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Home Remedies for Baby Rash
Jun 17, 2016
Home Remedies for Baby Rash

Each one of us loves little children for their cute actions and tiny reactions. Babies generally are very soft and sensitive in nature either their growing organs in the body or the skin.

Since skin is the external part of the body it tends to attract more things which are harmful and dangerous for the babies. Among them the “rashes on the baby skins” are more dangerous and worried concern for the parents. Many of us look for instant remedies which can help us in curing these rashes at home.

For this the answer is yes. There are many home remedies which are available and harmless, which can be used at home to apply on the skin of the babies where it got affected.

It’s important to note that whenever you find rashes on the skin, it’s better to show the medical expert first and then by consulting the doctor or the Dermatologist and under his /her supervision we should start using these home remedies.

Home Remedy 1:- Use Comfortable Diaper

The major portion where the babies will get affected of rashes is “the Diaper Covered Area”. Rashes are developed in the inner side of thighs of the babies and if we use diapers on regular basis, in case if they are not of GOOD Quality and comfortable them there are huge chances of rashes forming on the outer lines of diaper covered areas.

The first and foremost thing to do at home to control and minimize the rashes is that, we need to check the quality and comfort of those diapers which ever we are using.

Today there are many type of diapers available in the market choose the product which suits and comfortable to your baby. The medical experts today suggest that to keep the diaper covered area dry and you should also make sure that you

Keep your baby diaper free for some time in a day, so that the skin gets its own amount of light and air.

The threat and problem is as long as we cover them with diapers for complete twenty hours and then they don’t get dry and air cooling. That’s the reason as a home remedy to avoid the rashes for babies we should start practicing at home for some time, diaper free time for them.

Home Remedy 2:- Use Baby Oil

Many of us have a habit of applying various baby oils on to the skin of the baby’s body for moisturizing and other various health benefits. Today studies tell us, the baby oils are the best home remedies for erasing and minimizing the rashes from the baby’s skin.

We can apply these baby oils which are available in market of good Quality and brand before we take the baby to the bath or even it can be applied after the bath also. It’s important to note that this baby oil should have Vitamin E as their ingredient in whatever brand you choose as baby oil available in your area.

The advantage of Vitamin E is that it has the ability to reduce the skin related infections and irritations and soothes the skin. The oil should be applied smoothly onto the skin and moment of the hand should move from top to bottom and right to left and same in reverse direction too.

Correct application of this on the affected area will give the beneficial results and will erase the rashes from the baby’s skin. We can continue using this oil till we see complete absence of rashes on the skin.

Home Remedy 3:- Use of Coconut Oil

As we know that we use many oils on baby’s skin for various health benefits for the baby, among them the major component we use is the application of “coconut oil as moisturizer”.

While using the coconut oil as moisturizer Oil we can also use this oil for rashes removal. The Coconut oil has antifungal and antimicrobial properties in it and it can work very effectively in minimizing the skin rashes from the baby’s skin.

The coconut oil is very famous from Good olden Days for its healing and smoothing nature. The oil can be applied on the portion where the skin has rashes on it or the red color spots wherever you find. The application of this will help the skin to get healed within a few days of time and it can also be used as usual as the moisturizer.

Home Remedy 4:- Use Petroleum Jelly

Another important home remedy for the treatment of rashes for the baby’s skin is by using the Petroleum Jelly.

It’s important to note that we should protect the skin of the baby by applying this petroleum jelly and after the application of this jelly this will act as the protective cover for the baby’s sensitive skin and external environment. Today many medical experts suggest the parents to use the petroleum jelly to protect the skin from the external threats to the baby’s skin. The Jelly can be applied on to the exposed portion of the skin after giving bath and the formed layer will act as the protective layer for the baby’s skin.

Home Remedy 5:- Dry The Skin

For various purposes the skin of the baby will become wet and once it’s get wet we need to see that the wet portion should get dry from which ever part of the body. Generally the threat for the sensitive skin is wetness. Since the skin doesn’t get dry early it has high chances of getting infection in that area. The skin should get enough time to get dry and we must also give sufficient exposure to the washed areas of the skin or the wet areas.

We must see that whenever the skin of the baby is washed it must also get dry immediately or we should give good amount of time so that the skin gets dry. Dry skin doesn’t attract any threats to the baby’s skin. As the saying goes, “prevention is better than Cure”. It’s better we take the preventive steps to curb these infections and rashes from the baby’s skin.

Additional Info:-

The Major threat to the baby’s skin is the portion which is covered with diapers. So it’s important to note that the diapers should be of Good quality and hygienic. The diapers also provide sufficient air passing comfort to the covered skin of the baby. It’s suggested that we should look at diapers of normal sizes and not the pants for the babies.

We should also not expose them to the polluted environment.

We should cover them comfortably whenever we go outside in the sun after morning hours.

We should use smooth and comfortable clothes for the baby’s. it’s better to avoid silk and tight clothes for babies less than a year age.

We should wash their clothes in good quality water and it’s better to provide them two cloths each day for easy comfort and coolness.

Avoid and clean the sweat and wet areas from the baby’s skin.

Whatever other remedies which we follow at home, should be informed to the medical experts and dermatologists and always it’s a good practice to follow these remedies under their Guidance and observation if not regularly at least periodically.


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