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Gum Disease treatment at Home
Jun 24, 2016
Gum Disease treatment at Home

Many of us prefer brushing and cleaning of teeth as soon as we get up from night long sleep, prefer to keep them fresh, clean and shinning teeth always. Today many of us take care of our teeth due to various reasons.

As long as we keep teeth in good health condition they also protect us from various abnormal effects, if it is neglected then it will also show its side effects in terms of various diseases and pains.

Generally the health of teeth depends on health condition of GUMS, where the teeth’s are grounded and have their growth from its origin. As long as the GUMS are healthy, teeth’s and oral place are healthy. The GUMS will get affected if they are not treated well and if they are not properly taken care each day.

Various Reasons of GUM Diseases:-


•        Generally people undergo lot of health changes during their life journey, major threat is “hormonal changes”, and due to these hormonal changes also GUM diseases may arise. It is also observed that in women during their pregnancy stages, menopause and other period’s life the GUMS become very sensitive and may cause of GUM diseases.


•        The other reason is due to various unhealthy habits, such as “smoking, eating various tobacco products regularly, and improper cleaning of teeth’s, unhealthy food habits.


•        Any kind of unhealthy and abnormal practices will result in GUM DISEASES. We should be careful while handling GUM Diseases and should take care of them in initial stages otherwise it might become very sensitive issue and will cause more damage.

Home Remedy – One:- Honey 

The best Nature’s Gift to all human beings is “HONEY”. Because of its various benefits people prefer to use this in its various forms and in various formats of food. Honey contains antiseptic nature of properties and anti bacterial properties it will fight GUM DISEASES and other GUM related infections.

The health expert suggests us to use the HONEY in its pure form and we should apply the honey on to the GUMS at the affected areas smoothly once we complete the teeth brushing activity. Since it won’t have any side effect nature we can apply honey to complete GUM skin areas as prevention act.

Home Remedy – Two:- Coconut Oil 

The second best nature’s Gift is “COCONUT”. Many of us know various benefits of Coconut which it offers in its all forms starting from coconut water drinking to dry coconut usage in cooking and healthy benefits of its OIL.

These benefits of Coconut Oil are also helpful in handling GUM Disease issues at HOME. The Oil is applied on to GUMS smoothly and can be repeated weekly thrice, since Coconut Oil has got anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it is useful in handling issues of GUM Diseases and infections too. The health experts suggest using normal coconut oil which is available in its raw form in our local areas and in big markets too.

Home Remedy – Three:- Lemon

To fight with GUM Diseases at home, another best home remedy is using LEMON. Since LEMON is rich source of Vitamin C and having properties of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial LEMON is the powerful fighter for GUM Diseases and any Oral Infections also.

Take the Juice of LEMON and mix with little slat then apply this mixture on teeth and GUM skin areas smoothly from top to bottom movement and from left to right side. Once it is applied completely on the GUMs and teeth and leave it for around 5-10 minutes then rinse mouth with warm water so that it gets completely clean. 

Since lemon is very strong and powerful antioxidant, it will fight back very strongly for all kinds of GUM related diseases and infections. Among the various home remedies available, it’s found that many prefer to use this method of applying lime, because of its strong combat and fighting nature against GUM Diseases.


Home Remedy – Four:- Salt

Use of salt also has got its own high benefits in tackling the issues of GUM Diseases. The salt should be Sea Salt as it got various mix of minerals into it which reduces pain and inflammation. The salt should be mixed with Glass of water for rinsing, take this water in to mouth and rinse it for around thirty to forty five seconds and then split water outside. 

The salt which is mixed with water will help GUM’s in reducing swelling if there is any and helps in minimizing pain of GUMS. This salt water rinse should be done thrice a day for an early recovery and for reducing the infection too.


Home Remedy – Five: Tea Tree Oil

One of best and effective methods of reducing GUM diseases is by using the TEA TREE Oil. We should use this Tea tree oil in combination with our tooth paste or we can choose our paste having Tea Tree oil as its ingredient.

The Oil drops must be used with tooth paste while brushing the teeth’s. The brushing must be done twice a day and application should be done in smooth manner, since GUMS area skin is very smooth and very sensitive.


Additional Inputs:- 

•        Many experts also suggest using the “Aloe Vera” as home remedy for minimizing GUM related infections and diseases. Since Aloe Vera has got high levels of healing and anti inflammatory properties it will be useful in reducing Gum infections.

•        By applying the Aloe Vera on to the GUMS, it will destroy bacteria which are causing GUM disease and help us in reducing pain and recovery from this disease.

•        We can also use baking soda, which needs to be mixed with either in tooth paste or tooth powder for preventing Gum related diseases and infections. The baking soda helps in keeping mouth fresh and keeps teeth in clean condition.

•        It’s also important to note that before using these home remedies we must ensure to visit medical expert and take his advice by using remedy which ever suits to us.

Take care of your gum problems also along with shining teeth. SMILE please will show them as well.


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