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Health Benefits Of Red Banana
Jun 17, 2016
Health Benefits Of Red Banana

The fruit if we ask you to tell which is available in all the seasons without any confusion, each one of us will easily tell that, it’s BANANA. Depending on the geographical location we find many different varieties and colors of BANANA’s.

Majority of places we see yellow color banana’s in every corner space but it’s rare to see RED BANANA in all places. Generally to get instant energy many elder people suggest us to have BANANA, which is considered to be instant energy provider. The major components which are present in banana are FIBER, VITAMIN B6, POTASSIUM, VITAMIN C and other useful contents.

Following are the various benefits which we can grasp from Red Banana's:-

For Blood:-

  • The rich contents which are present in BANANA’S, such as vitamins, fiber and anti-oxidants will help in increasing the HEMOGLOBIN count. 
  • RED BANANA’s helps us improving RBC number and it fulfills the vitamin deficiency in the body and blood.

Energy Source:-

  • The only fruit which is known as instant energy source and supporter is “BANANA”.
  • The best fruit for sports persons after play.
  • At many places around the Globe RED BANANA is their permanent dining table member during breakfasts.
  • RED BANANA’S also has a quality of converting sugars in to instant energy and has got the ability to kill the lazyiness; it is suggested to many senior citizens to have at least one red banana in two days to remain active and fresh.

Source of Fiber:-

  • RED BANANA’s are good source of FIBER, fiber is very much essential for human body digestive system also resolves bowel or digestion problems easily. One red banana full fills daily requirement of body fiber.
  • People who are on diet and practicing the weight control should have this every day.
  • The studies and research has proved that RED BANANA is very useful for people who have diabetes and intestine related issues. By using this banana, very positive results are shown in terms of health.
  • Many medical experts and diet specialists today suggest eating red banana for people who got intestine related issues.
  • Having banana daily will also help us to keep us away from ULCER’s and acid attacks. Eating banana fills lining of small and bigger intestine’s which acts as cover and protect smooth skin.
  • Red banana also acts as antacid to kill acid reactions inside the body and heart burns also will get neutralized, therefore relives immediately.
  • People who suffer from gastric issues must have this banana for relief.

High In Vitamins:-

  • The major vitamins which are needed by body are present in RED BANANA.
  • Vitamin B6 and Vitamin – C.
  • Vitamin C, which is also known as “ anti – oxidant” is present in very rich form in red banana, one red banana consumption will full fill the sixteen percent of daily needs to our human body. Having the right amount of vitamin – c, inside our body will keep us away from Cancer, heart attacks and free ourselves from free radicals. It also helps in improving human body metabolism.
  • Anemia can be controlled by having good amount of vitamin B6, which if it is not in sufficient quantity will cause Anemia.
  • Having red banana daily will full fill the daily vitamin requirements of our body.
  • The presence of VITAMIN A, in red banana, will help us in tackling with the issues which are related to eye vision. Since vitamin A is essential for good health of EYE, by consuming red banana we get clear vision of eyes.

Other Benefits Of Red Banana:-

  • Red banana controls the stress and nicotine levels inside the body, people who are looking at quitting smoking should have red banana as an alternate.
  • Stability of the body back on track, with having red banana’s daily, which will keep fresh and active. It is also useful stress buster, since the presence of potassium is rich in red bananas; this will boost energy system and will keep us away from lethargic sense.
  • People who cannot have food on time, can have red banana as snack which is healthy and fills the stomach for long time.
  • It is help full in treating hair loss, hair splits and hair damages; it does the hair repair works too. The beauty experts suggest to use mashed red banana in combination with warm oil (coconut or olive oil), then mix and apply this semi solid mixture on application area and leave it to dry then wash hair with warm water, if this is practiced for twice a week.
  • Many skin experts and beauty professionals suggest to use RED BANANA as a face mask or face pack.
  • Beauty experts suggest using the mashed red banana in mix with lemon juice and honey then applying this paste on face leaving it for some time, after that wash face with warm water, then within few days we can see Glowing beauty results from this red banana application.
  • Health experts and surgeons suggest, people who are suffering from piles to eat RED banana’s regularly as per their advice, it helps in early prevention and cure. It also helps in overcoming the constipation and bowel related issues inside the stomach.

    Be healthy and fit always . 


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