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French Diet Secrets for Health and Happiness
Jun 13, 2016
French Diet Secrets for Health and Happiness

French Diet Secrets for Health and Happiness

French women are known to be the beauties in the entire world.  No matter what age they are, they look at their best.  Nothing in this creation can equal the beauty of women.  The afore line absolutely fits French women.  It is every woman’s dream to be beautiful. 

But, the surroundings we are living in never let us do that.  You may think what is that that makes French women look beautiful and youthful whereas we don’t.  There is a world of difference between us and French women.  Their living, eating, drinking, exercising what not, everything differs from us.  In simple words, the world’s we are living in can never get compared.  No just with youth looks and beauty, they are best in maintaining their figure too. 

Women love to maintain their figure no matter what age they are in.  But they just end up with tears in their eyes.  You no need to worry anymore.  Because we have found the secrets of French women about how they maintain their health, beauty, and age in a package.  Let us know what secrets were revealed about their beauties and how they will become our secrets of beauty.

1. Eat To Satisfy Your Heart

French women love eating.  You may say who don’t?  But their love for food and eating has a waste difference from our love for food and eating habits.  They love what they eat and they eat what they love.  The most important thing that they do while eating is “THEY EAT”. 

Whereas, we people while eating perform all other things except eating.  The food that is taken with utmost love and attention will definitely yield good results.  French eat with utmost love towards their foods while we hate to do that.  We are named for naming and they are named for gaming with the world with their beauty. 

French people eat while they have to eat and play while they have to play.  They pay full attention while they are eating.   While eating, they don’t rush things.  They just allow some specific period of time for eating and so they do not mix up eating with other things. 

The most important to be noted here is that we should not stuff ourselves with an excess of foods.  It would ultimately give rise to another issue.               

2. Grind The Food In Your Mouth                       

No matter what type of food you eat, make sure to chew it to your best.  French people love to enjoy the flavor of the food they take.  In order to fulfill their enjoyment, they tend to chew it to their best.  They consider chewing as a mantra for reducing their appetite. 

As we people take our food in a hush-hush, we never care of chewing it.  But chewing has a great effect on appetite as per French style of living.  As we chew it in the mouth itself, it takes less time to digest.  Few eatables which are difficult to digest can be chewed in the mouth itself for easy digestion.  This is one of the most important pros of chewing.

3. Eat In Little Amounts

This is nothing new.  It is something that we would have heard since our childhood.  Eat a lot, but take it many times in small portions.  French follow this with at most care.  They tend to eat lots, but they will make sure to do it in intervals. 

They divide their food into equal portions and take them at particular intervals of time with a gap between the previous intake and present intake.  This way they can control their appetite and thereby they can control their intake.  So, from now on, divide your food into smaller portions and then take it in intervals.

4. Keep Your Full Concentration On Food

While eating, one has to be aware that it should be done with utmost concentration rather than involving diversions.  French say that concentrating on what you eat will work wonders in keeping you fit and fine.  Knowing the whereabouts of the food you eat is the most important thing to be noted here. 

They hate to watch TV while eating food as it diverts their concentration from food while nothing goes into our mouth without TV.  I guess this difference is more than enough for us to know who greatly we differ from French people.

5. Workouts

Workouts are the best things that can be associated with French diets in order to get best results.  There are numerous types of workouts like walking, yoga, gym, cardio, etc.  Few people choose to play on workouts as they enjoy playing more.  Outdoor games go well for that purpose.

6. Maintain Distance From Oily And Fried Foods

French people love to eat raw foods on fried and oily foods.  This is the best secret of French to maintain themselves well.  Processed foods like oily and fried foods are strictly a no-no for them.  They always prefer to eat foods in their raw form.  So, in order to get a go, we need to keep a pull stop to processed foods.

7. Liquid Refreshment

Here liquid refreshment is nothing but drinking a lot of water.  Do drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated.  French people being wine-lovers, they tend to drink lots of water regularly.  Drinking more water will reduce your appetite and thereby will reduce the chances of eating more.

8. Don’t Let The Food Rule You

Never let the food rule you.  Remember that you are the ruler and you have to rule it.  Otherwise, it will prison you for a life time in the jail of obesity.  Few people will go out of mind when they see their favorite food on the table.  It would ultimately give rise weight gain and thereby unhealthiness. 

Know how to control yourself and restrict yourself to eat little amounts of food.  French are restricted to do so.  They never think that it was a restriction that they have to carry throughout their lifetime.  They just consider it as a daily activity.  They never crave for food. 

9. Self Cooking

Self-cooking is the best think we can do to maintain ourselves fit.  French prefer homemade foods on outside foods.  They love to cook their foods on their own than buying it from somewhere.  They use a lot of fresh and raw vegetables in their cooking. 

They make their food a toast and visible feast by adding the best ingredients they can.  While you are eating, make certain to enjoy it to the bits.  And never skip your meals no matter how big the reason is.  Skipping the meals will cause a lot of disturbance in our daily routine.  So, never give it a try.

10. Diet With Fruits

Fruits are the French people’s best buddies.  French people eat a lot of fruits.  They eat a variety of fruits in their diet.  Fruits not only make us feel full but also provide our body with essential vitamins and proteins.  So, from now on, include a lot of fruits in your diet to get most out of it.

It is the end of reading.  As you are done with reading, we wish that you people will go for experimenting it and get best of it. 


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