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Health Benefits Of Sweet Potatoes For Babies
Aug 13, 2016
Health Benefits Of Sweet Potatoes For Babies

Sweet potatoes are one of the great choices for babies’ first food. With it an amazing taste and rich in vitamins it will be a favorite choice of kids as well as people of all ages. This is also called as “Yam” in western countries especially America. These are available during the months of October to March. These sweet potatoes usually have a creamy layer with a sweet and spicy flavor.

These tuberous roots are rich in nutrients and are packed with calcium, potassium, vitamins A and C. Let’s check out the nutritional facts and profile of sweet potatoes.

Nutrient Profile and facts about Sweet Potatoes:

Nutrition Action Health Letter rated around 58 vegetables by adding percentages of USRDA for 6 basic nutrients which are Vitamin A and C, iron, folate, calcium and copper including fibre and the results had sweet potatoes topping the list with 582 points while its nearest competitor had 434 points which are a raw carrot. Sweet potatoes also contain potassium, natural sugar, Vitamins B, C and D, iron, magnesium and sodium which are essentially needed for the body.

Nutrient Profile

Serving size 1 ½ cups shredded raw sweet potato

Amounts Per Serving 


% Daily Value




Calories from Fat



Total Fat



Saturated Fat












Total Carbohydrate



Dietary Fiber









Vitamin A



Vitamin C









 Sweet potatoes contain an enzyme which converts starch into sugar as potatoes mature. This sweetness increases as you cook and when they are stored. This causes the sweetness in the sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes also contain a good amount of beta-carotene.

Benefits of Sweet Potatoes:

Now let’s see how a sweet potato benefit as a baby

For the new parents, it becomes a little worrying when it time for making a choice for baby food. Once you have started with cereals, it is the time when you start with solid foods. Sweet potatoes become one of the excellent choices as it is very nutritious and also has a soft consistency.

This enables us to easily mash and strain and moreover since they are sweet, babies will like them. Since they lack unhealthy oils and sugars, these would be one of the best choices of a mother.

Let’s see some health benefits of sweet potatoes:

1. Boosts Immune System:

Sweet potatoes contain a good amount of Vitamin C which has antioxidant properties and help in boosting the immune system of the body. It also helps in keeping skin healthy giving a beautiful skin.

As we know babies immune system is still building up and at this time even a small illness like a cold can lead to other issues. By giving food which helps in boosting the immune system for babies, babies’ body can build a stronger immune system and help fight common illness easily.

2. Provides Vitamin D:

Vitamin D helps in building stronger bones and a healthy heart while boosting babies’ energy. These days, Vitamin D deficiency is found in kids as well as babies. We have to ensure that sufficient quantities of Vitamin D are given to babies and kids by including sweet potatoes in their intake.

3. Good Source of Iron:

Lack of sufficient amount of iron can lead to anaemia and this can be seen even in younger babies. As sweet potatoes contain iron, they can help in preventing anaemia while helping in increasing the production of white blood cells, thereby building the resistance power of body, stress reduction and ensures to strengthen then immune system.

4. High on Calorie:

Calorie intake is a must for babies as they need to gain weight over the time. As we know sweet potatoes contain about 90 calories in 100 gm, they top the list among the best foods that we can give for a baby.

Preparation of Sweet Potato for baby:

If you are working or busy with other activities, then making baby food in the short amount of time will be a difficult task. Sweet potatoes come as a boon for you. It takes roughly about seven minutes to cook sweet potatoes which should not be long enough.

Introducing new foods to babies is also a long process along with a lot of patience as babies usually do not accept all foods immediately until they actually like them. If you notice that your baby is not accepting sweet potato, do not try to force feed. In case if the baby likes any food previously introduced then you can try mixing it with sweet potato.

You should always take sufficient care in verifying that the sweet potatoes are cooked well and they are soft, mushy when feeding to the baby so that they do find it choking. Babies should always be fed in a sitting position.

Simple food recipe of Sweet Potato for babies

Let’s see a simple recipe made out of sweet potatoes that you can provide for babies and also ensure that it is nutritious wholesome food. All you need it the below ingredients for the recipe.


One sweet potato (chose a dark one so that they are high in beta carotene)

One cup water or breast milk or baby formula.

How to make:

1) Clean the sweet potatoes thoroughly and make some piercings.

2) Bake them until they are soft. Use a preheated oven or steam/boil them in a pressure cooker.

3) Once cooled, peel them and put in a blender or food processor

4) Add water or breast milk or baby formula to make a puree with good consistency

Your baby food is ready to be served!

Bottom line:

In order to develop a taste for the babies, you can combine sweet potatoes with fruits like apples, peaches, vegetables like carrots, beans etc.

Start teaching you baby to have nutritious food and avoid spending on packaged food for babies when you can make some yummy delicacies on your own.


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