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Fun and Healthy Snack Options
Jun 17, 2016
Fun and Healthy Snack Options

Many of us love to have snacks In any point of the time in a day or in late evenings too, instead we prefer and get attracts more towards the snack food than the regular food, that’s the reason today all over the globe irrespective of its side effects, the junk food and various other snacks have taken a great demand. But what if, we can prepare the junk food into healthy snacks which can satisfy both out taste buds and take care of our health. Today there is complete shift happening in selecting the snacks and people are looking at healthier snacks, which are very few, available in market.

Following are the various steps which will help us in preparing healthier snacks which are also fun filled and easy to eat.

Snack 1:- Fruit  Popsicles

  • A very healthy and fun filled snack option to chose and easy to prepare at home is preparing “ Fruit Popsicles”
  • This is the replacement for the regular sugar Popsicles, which gives only sugar and adds on more calories, it’s better to chose fruits which has natural sugar in it and healthy too
  • Many of us look for cold options whenever we come to home from outside hot sun, instead of having cold artificial popsicles, let’s look at some fruit and fun filled snacks
  • To prepare this fruit we need to be ready with fresh fruits, wash them cleanly and cut the size to a reasonable small size and put them in a mould and freeze it for some time till it becomes hard
  • Once they are get freeze take them out and serve the kids, family and friends
  • This is easy to made and healthier fruit Popsicles

Snack 2:- Apple Sandwich

  • The Second snack which is suggested for fun and health is “ Apple Sandwich”
  • In this case instead of using bread or toast as sandwich layer base, we use here apples as sandwich 
  • The apple sandwich is placed in between with other fruits and other healthy diet
  • There are many option we can choose to place, for this first we need to have apples and cut them in to slices and take one piece and put some other fruit, like kiwi slice and above this place another apple fruit layer then like this prepare as much as you need depending on the serving numbers
  • Many People also prefer to use peanut butter,rasins etc

Snack 3:- Tomato and Crackers

  • The third best fun and healthy snack we can look for is Tomato and cracker combinations
  • Instead of eating plain crackers we choose to have cheese crackers with Tomatoes
  • This can be prepared in easy steps, take crackers and place the cheese on the top of crackers and then place good tomatoes on the top of cheese layer and serve the hungry
  • The tomatoes should be fresh and should be preferably in smaller size sothat it’s easy to place and easy to eat, the cheese layer on the tomatoes will act as sticking layer to hold the tomatoes

Snack 4:- Whole Grains

  • The best healthy snack to start the day in healthy and fun filled style is to have a Whole Grain cereal with Milk
  • The snack is filled with many vitamins, fiber and calcium in it and easy to prepare and it also take s very less time
  • For children at home and for adults, this is considered to be one of the best healthy snack diet at home in the morning, people also prefer to take this in the evening depending on the age and other health constraints the quantity can be decided
  • A medium size of bowl, filled with milk is enough to cater the hunger wither in the morning times or in any time in the day or evening

Snack 5:- Fluids

  • Every time it’s not that each one of us prefer to have food, instead many prefer to have the snacks which are available in fluid formats
  • Especially many kids and women prefer to have fluids as their snacks whenever possible
  • There are various fluids which are possible to prepare at home and the way they prepare they become every one’s choice if it is prepared with Good combinations
  • We should look at fat less vanilla yogurt or orange juice or even banana as the base for the fluids then we can try up many number of combinations to prepare and add in them
  • We can prepare them in juice and add few fresh cut juices to satisfy the taste buds and make it more fun with some more weird combinations

Snack 6:- Fruits Mix

  • Nothing can beat fruits as healthy snack
  • It can be made more fun and healthy by trying it with different mixes and different combinations, each one of us has different levels of attractions towards fruits and it is consumed occasionally not regularly, but instead of having junk food outside, it’s better to replace the junk food and spicy food with mix of fruits
  • We must choose different variety of fruits, wash them with clean water and depending on the number of serving its better to take the number of fruits and cut them in medium sizes and mix all the fruits and taken them in a bowl and add little honey of ice scoop to it and place them on the table, from kids to old everyone will run up to have the healthy snack with love and fun
  • Various combinations can be tried out, by keeping more number of cut fruits and little juice can be poured on the top and few slices of dry fruits and strawberries also can be added up to it
  • Instead of preparing this fruit mix with regular available fruits, try with non regular one and add top ups to it, this can be the best and healthy snack among all the snacks and directly or indirectly this will keep the health in good condition and body fit and fine

Snack 7:- Baked Snacks & others

  • Instead of saying this as baked snacks, we can call this as healthy baked snack, while preparing the baked snacks with bread or muffins, during this we can also add few nuts and fruits also in this, so that the healthy component is taken care while serving the snack
  • Baked food in combination with dry fruits mix also can be a good healthier and fun filled snack for both kids and adults
  • We can also prepare the snacks with combination of both boiled egg and with omelet too, Egg is also good for health and specially for growing kids many medical experts suggest it should go into their body either in raw form or in indirect form
  • Ham’s which are low in fat can also be used for snack preparation and in combination with vegetables and cheese, we can prepare small size hams for kids, so that it’s easy for them to eat and to digest. It’s important to keep in mind that the snack prepared should be good for health and easy to digest then only it can be considered as fun and healthy snack.


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