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Home Remedies to Treat Stuffy Nose in Kids
Jun 14, 2016
Home Remedies to Treat Stuffy Nose in Kids

Home Remedies to Treat Stuffy Nose in Kids

Stuffy nose, it is an uninvited guest that has an invitation in all the seasons.  Irrespective of what season it is it enters our body and resides in the nose making us feel sick all the day.  There are many reasons why it, after all, enters our body.  It may be due to an allergy to dust. 

It also comes under spreading disease.  It easily spreads from one person to the other in no time.  Even though we take precautions to get rid of stuffy nose, it somehow finds a way to enter our body. 

As kids have less resistance power, then get easily prone to infectious diseases and thus stuffy nose too.  There are many ways to treat stuffy nose.  There are many brands of medicines available in the market to treat stuffy nose. 

There are antibiotics to treat stuffy nose as well as over-the-counter meds to treat it, but there are many side effects associated with those heavy dose medicines.  If it comes to kids, there are more chances for them to get effected by those over-the-counter meds. 

Home remedies are nothing but natural ways to cure the stuffy nose. 

In our article we are presenting you with such wonderful home remedies to treat stuffy nose for kids.

1. Start with cleaning

First start cleaning the nose of your kid.  You can use a nasal aspirator to clean your kid's nose.  If your kid is an infant then use the aspirator.  If your kid is little grown up and able to blow up nose then ask to blow up all the excess mucus present in nose that is blocking nose and causing trouble to breath.  Clean both the nostrils in the same way.  Don't use cold water while washing the nose.  It is advised to use lukewarm water to clean the nose of the kid.

2. Steam for stuffy nose

Steaming is one of the best ever suggested home remedy to treat stuffy nose.  Even doctors suggest following the steaming therapy for stuffy nose.  Your kid may step back from steaming as it is about dealing with hot water, but make sure they do it perfectly so that without much effort they can simply get rid of stuffy nose.  

Take hot water into a large bowl.  Take a big towel or blanket.  Now wide open the towel and ask your child to bend right down to the hot water bowl carefully by closing the towel like a fence and let him take the steam from that hot water for few minutes. 

This process of steaming can clear the hard blocks of mucus that are blocked in the nose, which are causing the nose to flow heavily in no time.  It is advised to add some vicks in the warm water so that the results will be quick.  You can repeat this home remedy, but make sure to use fresh water every time you try steaming.

3. Take some preventive measures

As said earlier, stuffy nose falls under the department of spreading diseases.  If not taken   proper care at the right time, it may affect someone else, mostly another kid.  So if someone in the house is suffering with stuffy nose, make sure to take preventive measures.  It is always best to find the reason behind your kid's stuffy nose. 

If you find the reason then you can take care of it so that it won't dare to enter your child's body next time.  For example, if your kid has allergy to something, which causes sneezing and there by causes stuffy nose, then make sure to keep him/her away from those things.

4. Time to wash up

Start with washing. Due to the presence of germs in the environment, children are more prone to germs and they get infected by those cold causing germs very easily.  This won't just stop with cold; the germs may even lead to cough and flu. 

So it is always advised to keep your surroundings neat and clean to get rid of any such infectious diseases.  Wash your child's hand every time he is sitting for dining.  Make it a habit for your kid to wash hands before eating so that he can get rid of stuffy nose that is about to cause due to non hygienic surroundings.

5. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated can help get rid of stuffy nose?  Let your child stay hydrated throughout the day by making him drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day.  Don't offer them any sort of drinks that are taken from fridge.  Make sure stay away from cool drinks and cold water while they have stuffy nose.  This is the basic thing to avoid stuffy nose. 

Most of the kids in spite of stuffy nose unknowingly drink cool water and eat cool stuff.    Let them drink lukewarm water.  This can help with thinning of mucus and also makes swallowing easier.  So start with lukewarm water and stay hydrated.

These are the home remedies and some tips you need to follow to take care of your child's stuffy nose.  Along with the tips mentioned above make certain your child takes high energy foods and drinks to stay up active all the day.  


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