducted which can measure the learning as well as memory skills compared to the people who tool placebo and they are also less likely to Alzheimer’s disease. The benefit is almost equal to having memory and learning skills of people who are 3 years younger.

It Protects Elderly Brain:-

In news, it is published recently that, older women who have highest levels of omega-3 fatty acids that is found in fish oil had their better preserved as they aged than those people with lowest levels of omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 fatty acids plays very important role in brain functioning. These acids suppress the inflammation in brain tissues which is very important in brain because neurons are very delicate and are susceptible for brain damage because of inflammation.

It also plays other roles of optimal brain functioning i.e., for example, they helps the neurons in the brain to maintain synaptic plasticity and fluidity properties that helps in improving the transmission of signals between the neurons that are adjacent and assist the cognitive processes.

DHA and How it Boosts Memory?

A Study about DHA in Fish and Brain Improvement:-

A test is conducted by few researchers by putting DHA supplements that are derived from algae against placebo in few healthy people who have the average age of 70 years. These people have mild memory complaints that are associated with their age such as forgetting the names, appointments etc.

These people are asked to take 900 milligrams of either DHA or placebo supplements daily for 6 months. But, before they start and after they complete taking the supplements, they were taken a memory test i.e., they are asked to look at the patterns in computer screen and asked them later recall them. It is like playing a video game. Though everyone improved overtime people who took DHA improved more.

Over time of the study the blood levels of DHA doubled in the people who took DHA supplements and high the DHA level, the higher is the test score. But, don’t worry these supplements doesn’t cause any adverse side effects.

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is also one of the important omega-3 fatty acid that is found in the fatty fish and algae helps prevent forming brain plaques that are linked to Alzheimer’s disease. But, most people don’t eat enough fish to get these benefits.

Fish Oil Supplements to Take:-

From the above perspective we have known that omega-3 fatty acids and DHA which is also an omega-3 fatty acid supplements helps in improving the overall brain functioning.

So, it is recommended to get these supplements in your diet either from salmon fish or high quality supplement like krill oil. It is very essential for your optimal health. But, it is recommended that only wild caught Alaskan salmon can be taken on regular basis and not all because today most of the fish are contaminated with mercury a toxic substance and this fish is a good source of healthy fats. 

It is also recommended to avoid taking farmed salmon as they contain about half of omega-3 fatty acids than the wild salmon. They even contain harmful contaminates.

If you can’t take this fish oil supplement in your diet, you can either take it in the form of pills or liquids available in the market. Note that the pills are big and hard to swallow so, better go for liquid.

So, overall we can say that omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil can helps memory cells in your brain to communicate more efficiently, it makes up 8% of the human brain, avoids impairment of brain and quick recovery from depression as well as DHA in fish oil also improves the brain.

This is how fish oil benefits your brain and its associated diseases. So, if you or your children need brain improvement, take the fish oil supplements as suggested above and see amazing results just in few months. 


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