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How To Cure Cancer Through Peanuts
Jun 17, 2016
How To Cure Cancer Through Peanuts

Cure Cancer through Peanuts

Do you have cancer or heart diseases?  Do you know anyone who is suffering with these diseases? Then, we have simple and great nut which can help them well. They should eat peanuts. But, what is the reason for this? To know this, you need to read out the below information.

Study and Interesting Facts about Peanut Related to Cancer:

Many researches today suggest that eating foods that are rich in vitamin-E can help reduce cancers associated with lung, stomach, liver, colon and other types of cancers. As a part of it, it is suggested to take diet such as peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds that are rich in vitamin E. Mostly the peanuts help in keeping the cells to strongly defense. You can also spread out peanuts on toast of whole grain and have it as cancer fighting, rich in vitamin E.

As per a recent study, eating peanuts can help fight against cancer, reduce heart diseases and protect you from the early death.

The study made by The Maastricht University has brought out the facts about the peanuts and how it is linked to cancer. They found that people i.e., both men and women who take at least 10 grams of peanuts or nuts but not the peanut butter in a day are at lower risk of dying from many key causes of death when compared to those who don’t eat them. As tree nuts, these peanuts show strong morality reduction.

This study was running since 1986 with nearly 12,000 Dutch people of age 55-69 years. The consumption of nuts was accessed by asking them about portion or size as well as frequency of eating tree nuts, peanuts and peanut butter. They analyzed relation with cause specify and overall morality since then.


Another study from researchers of Netherlands revealed that both tree nuts and peanuts contain numerous amounts of vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and other compounds such as polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated. This contributes to reducing the death rates because of these major diseases like cancer and many more. They also said that peanut butter have trans-fatty acids and salt which can occupy the defensive properties of the peanuts.

Another lead researcher and epidemiologist said, more intakes of nuts and peanuts are not related with additional decrease of morality risk than 15 grams in a day. This is also supported by meta-analysis of previous studies of Netherlands Cohort that are published i.e., there it is showed that respiratory and cancer morality of same dose-response pattern. It is also said that women who consume nuts are often very lean, were less likely to affect with diabetes and had not at all smoked.

Previous researchers also found that girls who eat peanuts can improve their breasts health in future i.e., they are less likely to develop breast cancer. Particularly girls from 9 to 15 years of age who regularly eat nuts and peanuts are at safe edge.

 Apart from these health benefits, peanuts are also considered as a good food for many other health conditions. It also helps in reducing risk of contracting fungal and viral infection, hypertension and lots more.

So if you are the person suffering with cancer or its associated diseases can eat peanuts and nuts as per the studies. They bring amazing benefits to your health.

As know you are aware of the facts about peanuts and its relation with cancer, hope you will have them in your diet to stay away from the diseases and live a healthy life.

This is all about peanuts and it's amazing health benefits to keep you away from early death risk of cancer. Hope, this information will help you to stay away to know about peanuts and its association with cancer.


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