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Home Remedies to Treat Sinus Infection in Women
Jun 13, 2016
Home Remedies to Treat Sinus Infection in Women

Sinus, a form of infection that is mostly seen in women is a type of infection that is due to either allergy to infection-causing germs and bacteria in the air or due to foods that include dairy, gluten etc.  There are many ways to treat a sinus infection. 

The most common way to treat sinus that most of the people prefer is through antibiotics, steroids, anti-inflammatory, meds etc.  If the sinus infection is out of hand then even a surgery is preferred in some cases, but all these ways of treating sinus include a risk.

A particular person’s body may not support the use of meds and some other person cannot tolerate a surgery.  You can treat this infection of sinus just with the help of home remedies.  The items that are present in the kitchen are more than enough to treat this infection in the best way. 

Let us see what are those home remedies and basic precautions to take in order to get rid of such infections in the future.

Sinus infection makes your sick at first, it makes you feel your head heavy and you feel dizzy all the time with it residing in your body.  So the first thing we need to do is get rid of such symptoms.  If we can do that, we are half done with the infection.

As the infection is already into the body, we cannot take any preventive measures; however we can stop the same infection entering our body by following some cautions.   So, first, start with treating the symptoms of sinus.

1. Stay Hydrated

It is time to drink lots of water.  I believe that if we can rename the name of the water, then the best name to propose is liquid oxygen, this is because water is that important in life.  Schedule eight glasses of water a day.  Don’t include sugary liquids, alcohol, coffee, or smoking type habits when you are affected by the sinus infection. 

Water will help the mucus to thin and clear the blockage of mucus that is formed in the throat.  By taking the sugary liquids and alcoholic beverages, the mucus will thicken out and will make the sinus even more badly.

2. Get rid of the excess mucus

If you are having excess mucus that is blocking your airways, then first try to get rid of it.  In order to do so, you can take the help of cayenne pepper with a mix of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice.  This solution can help you dissolve the excess mucus that is blocking your airways.

3. Steaming

Steaming is a former way of treating sinus. If excess mucus is formed in the nostrils that is blocking the airways and making it difficult to breathe then you can just follow this simple trick of steaming to get rid of it. 

Take some hot water in a bowl and add some peppermint oil or Vicks in the hot water.  Close your face and bowl with a towel and bring over your face close to the hot water bowl carefully.  Now start inhaling the hot steam.  This can free you off from the mucus blockage in the nostrils and help you with easy breathing.

4. Saline irrigation

This is a therapy that has been used for centuries by our ancestors in the treatment of sinus.  This treatment is still in action with its amazing way of tackling the sinus infection.  Most of the American doctors now prefer this Saline irrigation or Neti pot treatment to treat sinus infections in their patients.  

Neti pot treatment is nothing but a salt water treatment that thins out the mucus and clears all the blockages in the airway.  The salt water helps in clearing out the allergies that are causing this sinus infection and clears out nostrils without any signs of infection.

5. Turmeric root with ginger

Turmeric roots work a great deal in treating sinus infections.  Turmeric roots are normally used in Indian dishes, which add great spice to the dish.  As we all know, turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric root has anti-oxidant properties in it.  The combination of turmeric and ginger root brewed with hot tea can help your mucus breakdown and thereby relieves you from the pressure of sinus.

6.     Apple cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar mixed with hot water tea can help in treating your sinus infection.  Drinking it three times in a day can help you deal with the mucus that is formed in the nostrils.  As the apple cider vinegar solution is mixed with hot water, this can help to thin out the mucus that is formed in the airways and help you breathe freely.

Along with following the above-mentioned way, it is always recommended to take some preventive measures and also follow some tips to get some energy to get through the day.  Try to boost up your immune system in order to stay energetic throughout the day. 

Take the help of over-the-counter vitamin C to boost your immune system.  Vitamin C is available in the form of capsules, liquid and as well as chewable.  You can simply take the help of vitamin C to boost your immune system at the time of sinus infection.

Also, try to take preventive measures in order to avoid the future risk of occurrence of a sinus infection.  If you are very much prone to sinus infection then make sure to find the exact reason behind its occurrence.  Mostly the reasons could be due to indoor borne allergies, outdoor borne allergies, and dietary irritants. 

Taking proper cautions to avoid those allergies from nearing you can help you get rid of sinus infection in the future. 

Stay healthy always.


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