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How Salads Make You Shine
Jun 17, 2016
How Salads Make You Shine

Salads, best calorie food for all seasons more of these into your diet you can capture younger look always. People of all age groups are concentrating on eating healthy and especially green foods.

We often see youngsters having junk food which reflects on their skin, skins start raising acne, pigmentation etc. It is said what we eat will reflect on our face, not just the face but also the health and body. Home foods are just as perfect for keeping our health, skin soft, glowing.

Great nutrition is important to our body to function smoothly and is peculiar block for glowing skin. There is few ingredients right at our kitchen which can be added in our salads, it speeds up skin exfoliation process, cleanses and keep it hydrated. It also protects skin from ultra violet damage; prevent skin from ageing, wrinkling and pigmentation.

Adequate protein, healthy fats and loads of fruits, greens and vegetables will not just shine your skin but maintain low cholesterol levels in your body. 

Here are few salads which make your skin glow. The secret behind this process is not just reading but following it by having it at right intervals.

Most of the salads include carrots, beetroot, radish, green peas, lettuce, lentils, honey, pepper, cabbage, spinach, avocado, cauliflower, water melon, strawberry, lemon, sweet lime, corn and other cereals.


Carrot is rich source of beta carotene which converts to vitamin A, food rich in protein. As we all know carrot is healthy for eye sight so include in daily diet routine.

Grab few carrots, peel it and make pieces. Blend it and add a few lemon drops and salt and have it like a salad.

Peel few carrots crush it and use the pulp with honey as dessert salad.

Great way to boost your complexion is to make carrot juice, add lemon and honey and have it as carrot shake.


Zuccini and carrots are kings of salad. Many of us prefer to have zucchini without adding it with any other vegetable. But there are excellent salads with zucchini.

Peel zucchini, grate it and add few drops of lemon and little lettuce as seasoning and salt to it. Zucchini keeps our body hydrated. It gives great glow to body and skin. It helps us in keeping stomach full for those who are trying to lose weight.


Zeaxanthin, carotenoids lutein are there in spinach which makes your eye sight brighter due to iron in it, it gives you adequate blood and energy to your body

Add few spinach leaves in broccoli and cucumber, sprinkle little pepper and salt. It not just detoxifies waste from your body but also gives you great glow on your skin.

It gives immense glow to your skin and also rich in vitamin. Make it a point to have spinach on daily basis and for extra boost to your health.


For the synthesis of collagen, we need lemons, as it is rich in vitamin c, helps you boost freshness and activates your body. It also helps you in lowering your cholesterol level.

Grab lemon, mix it in warm water. Either mix salt or honey. Try honey as it also purifies your blood and regularize smooth digestion process.

Try this twice a day or once in a day, especially in morning for better results.


Cabbage has high content of iodine and sulphur. Green and red cabbages both are important in calories. Cabbage is served in variety of salads. Some prefer to just chop few cabbage pieces and eat it just like munching carrot. Some are not comfortable having direct cabbage.

For those who cannot consume cabbage directly need to add to other vegetables and have it. Add it with zucchini and cucumber. Cabbage gives you excellent radiance as it has multiple vitamins. Cabbage is great food to grow your nails and hair.

Red cabbages are not just colorful but are rich in nutrients. It is mostly used as garnishing piece but if consumed it gives immense radiance to skin.


Greens are important to be added in our daily diet. They have purple and pink exterior which is a rich source for blood. It helps in reducing pigmentation, blemishes and facial marks. Due to the presence of betaine it is great for metabolism and can control body weight also smoothens skin. 

Beetroot can be added in carrot and radish salad and add a few drops of lemon juice and a pinch of salt.

Cut beetroot into small pieces and mix zucchini and cauliflower. It is not just a great salad but makes your skin glow.


We generally use strawberry for garnishing or we just eat it. But due to the presence of malic acid it works as complexion improvement agent and whitening product. 

You can grab strawberry, add milk or yogurt and few drops of honey and have it as smoothie or shake.


Avocado helps us not only in weight loss but also in maintaining low cholesterol levels. It gives radiance to skin. 

Grab few avocados, cucumber and cauliflower. Cut few tomatoes and add to avocados, cucumber and season it with pumpkin seeds, pepper, lemon juice and salt.

This salad not just improves your skin glow but also helps you lower your cholesterol.


Due to high content of anti ageing properties in it, it acts as sunscreen and anti oxidant agent. 

Tomatoes are generally seasoned with other salads. But when there are no other vegetables at home just pick a few tomatoes add pepper and salt and season with pumpkin seeds.

Summer is more preferable for having such foods to maintain good level of hydration and health. 


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