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Health Tips for Busy Indian Women
Jun 17, 2016
Health Tips for Busy Indian Women

Women, especially housewives do a lot of work that includes home chores, taking care of children, grocery, shopping, what not from the start of the day until the bed, they run from pillar to post to complete their chores. 

Most of the women think that the work they have done in the form of home chores like washing, cleaning, sweeping etc equals an exercise routine and so will give up on doing any further. 

This is because exercises includes a lots of stretches, which bends all the body parts in order to burn the fat whereas home chores that women perform won’t involve all of these stretches. 

Even diet alone cannot help you stay fit.  A proper diet associated with proper exercise routine can only help you stay fit.  In order to stay fit there is an absolute need to allot some time for exercise routine. 

Housewives may not get time regularly for performing exercises; in such situations performing exercises at least three to four times a week is recommended to stay fit.  Let us see what those health tips are for such busy Indian women.

Healthy diet

Never skip your first meal of the day.  The breakfast you take after a long break thorough all night is absolutely mandatory to stay healthy.  Don’t apply any of your diet plans onto your breakfast. 

Just eat healthy.  Try to eat as healthy as possible as this is your first meal of the day. In fact skipping your first meal of the day is what leaves you with more health issues. 

Eating healthy food for your breakfast would decide your entire day.  If you skip your breakfast it would obviously effect your day as you will fell hungry, which will divert your concentration from your work. 

Instead try to take a light dinner.  Don’t involve heavy calories foods or oily foods at the time of dinner.  Try to avoid all those unhealthy snacks at dinner time.  Let your stomach stay light as you will go to bed after your dinner.

Time for some stretching

Stretching yourself every now and then would help a great deal for you.  As most of the women working either at house or at office it is greatly recommended to take regular breaks from their work and do some stretching exercise to relieve them from work pressure. 

If you are a working woman and don’t have place to stretch yourself or you feel embarrassed to do so in the office then go to the rest room for every two hours and do some light stretches to stretch out your muscles.  This can help you get rid of muscle sores and aches at the end of the day. 

If you are housewife then take time to perform some stretches that includes neck and shoulder rotations and knee rotations.  If you are working with computer all day make some time to rest your eyes and hands.  Do some hand and wrist rotations and take some good care of your eyes.

Go for a walk post lunch

Most of the people love to eat in a resting position without any discomfort, but eating habits are very much related to health.  If you are in the office and have to walk for you lunch to some other far place, don’t hesitate to do so. 

In the same way after having your lunch make sure you take a short walk.  This could help you with your digestion greatly.  If you have time after lunch don’t even dare to sneak into your bed.  This could literally make a store of fat in your body.

Healthy and simple exercise

Most of us prefer to use lift instead of stairs.  May be our reason for choosing lift is to save time and energy, but it is always advisable to prefer stairs on lift.  Exception is only for emergency. 

In all other cases try to choose stairs on lift.  If you are at work and your office is at some 5th floor or so.

If you have to get down the floors twice a day and do so using the stairs instead of using lift.  Try to increase the number of times you use the stairs and try to increase the number of floors day-by-day.  This is the simplest way to stay healthy and fit.

Liquid refreshment

The best step to stay healthy is through drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water in a day.  Liquid refreshment is mandatory to stay hydrated.  You need not mix anything like glucose or replace water with juices or energy drinks. 

Just taking water along would help a great deal.  Dehydration is a most common problem seen in people.  This is mostly due to lack of fluids intake.  So first try to get rid of such situations and drink lots of water in a day.

Try to avoid using heels as they may fashion you, but there are risks associated with them.  So try to use them very occasionally instead of using them regularly.  Our sitting positions have great effect on our spine.  Try to sit in the best position so as to avoid further complications with your spine.  One has to know that we perform exercises not to stay fit or lose weight. 

We support you to be strong and fit busy women just with a little more care towards yourselves.


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